Chapter 157 Part 1

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My yell echoed in the area.  

Milly became smaller and smaller as she got even closer to the ground.  

I don’t do anything then she’ll…!


「Silverie! I’ll leave the rest to you!」

「Zeph?! What are you doing?!」

「I’m going to save Milly! Shirushu, an Elixir!」



Shirushu promptly bit on a White Sage and cast Elixir.  

At the same time, I pressed my tongue against her mouth, hoping to snag the White Sage leaf as quickly as possible.  

After all, the Elixir spell was one that simply increased the efficiency of an herb. I would be able to receive its effect way faster this way. I usually wouldn’t do something like this, but this was an emergency.  

I unsummoned Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and jumped onto Uruk’s back after my magic power was restored.  

Uruk, on the other hand, became enraged as soon as he felt me on his back.  

This stupid horse! Stop it! I don’t have the time to play with you.  

I grabbed a hold of his reins and channelled magic power through them.




Uruk’s reins were used to keep him under control. Milly had done the same thing. It was possible to regulate Uruk’s strength and the way he went by channeling magic power through them.  

As I held onto the reins I ordered him to run. After all, a familiar had no way of going against the master who provided them with magical power.


「Go Uruk! You’re running in order to save your master!」



Uruk’s face was hesitant, but this wasn’t the time for gripes.  

Uruk flew down towards Milly as I swung the reins.  

Uruk raised his hooves and began to run rather calmly. Seeing this, I swung the reins once more.


「Run faster! Go!」  



Uruk started to run down in a vertical line, most likely in an attempt to retaliate for my scolding.  

The carriage couldn’t withstand his speed and began to break.  

Lydia and the others managed to stay in the carriage despite the fact that it was falling apart.

They seem to be having it tough as well.  

As I thought that I saw Lydia waving her hand at me.


「We’re fine here, don’t worry!」 She said.


「We’re fine, we’re fine. Don’t worry about us and just concentrate Zeph-chi!」


I’ll take you up on your word then. I have no choice but to trust Lydia here.  

When I turned to face forward again, I found that I was approaching the ground at a frightening rate.  

I lowered my body as well to try to resist the wind pressure.  

Uruk then accelerated even faster as I got within a hand’s reach of Milly.




I reached out my hand as far as possible, however it wasn’t enough.  

With the tip of my finger, I was able to touch her boots, but not nearly enough to fully grasp them.  

And the ground was getting closer and closer.





Uruk went even faster as he kicked the air even harder.  

A bit more, a bit more…

My fingers somehow managed to wrap around Milly’s foot and I quickly pulled her towards me.  I breathed a sigh of relief after managing to grab a hold of the unconscious Milly.  

Thank god…


「Okay Uruk, we’re done here, go up!」

「neighhh!!」 Uruk neighed and kicked the air in order to try and go up, but the ground was already way too close.  


It’s all over if we crash now…  

I looked down towards the ground and cast Platinum Slash.  

The white light penetrated the ground deeply, dividing it and forming a small valley.  

Uruk continued to fall down as he entered the valley in an arc.  

Damn… Will it be enough…?!


「Uruk… Don’t give up!!!」



Uruk kicked with all fours and flapped his wings in an effort to slow us down.  

I clenched onto him so as not to fall down, bracing myself for the impact.  

Uruk kicked the air once more, this time successfully trampling on the ground and landing.


「Hyaaaaaaa!!!」 Lydia screamed behind us.


Along with her scream, there was a loud blast.  

Looking back, I could see Lydia clutching Shirushu and Silverie, who were both unconscious inside the broken carriage.


「Phew… That was quite the thrilling ride.」

「How in the world are you unharmed?」

「Just before the crash I just POW and we landed. Quite nice, right?」 Lydia said, making a strange gesture.


I don’t get her at all… Well either way I’m glad that they’re okay.  

I stared down at the unconscious Milly, still awestruck by Lydia’s abilities.  

I was just glad that we were somehow able to save her.


「Well then, all that’s left is…」 I said as I looked up.


I could see the Dark Wyvern staring down at us from the sky. We wouldn’t be able to get out of this if we didn’t take care of it first.


「Lydia, take both of them and run. Prolea should be quite close by. You should be able to reach it in two or three days by foot.」

「What are you planning on doing Zeph-chi?」

「I’ll take care of that flying chicken.」

「There you go again.」 Lydia said with a smile.

「Milly-chan’s unconscious as well, right? Should I take her with me? One more person won’t make that much of a difference to me.」 Lydia said this as she gazed at Milly, who was perched atop Uruk’s back, while clutching Shirushu and Silverie under each armpit.

「No, that’s fine. I’ll take her with me. If I’m alone, I won’t be able to replenish my magic power while still controlling Uruk, and I might need her battle prowess when she wakes up.」

「Okay, I got it. Since it’s you we’re talking about then I don’t need to worry Zeph-chi. Do your best, okay?」 Lydia said as she got closer and kissed me on the cheek.  


She ran away from me while skipping and winked back, as I was still dazed from the kiss.


「Well then, see ya ♪」

「Y-Yea…」 I said as I turned my back towards her and once again grabbed a hold of Uruk’s reins.

「I’ll have you obey me for just a bit more Uruk.」



Uruk glared at me as if he were staring at his arch-enemy, but he complied nevertheless.

Kuku, now that’s how it should be.  

I took the reins and used them to bind Milly to myself while grinning at Uruk.


「Urgh…」 Milly sighed softly as she leaned against my chest as I tightened the reins around my waist.  


Like this I would be able to use both mine and Milly’s magic power in order to control Uruk.  

While in that position I used my hand to search around Milly’s chest for something…

Found it.


「I’m borrowing this Milly.」


From the bag tied around her chest I took out a Magic Power Recovery Medicine and all of the gemstones that she had.  

The ones that I had on me wouldn’t be enough.  However, combined with Milly’s provisions that I would have just enough.


「Uruk! Go!!」



Uruk was grumpy as he flew towards the Dark Wyvern in the sky, reluctantly. He ran up the sky, cutting the wind and steadily rising his pace.  

Well then, let’s check how much magic power it’s got left.  


Dark Wyvern

Level 112

Magic Power: 2,523,121 / 4,215,875


It appears that we were able to shave it down quite a bit in the fight just now, but taking it down on my own won’t be easy. For the time being, the best course of action would be to use Uruk’s nimbleness to draw it in and force it to focus on us rather than Lydia and the others. Uruk should be able to do it without difficulty now that he is no longer responsible for pulling the carriage.


「… Ain I’ll need your help once more.」

「Sure thing gramps!」


The enormous Divine Greatsword Ainbelle emerged as a blinding light wrapped around my hand. It was usually difficult for me to wield the greatsword, but now that I was on horseback, it felt completely normal.  

I wielded the greatsword like a lance in front of me, commanding Uruk to charge straight at the Dark Wyvern.


「GYAAAA?!!!」 The Dark Wyvern shrieked in surprise.


Uruk paid little attention to it as he charged headlong into the Dark Wyvern’s jet-black body with all he had.




In the meantime I also constantly swung Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.  

I felt like I was about to let go of the sword with each swing, but I somehow held on to it as I proceeded to hack at the Dark Wyvern from atop Uruk.  

I cast White Crash at the same time Uruk kicked the Dark Wyvern with its hind legs.  

The white ball appeared behind the Dark Wyvern and crashed at its back.  

After the white smoke dispersed, I found the Dark Wyvern’s bloodshot eyes looking at me.




As it started to pursue us, it let out a short scream.  

Good, good. It will be our victory if it follows us like this for a while and I am able to shake it off afterwards. Even though Uruk is a tad quicker than the Dark Wyvern now that he isn’t pushing the carriage, we won’t be able to flee if we fly about aimlessly.


「Gramps, why not use Blue Wall?」

「In order to use Blue Wall, I must be near a wall or the ground. That’s also the reason Silverie didn’t use it.」


I can’t deny that my current plan is very close to that thought.  

As Uruk sped through the air, I took in my surroundings before I noticed a rocky mountain in the east that towered above all else.

That should do it.


「Uruk, head for that rocky mountain.」

「Neigh…」 Uruk made a disdainful expression, but he nevertheless changed course and flew towards the mountain.


Good boy.


「Okay, this should be fine… Ain let’s go!」



I used Divine Greatsword Ainbelle to absorb the Quadra Fusion Spell White Sphere Square.  

Good. All of the arrangements have been completed.




The Dark Wyvern began to cast a spell. Red Bullet huh…


「It’s no use.」

I cast Time Square and while time was stopped I cast White Wall twice.

Double Fusion: Double White Wall.  

My hand emitted a wall made up of white aura that fully blocked the rain of fire.  

I could block a number of powerful spells as long as I stacked White Wall on itself.  

It had a fast cast time as well, allowing me to deploy it on time even if the enemy had already begun casting.  

Furthermore, I only needed to stack it twice in order to completely block a spell such as Red Bullet.  

Even though it’s impossible for me to cancel out spells with as little as Silverie can, I still have my own tricks up my sleeve.

「Well then, I guess this area should do it.」 

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