Chapter 153 Part 1

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I synced my timing with Silverie’s White Sphere and cast Time Square while keeping an eye on the transforming Dark Zell.  

While time was stopped I cast White Sphere four times. As soon as time began to flow again a dazzling light enveloped the area. Penta Fusion: White Sphere Circle.  

Since the whole area had now turned pure white, both me and Silverie withdrew so as to avoid any attacks that could come our way. While at the same time also casting Scout Scope to check up on the Dark Zell’s Magic Power.  


Dark Zell

Level 103

Magic Power: 1,021,233 / 3,972,153


The numbers that appeared inside the white light sped towards us at a terrifying pace.  

A black jelly-like monster with feathers sprouting from its body emerged from behind the white curtain shortly after.  

With its newly emerged wings the Dark Zell was flying in the sky.  

It’s gonna escape!

The corners of Silverie’s mouth twisted up just as I was thinking that.  

At the place the Dark Zell was rushing towards a wall of ice was waiting for it.  

The Dark Zell collided with the wall and fell down. Using that opportunity, I also cast a wall of ice in order to ensnare it.  

The Blue System’s spell Blue Wall. Silverie cast a number of Blue Walls in order to completely block the Dark Zell’s escape.  

The ice that formed the Blue Walls was incredibly powerful, and it was difficult to break it apart with anything other than Red System spells.  

In the end, we found ourselves stuck in the ice room with Dark Zell.  

As expected of Silverie, she’s quick to pull the trigger.

There are not a lot of monsters that are really adept at running away, and this Dark Zell is the first of its kind.  

Silverie’s eyes darkened even further as she took a step forward to close the gap.


「We’re taking it down Zeph.」

「… Understood.」 I said in a cold tone.


Silverie really was reliable, but she was also quite scary as well.  

After we trapped the Dark Zell it turned into a one sided slaughter.  

All that was left was to constantly repair the walls of ice so as to not let the Dark Zell escape, as well as continue to bombard it with spells.  

Silverie continued to ruthlessly attack the Dark Zell as it flew inside the cage of ice. That ruthless side of hers was exactly the teacher that I knew.


「… It’s over.」 she exclaimed as the light bullet she shot connected with the Dark Zell, knocking it down and releasing its final shriek.  


At the same moment, I felt a surge of energy coursing through my body.  

It was the feeling of my body being filled up with Magic Power.

It seems like I levelled up. Furthermore, this feeling…

It felt a bit familiar so I decided to use Scout Scope on myself.  


Zeph Einstein

Level 72

Magic Level:

Red: 50 / 62

Blue: 46 / 87

Green: 51 / 99

Sky: 48 / 89

Soul: 46 / 97

Magic Power: 1,151 / 3,732


I really did level up. And twice on top of that.


After crossing the level 70 mark, it required considerably way more experience to level up.

To put it into perspective I would need to take down 10 boss monsters in order to level up once.  

Looking at Silverie, she seemed shocked as well, clenching her fist in confirmation of her newly acquired strength.


「Silverie you too?」

「Yea, it seems like you level up as well Zeph.」


Come to think of it, Silverie’s level was 92. When one reaches that level they need to farm high level dungeons daily for a year in order to even level up once. It seems like the experience points we get for killing one of these is tremendous.


「… Dark Zell was it. If we continue hunting them down, you might just be able to make up for those three years that you were sleeping.」

「I was thinking the same thing.」 However, it was still a monster that we hadn’t even encountered before. There were still no ways to defeat it, or even search for it. It’s existence itself was just like an illusion.

None the less it seems like Silverie has some sort of plan.


「I just had Kuro remember the Dark Zell’s smell. With this, even if we’re not close to it, I’ll immediately find out if one appears.」

「It can attack and it can also track down enemies… That familiar of yours really is something.」

「Your Ain is quite strong as well isn’t she? … On top of that she’s also cute.」

「You should tell that to her, I’m sure she’d be really glad to hear it.」

「… I can’t, it’s too embarrassing.」 Silverie said as she averted her gaze.  


Before we knew it was already evening. The sky was beginning to turn dark as well.


「Ain huh. Now that I think about it, where in the world did she go?」


My familiar Ainbelle Rubyeye was a young girl with long blond hair and wings.   

Apparently she left while saying that she’d be back, but no one knew where she went to.


「I went to another world for a bit.」


I was deep in thought when I heard a familiar voice approaching from behind me.   

I turned around unconsciously and saw a tall girl with a beautiful body.  

The wings emerging from her back were almost as tall as her, and her blond hair was floating in the wind.  

She had her arms folded in a proud manner which didn’t suit her grown-up character at all.

It can’t be…


「Ain, is that you?」

「Is it that unbelievable?」 Ain said in an angry manner.


It was definitely her.  

She looked me over from head to toe while sighing.


「Gramps, stand up straight will ya.」



As she said that, she drew closer to me, straightened herself up, and compared the tops of our heads with her hand.  

She looked quite disheartened as she realized she was still not as tall as me.  

Having lost herself in comparing our height Ain drew even closer to me, so much that I could feel her chest touching me.

She’s grown in a lot of places it seems…


「… You’ve grown gramps!」

「You too Ain.」

「Hmph. It’s so-so.」 she said with a proud tone as she glared at me.


Probably because she was still somewhat angry for being the shorter one.  

Her height has grown, but her character hasn’t changed at all it seems.  

I became nostalgic as I gazed at her cheeky smile, and my hand accidentally landed on her head.


「It really has been a while. Thank you for coming back Ain.」

「I-I’ve grown so much already so please stop treating me like a child!」

「But I’m not… You really have grown.」

「This is exactly how you treat children… Good grief…」 Ain complained as she closed her eyes.

「That aside, I’m hungry, gramps! Get me some food!」

「Sure thing.」


We took a brief break as I continued to feed Ain gemstones. After all our battle with the Dark Zell had drawn out for quite a bit. I was somewhat tired.


「You see, the reason why I decided to return was because I suddenly smelled food.」 Ain said as she continued to stuff herself with gemstones.

「What are you, a dog?!」  


Could she have noticed that I was carrying a large amount of gemstones with me? Her sense of smell is frightening… Well thanks to this I’ll be able to proceed with my training so I can’t complain.


「Still, where were you all this time?」

「I returned home. To our world that is.」

「A place completely separated from our world where the familiars live… The Other World was it?」

「That’s right! There are a lot of races there you see. Like the black thing from just now.」


The black thing…? Is she talking about the Dark Zell?

I looked over at Silverie.


「Still, in the Other World each race is strictly divided in its own section, so I don’t know that much about the other races beside mine.」 Ain said.

「Even the Magician Association doesn’t know much about the Other World.」 Silverie said.

「And here we thought it was a new type of monster, when it was apparently just a monster from the Other World. I see, that makes sense.」

「Either way, enough of the complicated talks, let’s have a welcoming party for me♪」


Is that really something you should recommend yourself… Well it’s not like it matters. 


―― After returning to the Guild House we held the welcoming party just as Ain had requested.  

Both Milly and Lydia were both surprised at Ain’s growth.


「Still Ain, you’ve definitely grown in height, but is there something new that you can do?」 Milly asked, to which Ain showed a big grin.


「Hmm? I’ll have you know, but I’ve grown a ton!」

「Is that so… So what can you do?」 Milly asked once more.

「It’s something that will be of great help for gramps!」 Ain said as sparks could be seen flying between her and Milly.


Faced with one another, they both took one step forward.

No matter how much they grow, both of them are still kids…  

Then they took one more step, and another one right after. As Ain’s chest pressed against Milly’s she raised her head proudly showing that she had won, while Milly bit her lip in shame.  

And here I wondered what they were doing… She’s probably jealous that Ain has grown in more places than one.


「I-I can be of use to Zeph as well…!」 Milly said.

「Is that so? And here gramps said that you were only a burden.」

「What?!Zeph, is that true?」  

「… Of course not. Ain you shouldn’t tell such lies.」

「Damn, I got found out…」


I didn’t know whether it was because of her growth but Ain seemed to have developed into quite the bully.  

As I held my aching head Lydia stepped in between them and nodded their heads.

「「What are you doing!!」」 Both of them said simultaneously, to which Lydia simply grinned.

「Both of you, do you know what you’re supposed to do in times such as these?」

「「This doesn’t concern you Lydia!!」」 Their voices came out simultaneously again.


In reality they get along quite well don’t they…


「That’s right, it doesn’t concern me. But if there’s something that you don’t like, the best way to settle it is through a battle!」

「「A battle?」」

「That’s right. If you fight against each other with all you have, you’ll definitely make up♪」

「「Huh?!! That doesn’t make sense!!!」」」 

「Either way, let’s just do it ♪ Oh and also, be careful not to destroy the house. Well then let’s have a nice fight.」 Lydia said as she grabbed a hold of both of them and brought them to a room with a huge bed on the second floor.   

They would probably be able to fight to their heart’s content and settle their catfight in that spacious room.  

Me and Silverie took a sigh of relief as we were left alone.


「Good grief… Some things never change.」

「Still it’s a good thing. Up until a while ago I couldn’t imagine witnessing something like that.」 Silverie said as she looked at me.


She’s probably trying to imply that it’s because I’m finally awake. It’s true that I’m probably the only one that feels like things haven’t changed. For them it’s something that hasn’t happened in three years after all. That was probably pretty insensitive of me…  

The atmosphere got a bit awkward, but then Silverie suddenly jumped at me and hugged me.


「Welcome back Zeph… This time for real…」

「… I’m back.」


We remained in that position for a few moments before hearing Milly and Ain’s excited voices from upstairs.  

Apparently the Milly VS Ain match had ended with Ain’s overwhelming victory.

It seems like she’s grown quite strong physically as well. She did uppercut Grain three years ago after all. She might have had it in her all of this time for all I know.



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