Chapter 155 Part 1

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「Would you like to try it, Milly?」



When Milly saw me taking a fork with a slice of cake towards her mouth, she exclaimed with surprise.

However, for some unknown reason, she turned bright red and tilted her head.


「I-It’s fine, I’ll pass…」

「Hm? You’re the one who made it aren’t you? You haven’t poisoned it or something like that have you?」

「I haven’t!」

「Then why?」 As I asked Milly proceeded to look around the area.


After she saw that everyone was focused on Lydia and the huge cake she let out a sigh of relief and whispered.


「I’d be really embarrassed if everyone saw you feeding me…」

「That’s all?」

「That’s all you say! … Hyaa?!」


I pulled her under the table in front of me, oblivious to her scream.

If she’s that embarrassed of being seen then I just need to hide her under the table so that they don’t see us.


「Zeph, w-what are you… doing…」

「If you’re loud they’ll find us you know?」 I said as I held Milly in between my legs.


While she looked up at me with a look of uncertainty.


「Come on now, open your mouth Milly.」



I slid the cake under the table and slowly moved it closer to Milly’s mouth.

Still this position really is a bit embarrassing…

Milly’s mouth was touched by the slice of cake, and the cream of the cake dyed the corners of her mouth white.

She licked the cream with her tongue and smiled.


「Mmm… it really is delicious.」

「Right?」 I said as I nodded her head.

「Hm? Where did Milly-chan go?」 Lydia suddenly asked.


Hearing her I instinctively squeezed Milly with both of my legs in order to try and hide her.


「Urgh?!!」 Milly let out a shriek as she was squeezed by my legs.


I then hurriedly answered Lydia.


「M-Milly went to the bathroom.」

「Oh my, well that’s unfortunate. I even went ahead and made a cheesecake. How about you Zeph-chi there’s one for you too?」 Lydia said as she brought a cake decorated with white cheese.


She held a piece in each hand, one for me and one for Milly.


「I’ll give it to her when she comes back.」

「Really? Thank you Zeph-chi♪」 Lydia said as she left both pieces in front of me and returned to the kids.


Phew, that was close.

As the cold sweat ran down my back, Milly spoke to me with Telepathy.


《Zeph… this hurts…》

《Oh, my bad.》


In the hurry I ended up squashing her between my legs.

I quickly released her, and she coughed a few times as she tried to catch her breath.


《Lydia brought us cake.》

《Whoa, that’s the new cake that she made recently! It’s really good!》

《Is that so?》


Looking over to the children’s table, they all seemed to be having a great time. Even Silverie and Shirushu were taken back by the cake’s deliciousness.


《Hey Zeph… Can I ask you to feed me again…?》

《Sure, I don’t mind.》


This girl. It seems like she really enjoyed getting fed by me.

I cut off a bite-sized piece of Lydia’s cake and placed it closer to my legs, where Milly’s face was.

However, I then suddenly lost control of my hand and the cake ended up falling on Milly’s face.


《Good grief! It’s stuck on my face…》

《I’m sorry, it proved to be harder than I thought. Can you open your mouth once more?》



I cut off another piece and this time put it in her mouth.

Milly happily bit onto the cake and even refused to let go of the fork.

That’s nasty Milly.

Milly didn’t seem to mind that her face had been stained white as she licked the delicious cream off with her tongue.



We followed Sarutobi the next day as he led us to the location where we were supposed to place the barrier.

Shirushu and Silverie stayed behind as guards in case there was an attack by the monsters.

We encountered a number of monsters on our way, but they were no match for us.

We arrived at a small spring after passing through a grassy plain on our way inside the forest.

The region around the spring seemed to be brimming with magical energy.


「Is this the centre of the dungeon…?」 I asked.

「It seems like it.」 Sarutobi answered.


He then took a step forward and took out a sheet from his bag.

The sheet had a sealing formation drawn on top of it. This sheet was one of the magic apparatuses used by the Magic Association. It was able to create a defensive shield that kept monsters at bay by drawing in a vast amount of magical power.

It was something that could be found in every city, as well as important structures. If one of these barriers were to fail, the Magic Association would instantly send people to place a new one.

This time, a dungeon emerged as a result of their failure to act in a timely manner.

Originally, it was something that the Magic Association would have to deal with, but Yera assigned it to us instead.


「Well then, can I ask you to supply it with magic power?」 Sarutobi asked.

「I’ll do it.」 I said.

「I want to do it too!」 Milly replied enthusiastically as well.  


After all, a large amount of magic power was required in order to set up a protective barrier. This was a case where quantity was more important than anything else.

It seems like this time Milly’s ridiculous amount of magic power will prove to be useful.

I took out a wand from my bag and placed it right in the centre of the magic circle, after which I called out to Milly.


「Milly, grab this.」

「Okay. I should just dump my magic power into it right?」

「Yea… Let’s begin.」



I slowly awoke every single ounce of magic power in my body, and while holding hands with Milly, I began to channel it into the wand.

Her amount of magic power is definitely ridiculous.

The magic circle was quickly being filled up.


「Urgh… It feels like my stomach is about to tear open…!!」

「Bear it Milly.」



Sarutobi’s nose suddenly twitched as we were both channeling our magic power through the wand.

The scent of a strong monster invaded our senses the next moment.


「… It’s a monster.」 Sarutobi said.

「It seems like it.」


Sarutobi took out the small sword at his waist, while Lydia took out her long axe from within her bag.

Milly looked at them both and was about to let go of the wand to assist them when I intervened.



「If you stop channeling your magic power mid way, the barrier that forms won’t be perfect. And there’s still a bit more to go until it’s completed. So you can’t let go for the moment Milly.」

「But…」 Milly said with an unsatisfied expression.


I grabbed her hand as I looked her straight in the eyes.


「It’s gonna be fine. Trust those two.」

「… Okay.」 Milly said and closed her eyes in order to concentrate on channeling magic power once more.


You must be kidding me! She wasn’t going all out until now?! It seems like she wants to get this over with and go help Lydia. Good grief. She really is a bottomless hole when it comes to magic power.





Lydia and Saturobi took care of the numerous monsters that came flying at us. Both of them took the vanguard to fend off the various monsters in order to shield me and Milly.

I did say that we only needed a bit in order to call Milly down, but we’re still not even halfway done… Damn, these monsters are sure putting us in a tough spot. Thankfully it’s still fine. This is a newly formed dungeon so the monster shouldn’t be that strong. Lydia and Sarutobi both seem to be doing fine, if we keep on like this, we should be able to seal it without difficulty.




I heard a strong roar shake the ground just when I was thinking that.

Milly was shocked by the roar and was about to release her grip on the wand when I intervened.


「W-What in the world was that roar…?」

「It’s a Werewolf.」


A Werewolf. It was a monster that resembled a black wolf with bulging muscles. The werewolf stood on two legs and wielded a massive sword that was almost as long as it was tall.

It was one of the most powerful of all the monsters on this continent.

Milly tightly clenched my hand with worry.


「Saru-chi! Leave this one to me!」 Lydia said.



Lydia brandished her long axe and stood in front of the werewolf. Sarutobi gave her one final worried look before turning his attention to the other monsters.



「This might get tricky.」


It shouldn’t be all that unusual for a werewolf to appear in this area… However, this timing is just way too perfect. It seems like the monsters all gathered here in order to prevent the deployment of the barrier.


「Milly. I’ll go assist Lydia and Sarutobi.」

「You will?!!」

「Your magic power is higher than mine isn’t it? You don’t need to worry. I’ll be back before you know it.」 

「Okay… But be careful okay?」


I let go of the wand and gently stroked Milly’s hair.

If it came to supplying the magic circle with magic power Milly was more than enough.

Milly panicking and letting go of the wand was the only thing I needed to be concerned about.

The monster horde was numerous, and it gradually closed in on us.

Lydia fought against the werewolf one on one, while Sarutobi held back the horde of monsters. However, no matter how one looked at it, they were completely outnumbered. It was precisely in a time like this, that a magician capable of wide-area attacks, such as myself, was needed.


「Sarutobi, Lydia, I’ll take them down with spells! Be careful not to get caught up in them!!!」


I moved closer to Milly after warning them both, hoping to find myself in the centre of the monster encirclement. As soon as I made my way to the centre I cast Time Square.

While time was stopped I cast Red Wave, Blue Wave, Black Wave and Green Wave.

Quadra Fusion: Tetra Wave.

I drew up a golden orbit with my hand, from which a wave spread out across the area.

The wave was almost as tall as my hips and repelled any monster that came in touch with it.

Usually the attacking power of Wave spells wasn’t that great, however by stacking up four times it was enough to take care of these kinds of monsters.

Sarutobi lightly jumped over the wave while the monsters behind him were completely annihilated.

Lydia dodged as well, not even looking back, and the golden wave cut the werewolf’s body.




As soon as the wave made contact with the werewolf’s fur, a scraping sound was heard. However, the werewolf, using only his willpower, forced the golden wave back, breaking it. And in doing so, it was able to save the monsters that stood behind it.

Tsch. I guess it won’t work on a monster that’s close to being a boss. Still I managed to clean up most of them. Now we can focus on the werewolf.


「I’ll back you up while looking after Milly. You two take care of the werewolf.」 I said as I grabbed both of Lydia and Sarutobi’s shoulders and cast Magenta Coat on both of them. 

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