Chapter 153 Part 2

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama 

 ―― Several days later we went to hunt for Dark Zells.  

We were able to find out when a Dark Zell spawned while being inside the capital thanks to Silverie leaving Kuro at the dungeon’s entrance.  

While we were eating breakfast Silverie’s shoulders suddenly shuddered. A Dark Zell had appeared.


「… I found one. It’s at the Tiros Abandoned Factory.」

「There again? Urgh, that place is cold so I don’t quite like it.」 Lydia exclaimed.

「In that case you can stay here and guard the house Lydia. It should be fine with just us ♪」 Milly said.  

「Hmmm. Okay, I’ll leave it up to you then! I’ve been neglecting my shop since Zeph-chi woke up after all.」 Lydia said as she stood up and stretched her back.  

In truth, the Dark Zells were quite tough, but they weren’t all that strong. Honestly I could probably take care of them all by myself.  

Though if it was just me they’d probably run away so in the end it’s best to cooperate with the others.  

We finished up our preparations and went outside, just as we did so Milly cast Summon Servant.With a bright light a horse with wings appeared.   

Just as he appeared Uruk shook his body and drew closer to Milly.


「Hey Uru-chi, how have you been doing?」 Lydia said as she got closer to try and pet Uruk, but as soon as Uruk felt her presence he raised his back legs in order to kick her.

「Phew!That’s dangerous you know!」

「I’m sorry Lydia. Bad Uruk! Bad!!」 Milly scolded Uruk.  



However, Uruk ignored her and instead turned towards Silverie to give her a sexy snort.

Why does it feel like he’s picking a fight with me and Lydia…? On the other hand, he seems really attached to Silverie and Milly… I don’t want to believe this, but does he have a thing for flat chested women? If that’s the case, I guess he won’t like Shirushu and Claude as well…


「Well then we’ll go like usual. Me and Silverie will ride on Uruk while Zeph, you use Teleport.」



As soon as Milly and Silverie got on top of Uruk he spread his wings wide and flew up.  

I watched as she flew off in the distance alongside Lydia.


「Well then I’m off.」

「Have a safe trip ♪」 Lydia said as she saw me off.


―― The Tiros Abandoned Factory.  

Milly and Silverie were already there and were waiting for me at the entrance.  

Even though I don’t like his character I have to admit that Uruk is quite fast. Though I don’t like how he seems so proud about it.


「It’s over there.」 Silverie said as she used Kuro to guide us.  


As we proceeded forward Silverie suddenly stopped and pointed to a direction.


「There it is.」


As soon as she said that both me and Milly took our stances.  

Our strategy was going to be the same as usual. First we would attack it normally and as soon as it entered its berserk mode Silverie would trap it while me and Milly attacked it.


「Uruk!」 Milly called Uruk’s name and jumped on top of him, one hand holding the straddles. Uruk dashed at the Dark Zell at the same time.

「Go Uruk, go!!」


Uruk jumped up and trampled down on the Dark Zell with his front hoofs while Milly cast spells from above.  

The Dark Zell was relentlessly attacked by Uruk’s kicks and Milly’s spells. It was a terrifying sight.  

The Dark Zell had no means to fight back and could only watch as its Magic Power plummeted.  

It was both an offensive and defensive strategy that took perfect advantage of Uruk’s temperament.


「This is bad.」 Milly said as she stepped away from the Dark Zell.  


Did she run out of Magic Power?

Maintaining a familiar usually required a constant supply of Magic Power, and the amount needed to maintain Uruk was way more than normal familiars. It was probably due to the fact that it boasted a high battle prowess.  

After all, when Ain and Silverie’s Kuro switch to battle mode their consumption grows quite a lot as well.


「Switch, it’s my turn.」

「Thank you.」


Milly pulled back and unsummoned Uruk. She then began to meditate in order to restore her Magic Power.


「Well then.」


As soon as I went out I summoned Ain.  

With a burst of light, a sword emerged, far larger than what it had been previously. It had also gotten quite heavier compared to before so it was quite hard to swing it.  

Divine Greatsword Ainbelle!

That’s what Ain wanted me to call it now.


「Gyaa!!」 Dark Zell shouted out as it cast a Red Sphere.


As I blocked the spell with Divine Greatsword Ainbelle it absorbed it and let out a red light.  While swinging down Divine Greatsword Ainbelle I also cast White Sphere.

Double Fusion: Nova Sphere.  

A white sphere burst forth from the tip of Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and enveloped the body of the Dark Zell.  

Ain was able to absorb spells in her sword form, and then I was able to release the spells she had absorbed by swinging her.  

On the other hand, since the sword had now grown as tall as me I needed quite a bit of strength in order to swing it, on top of that it’s Magic Power consumption was way greater than before, making it hard to maintain.


「You sure got quite heavy.」

「I-I grew, so there’s no helping it!! Stop complaining and just do your best would ya gramps!!」

「… Okay.」


I cast Time Square and while time was stopped I cast White Crash four times.

Quadra Fusion: White Crash Square.  

The white light that appeared was immediately sucked in by Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

Before the limit of spells, she could absorb was limited but due to her growing her capacity had gone up quite a bit as well. I’d done a few tests over the last few days, and Ain could now store up to five of the Red System’s most powerful spells, including Red Zero.  

I swung the shining Divine Greatsword Ainbelle while at the same time casting Time Square once more.  

While time was stopped I cast White Crash four more times. And I released them at the same time as the ones stored inside Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

Octa Fusion: White Crash Octa   

A dazzling light burst forth and both me and Milly were forced to close our eyes.  

Silverie on the other hand wore glasses with dark lenses so she was fine…

It seems like Lydia made those for her.  

The more one mixed the same spell with Spell Synthesis the stronger the original spell became.  

Up until now, I had only attempted up to six spells at a time, but with regular attack spells, the pushback was much too great, and I was in danger of being affected by the spell.  

The effect I got from stacking a strengthening spell such as Red Glove up to five times was tremendous as well, but it came with a huge drawback as well. If I were to move with everything I had my body would break.  

Spells from the Soul System were the only ones that could be synthesised more than five times because they didn’t have a direct effect on the caster’s body.


「M-My eyes!!!」


Well I guess it’s not completely perfect considering Milly was blinded by it…  

Just as I was thinking that, Silverie moved quickly and cast Blue Wall, trapping the Dark Zell.

The Dark Zell’s Magic Power had dropped quite a bit and it was about to enter its berserk mode. Silverie had acted in order to close off its means of escape.  

The Magic Power consumption of White Crash Octa was quite large, but on the other hand its power was no laughing matter.  

The Dark Zell reappeared with just half of its body after the light faded.


「It’s my turn again ♪」

「All yours.」


I released Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and pulled back as Milly went upfront.  

Our strategy was to have me fight until I ran out of Magic Power, after which I would pull back and let Milly take the front while I meditated and recovered my Magic Power.  

The Dark Zell wasn’t that strong, however it was extremely tough, so the most efficient method of taking it down was to shoot it with a number of large spells.  

Milly’s martial arts couldn’t even be compared to before at all, as she easily dodged all of the Dark Zell’s attacks.  

Her short skirt fluttered in the air as she dodged a Black Crash.




After dodging Milly put forth her hand towards the Dark Zell and cast a White Crash.  

The spell blew the Dark Zell back and he rolled a few times before coming to a halt. As wings appeared on its body, it attempted to slowly lift itself back up.

It’s in berserk mode.  

It had all come together perfectly, with me regaining my Magic Power and Silverie putting the cage together.

Good job Milly.


「Zeph let’s go!!」 Milly yelled out.  



I grabbed Milly’s stretched out hand and read the flow of her Magic Power running through her Magic Power Lines while at the same time casting Time Square.  

I cast White Sphere four times and matched my timing with Milly’s spell.

Penta Fusion: White Sphere Circle.

As the dazzling light burned the Dark Zell’s body I could feel my power rising.

It seems like I levelled up once more.  

I was currently level 78 while Milly had gone all the way up to 90.

We sure are growing with tremendous speed.  

After we defeated the Dark Zell it dropped a pure black crystal.  

It was the second time we were encountering this crystal. Milly bent over to pick it up after which she threw it at me.


「What in the world is this?」 Milly asked.

「Beats me.」

「From what me and Lydia analysed it seems to be a type of magic stone that strengthens the transfer of Magic Power. Considering we don’t have any information about it, it must be something from the Other World.」 Silverie said while looking at the black crystal in my hand.

In short Silverie and Lydia didn’t know what it could be used for, but it definitely had some kind of use.  

For the time being we just decided to collect them and leave the rest to Silverie and Lydia.

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