Chapter 155 Part 2

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A fusion spell that would increase both their power and speed. As soon as I cast the spell a red-darkish aura covered both of their bodies.


「Aye, aye sir!!」



The magical light completely enveloped their bodies. They both vanished after that, leaving just a faint light behind them.

In the next moment marks of slashes appeared on the werewolf’s giant body.

Sharp attacks landed repeatedly on the werewolf’s huge body, forcing the creature to defend itself with both hands.




After the attacks ended, the werewolf swung his massive sword about like he’d gone insane.

Its attacks, on the other hand, had no chance of succeeding.

The werewolf’s brute strength was undeniable, but it had no other means of attack besides swinging its giant hunk of metal. As long as it didn’t hit it wouldn’t matter. There was no reason for me to be concerned because it was those two who were facing it.

While being careful of my surroundings I began to recover my magic power by meditating.

Even though I had left the werewolf to those two, I had already channeled quite a bit of magical power into the barrier, and you never know when something unexpected might happen. So there was no harm in being careful.

Suddenly a Light Snake crept up behind Milly and sprang up at her like a spring.

However, before it could do anything I managed to get behind Milly and pushed back the Light Snake with a spell.


「Like I’d let you.」


The Light Snake vanished as the fire particles dispersed. Milly had her eyes closed and didn’t let go of the wand for even a second after all that had happened. She was carefully directing her magical energy into the protective barrier.

She appears to be doing so in order to avoid being disturbed by the events taking place around her. It’s very dangerous, but I suppose she trusts us to keep her safe. This is precisely why I can’t just give up on her.

As I looked at Milly, who was frantically completing her assignment, I smiled.

Lydia wielded her long axe relentlessly, parrying the Werewolf’s massive sword and creating opportunities for Sarutobi to skilfully hack at the massive beast.

Their team work was flawless and the Werewolf wasn’t able to do anything.

Good, my magic power has mostly been restored.

While taking care of restoring my magic power I also made sure to protect Milly from any incoming monsters. I did this by placing a number of Red Spheres throughout the field, which would trigger as soon as I saw a creature.

Thankfully all of the monsters around us were weak ones that were able to be taken down by those spheres alone.

And, from what I could tell, the defensive barrier had reached 70% completion.

It was all due to Milly desperately channeling magic power. Given the current state of affairs, the barrier might be deployed before Lydia and Sarutobi are able to take down the werewolf.




A miserable shriek came from the werewolf. It was already at wits’ end.

Not being able to land even a single strike, it was just played around with by Lydia and Sarutobi.

It must be pretty pissed off right about now. Kuku, struggle more.

Filled with rage, the Werewolf turned its gaze towards Lydia and Sarutobi once more.

However both of them were fine. After all, it was impossible for it to reach them.

I on the other hand refrained from attacking the werewolf at all. If it unexpectedly decided to change its targets from them to me and Milly, it would get nasty.


「ROARRR!!!」 The werewolf roared, and despite the fact that I had done nothing to provoke it, it turned to stare at me with its bloodshot eyes.


Thankfully, Lydia’s attack landed squarely on its head, trying to divert its attention away from me.

However, it was to no avail.

Damn it! It’s definitely targeting me… No wait! It’s looking at Milly! It’s going after the barrier!



「This is bad…!!!」


The werewolf was knocked down by Lydia’s attack, but it quickly got back up and ran towards Milly.


「Tsch…」 Sarutobi clicked his tongue as he threw his short sword, but the werewolf completely ignored it as it set its eyes on the protective barrier.


It’s just as I thought. The monsters and the Werewolf didn’t gather here by accident. They’re trying to prevent us from setting up the protective barrier. Milly can’t move right now. I’m going to have to take it down right now.


「Ain! Come forth!」


I cast Summon Servant and a heavy sword appeared in my hands with a flash of light.

Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

I slashed the sword against the ground and drank a magic power recovery medicine from my pocket.


「Ain, if I’m correct you should be able to store a lot more spells now right?」

「Hm? That’s right. Don’t hold back and give it all ya got gramps.」


It seems like it’s fine then. Well then I’ll go all out.


After drinking the medicine and completely restoring my magic power I once again grabbed a hold of Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

「Oh Crimson god, the pinnacle of magic and the culmination of the long winding road. Empower me with your strength. Let the crimson blade rage and annihilate my enemies. Red Zero!」


The blade of flames that appeared was immediately sucked into Ain.

Her previously white blade was now dyed red.




The blade of the greatsword trembled as Ain let out a small shriek of agony.

The spell had completely been absorbed by Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.


「Haa… Ha… Gramps… It’s in…」

「You sound a bit tired, Ain. Is everything okay?」

「S-Somehow… That aside… the enemy…」



The werewolf frantically dashed towards the barrier without even batting and eye to Lydia or Sarutobi.

It knew that it was no match for them, so it could at least try and stop us from activating the barrier.

However, there was no way I would let it do that.

I raised my sword slowly and signalled Lydia and Sarutobi to move away.

Both of them responded quickly, and just as they were about to walk away from the werewolf, Sarutobi threw some kind of ball at it.

When the ball collided with the werewolf, it exploded, filling the area with white smoke.


「Zeph-done, that’s a smoke bomb. Take it down before the smoke dissipates!」

「Good job Sarutobi!」 Within the smoke, the werewolf seemed to be struggling.


Well this certainly makes things easier.


「But, gramps, you won’t be left with much magic power after shooting off Red Zero, will you?  What do you plan to do?」 Ain asked.

「Just sit back and watch.」


I picked up Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and chanted once more.


「Oh God of Souls, the pinnacle of magic and the culmination of the long winding road. Empower me with your strength. May my enemies fall beneath your white blade!」

「Gramps, you aren’t thinking of…」


The Zero spells were the strongest out of any system, but activating them took a long chant as well as all of the caster’s magic power.

In contrast to the other systems, however, the Soul System’s Zero spell demanded gemstones rather than magic power. And, while Ain’s skill allowed me to reduce the cost of other Soul spells to zero, it couldn’t do the same for this one.

When Ain realized she would lose all of her food, she let out a miserable shriek.


「STOP IT!!!」

「White Zero!」


I swung down Divine Greatsword Ainbelle, unconcerned about Ain’s feelings.

Red Zero and White Zero, the two most powerful spells from the Red and Soul systems collided, forming a vermilion magic sword that sliced down on the Werewolf.

A massive explosion erupted when the sword clashed with the ground, engulfing the area in white flames.

The trees that had stood in the sword’s way had been reduced to rubble, and the scene in front of me was one of complete devastation.

The Werewolf was nowhere to be seen. It had been annihilated with just one strike.

Didn’t I just wreck another dungeon? Oh well, it’s certainly preferable to the destruction from the fivefold synthesis.

I got shivers down my spine just thinking about being scolded by Azalea again, but I was relieved at the same time.


「I guess I’ll call it Nova Zero.」 I mumbled out as I wiped the dust off of Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

「No… My food… Waaa…」

「Don’t worry Ain. Milly has a ton of gemstones so just hold on until we get back to town, okay?」

「Gramps… You’re terrible…」 Ain said this as she reverted to her human form and sobbed on the ground.

「What will I do with you? Milly, Ain’s being annoying so I’ll borrow some gemstones from you.」

「Hey! Watch where you’re touching me!」 Milly said in shock as I buried my hand in the bag around her chest area to take out some gemstones.

I gave Ain half of the gemstones I took out, and kept the other half in my bag.

After all, Ain had the habit of constantly eating the gemstones that I had in my bag. They were by no means enough but it would probably be enough to keep her quiet until we returned to the city.


「Everyone! Look!」 Milly said while pointing to a dazzling pillar of light stretching into the sky.


Soon the light engulfed the entire town, with the protective barrier serving as its focal point.

It seems like she finished her task. The monsters’ presence gradually faded as the light spread throughout the forest. It seems like everything went smoothly.


「Ahh, I’m so tired!!」 Milly exclaimed.

「Good job Milly.」

「Hehe…」 Milly guffawed, her face devoid of all strength.


Seeing her like that my hand unconsciously landed on her head.

She really is amazing. I thought that she’d need a bit more time before being able to set up the protective barrier. It seems like she really did work extremely hard.


「I guess we can rest easy for a couple of years with this. I’m grateful to all of you… Thank you.」 Sarutobi said as he bowed.


Seeing him like that, Milly frantically waved her hand.


「It’s fine Sarutobi. It was our job after all.」 Milly said.

「That’s right Saru-chi. We even got to meet you as well, so it’s all good.」 Lydia said with a smile on her face.

「Well then, I guess it’s time to go back. If we’re late everyone will worry.」

「You’re right!!」 Milly said.


And with that, we were on our way back to the church.


「Welcome back everyone. I’m glad that you’re all okay.」 Shirushu said as soon as we emerged from the forest and she greeted us.

「We’re sorry to have worried you Shirushu.」 


Silverie, on the other hand, was seated in a chair, fiddling with an accessory in her right hand with an annoyed look on her face.

Look at her acting all tough and all. Didn’t you just look at us with a concerned expression on your face?


「Did everything go well?」 Silverie asked.

「Yes, we successfully set up the protective barrier. The dungeon has certainly been destroyed.」 Sarutobi replied to her.

「Good work everyone!」 Shirushu said as she bowed her head respectfully to us.


A delightful fragrance unexpectedly invaded our senses from behind her as she did so.

We found the table behind Shirushu was piled high with various colored dishes as we got a closer look at it.

Milly’s eyes widened as soon as she saw it.

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