Chapter 156 Part 2

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

「GYAAAA!!」 As it opened its massive mouth, the Dark Wyvern let out a loud shriek.


As it did that I cast Time Square.

While time was stopped I cast Red Ball, Blue Ball, Black Ball, Green Ball and White Ball.

Penta Fusion: Platinum Slash.

Azalea forbade me from using it, but since I’ll be using it in mid-air rather than on the ground, I suppose it’ll be fine. And since it’s only using Ball Spells it won’t take a huge toll on my body as well.

The spell left my hand, followed by an arc of blinding light.

The Dark Wyvern twisted its body in an effort to avoid my Platinum Slash as soon as it felt its strength, but Silverie had anticipated this and cast a spell right away.

The Dark Wyvern was sucked back into its original place, colliding with the ball of dazzling light.

Good job Silverie!




The Dark Wyvern lost its balance in mid-air as soon as Platinum Slash struck it.

The spell vanished into the distance after leaving a long, white trail on the monster’s dark back.


「GYA! GYA!!」 It let out shrieks of agony as it began to fall down.


Dark Wyvern

Level 112

Magic Power: 4,155,756 / 4,215,875


As expected. Platinum Slash really is quite strong.

Despite all, the Dark Wyvern regained its balance and launched another assault on us.

I cast Summon Servant and called forth Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.


「Hey gramps! It seems it’s my turn!」

「Yea. I’ll need your help.」


I placed my hand on the blade and cast the Quadra Fusion spell Tetra Crash.

Divine Greatsword Ainbelle absorbed the golden light and its blade shone.


「… This is tough…」

「Are you okay Ain?!」   

「I’m fine, I’m fine…」


I suppose absorbing a spell as powerful as Tetra Crash isn’t that easy even for her.

I took my stance with Divine Greatsword Ainbelle in hand and sent a signal to Silverie.


「I’ll stop the Dark Wyvern’s movements. Zeph I’ll count on you to do the rest.」

「Leave it to me Silverie.」

「… Hmph.」


Silverie turned towards the Dark Wyvern after hearing my answer. She then used White Bullet, which caused a shower of small lights to fall on the monster’s black body.




Despite the fact that it didn’t take much harm from the attack, the Dark Wyvern curled up its body and tried to fly past the hail of white bullets, presumably finding the spell irritating.

With that it shouldn’t be able to change course so easily.

I set my sights on the Dark Wyvern that was trapped in the hail of bullets and lifted up Divine Greatsword Ainbelle, while at the same time casting White Crash.

Penta Fusion: Platinum Break.

As I swung my sword down, a brilliant light shone, powerful enough to break the sky in two.


「We did it!」 Lydia yelled out.


However, it still wasn’t over.

The Dark Wyvern reappeared after the light faded and the smoke cleared. It was totally drained, and its body was in shambles.




Its bright red eyes stared right at us.

It seems like it still hasn’t given up.


「We’re doing that once more.」



Silverie answered as she cast White Bullet in order to restrain the Dark Wyvern.

This time it’s gonna run to… there!

I fixed my gaze on the path the Dark Wyvern was about to take and cast Platinum Break once more with the help of Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.

My magic power was depleted after casting Platinum Break twice, so I returned to Shirushu’s side.


「Shirushu, please give me an Elixir.」

「Sure thing!!」


Shirushu rummaged through her bag for a white leaf. When she found it, she then chewed on it and clasped her hands in front of her chest.

It was her Unique Spell Elixir. It allowed her to bring out the maximum potential of any herb.

The herb she used just now was an herb known as White Sage. Its function was to restore Magic Power.

I took the White Sage and ate it after Shirushu enhanced its effect, instantly restoring my magic power.


「Still, it doesn’t seem like I’ll get my shot at it…」 Lydia said a bit disheartened.

「You’re our trump card in case something happens. So be ready just in case.」

「Ahaha, so I’m something like a secret weapon right?!」 Lydia said jokingly.


Jokes aside, she won’t be able to display her full potential when fighting mid-air.  


「Tsch, it really is persistent.」


This had been my third time casting Platinum Break. Despite taking all three of them head-on the Dark Wyvern was still chasing after us.

And here I thought that I’d run away just like the Dark Zell. It seems like this one really likes to fight.




After a short piercing shriek, magical power started to gather in the sky in front of the Dark Wyvern.

What’s this, Black Bullet?


「Like I’d let you.」


Upon seeing it act, Silverie immediately cast Green Bullet.

Both spells collided in mid-air, cancelling each other out and dissipating.

Cancelling a spell took a lot of concentration and wasn’t anything someone could do unless they were extremely powerful.

However, with the help of her familiar Kuro, Silverie was able to perform Quick Casting, allowing her to do it. That’s why, despite beginning her cast a little later, she was still able to cancel out the Dark Wyvern’s spell.


「Eat this!」


I didn’t want to feel left out, so I swung down Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and cast Platinum Crash once more.

The dazzling light once more split the sky as it landed on the body of the Dark Wyvern.

Despite this, the Dark Wyvern persisted, seeming to be steadily drawing in the darkness around it and regenerating its body.




Maybe it’s a monster that was born out of a shadow? Its magic power is certainly decreasing, but I can’t just leave it to restore itself like this forever. The Dark Wyvern flailed its wings once more in pursuit.


「Damn… We can’t shake it off.」

「Should we force it into Berserk Mode and try to use the opportunity to escape? It will probably take a while for it to transform after all.」

「It’s not a bad idea, but the thing is we don’t know what the Dark Monsters will do once they enter Berserk Mode. If it gets quicker, we’ll be in a lot of trouble. If possible, I’d like to run away while it’s still like this.」


And I’m also worried about Milly’s Magic Power. Uruk’s speed has been gradually decreasing. If she completely runs out of magic power we’ll be forced to fight on the ground. And battling an airborne monster on the ground has a number of drawbacks. We have no choice but to escape while still in the air.


「Shirushu, can I ask you to go and restore Milly’s magic power?」

「Understood!!」 Shirushu said as she skilfully made her way through the shaking carriage, getting closer to Milly.


She gave Milly an Elixir as soon as she reached her, restoring her magical power.

With that, the carriage’s speed increased once again.




The Dark Wyvern appeared above the carriage just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

Damn it! It caught up to us.

It seemed to be gathering magical power right above our heads.

The barrier that covered the carriage shone with red light.

This is bad!

In order to try and cancel out the Dark Wyvern’s spell, Silverie immediately cast Blue Bullet.

The shield covering the carriage collapsed as a thunderous sound rang out.

The carriage shook violently, so I hugged Lydia and Silverie and grabbed one of the walls to keep us from falling.





Everything beneath my feet shook, and it felt like we would fall down if I let go for even a moment.

The shaking slowly died down and the smoke from the explosion cleared.


「Phew…」 Lydia let out a sigh.

「Lydia, Silverie, are you okay?」

「Somehow… I’m sorry Zeph, I couldn’t block its attack.」

「Don’t worry about it. We managed to reduce the casualties to minimum.」


We would have probably been scattered across the sky by now if Silverie hadn’t tried to cancel out the spell at the last moment.

Still, thanks to the barrier shattering the sky cleared up as well.

Over the carriage hung an eerie figure that didn’t at all suit the bright sunlight and white clouds.

It also revealed its unprotected abdomen as it hung over us.



「You idiot. You just made it easier for me to attack you.」


I lifted Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and heard a yell just as I was about to cast my final spell.




Shirushu’s heartbroken voice could be heard from the carriage’s front.

What in the world happened?

Just as I thought that I turned towards the front to look. Shirushu screamed at the ground, while Uruk had no one riding on his back.


「It can’t be…」


Looking down, I saw Milly tumbling down, her face contorted with disbelief.

She had been struck by the Dark Wyvern’s attack.



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