Chapter 157 Part 2

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

We were getting quite close to the rocky mountain at this stage.

I yanked Uruk’s reins to slow us down. As we approached the mountain’s walls, I slowed down even further, and we continued to fly along the mountain’s walls.  

The Dark Wyvern swooped down behind us, salivating as it eyed Uruk’s tail.  

Uruk, on the other hand, continued to fly along the mountain’s walls by kicking his hind legs.

「Gramps, what are you planning?」 Ain asked.

「Just sit back and watch.」


I could see several rocks protruding from the rocky walls in front of us.

The location appears to be ideal. It will also help in our concealment.


「Ain, close your eyes!!」 I said as I swung Divine Greatsword Ainbelle.


While at the same time casting Time Square.  

While time was stopped I cast White Sphere four times.  

I swung down Divine Greatsword Ainbelle and released the White Sphere Square I had stored in it at the same time I triggered the spell.

Octa Fusion: White Sphere Octa.

Behind us, a blinding white light washed all white.  

Uruk flew towards one of the protruding rocks from the mountain’s walls while the Dark Wyvern was blinded by the spell.


「GYA?!! GYAAA?!!!」  


Just the Dark Wyvern’s shrieks could be heard as the light faded.  

Good. It seems it lost track of us.  

I peered out from behind the rock, half of my face showing, to gaze at the tired Dark Wyvern, who was healing its wings while searching the area for us.


「It will eventually find us like this, won’t it? What is your plan gramps?」 Ain asked.

「It’s fine even if it finds us. What’s important is that we hide for the time being. It was important to get it to come here, to this wind… It doesn’t matter even if it finds us.」 I said as I downed a bottle of medicine and threw it at the Dark Wyvern.As soon as the can hit the Dark Wyvern it immediately shifted its gaze and charged at us.


However, that was exactly what I was aiming for.  

I cast Blue Wall and a wall of ice emerged from the mountain walls in front of me.




The Dark Wyvern collided head on with the wall of ice. The ice created by the Blue Wall spell was extremely tough, and breaking it with physical force was nearly impossible.  

I cast another Blue Wall to trap the now terrified Dark Wyvern, and a number of walls of ice appeared, but this time they came from the newly formed wall of ice. I ended up creating a total of six walls. The walls formed an ice prison that completely trapped the Dark Wyvern.  

The monster repeatedly slammed its body against the walls in an effort to smash them, but it was in vain. It couldn’t even move because of the ice walls that were impeding its movement.


「Well I expected as much.」


This had been my plan all along. To lure the Dark Wyvern into the rocky mountain and create numerous walls of ice in order to trap it.  

After completing my mission, I turned around and grabbed Uruk’s reins.  

Well then, let’s escape while we have the chance.



「Gramps!! Behind you!!」 Ain screamed.


When I turned around, the interior of the ice prison was bright red.  

In order to destroy the walls of ice the Dark Wyvern was casting the Red System spell Red Crash.


「Gramps, Blue Wall is weak to spells from the Red System right?! If it continues like this it will break through!! We must do something!」

「That won’t be necessary Ain.」

「What do you mean?」 Ain asked.

「Just watch. You’ll see.」 I said calmly as I urged Uruk to fly.  


Ain couldn’t stop shifting her gaze anxiously between me and the Dark Wyvern, however there was no need for her to worry.


「GYAAAAAAA!!」 The Dark Wyvern screamed as it cast Red Crash in an attempt to destroy the ice prison.


Unfortunately, the flames produced by its spells were unable to penetrate the ice walls and dispersed into nothingness.


「But why?」 Ain expressed her perplexity, as she couldn’t understand what was going on.  


The Dark Wyvern cast Red Bullet as a last-ditch effort, but it did nothing once more.




The Dark Wyvern didn’t understand what was going on as well. It tried slamming against the walls and after it realized it was pointless it tried casting spells once more.  

However, the ice walls didn’t budge at all.


「What in the world is going on?」

「That’s not a normal Blue Wall you see.」


It was true that the first Blue Wall that I cast was an ordinary Blue Wall, but the walls that were currently forming the ice prison around the Dark Wyvern were the result of a fusion spell combining Blue and White Walls.  

The White Wall’s ability to nullify spells was the ideal complement to the Blue Wall’s vulnerability to Red System spells.


「I guess I’ll call this one Stripe Wall.」


Furthermore, all of the walls were Double Stripe Walls, which increased their toughness even more.   

Despite this, casting a total of six Double Stripe Walls was no simple task. My magical power had plummeted to almost nothing.  

As we flew away I took out some recovery medication and drank it.  


「Umm…」 Milly murmured something as she moved around.  


Is she finally starting to wake up? Come to think of it, she’s the type that doesn’t wake up no matter what after she falls asleep. There’s still quite a bit until we meet up with everyone else so I guess I’ll let her sleep until we get there.  

I was thinking as I nodded her head, but then she jumped up like a kitten.  

Whoa. That scared me.  

Milly looked me in the eyes as soon as she awoke, and then she began to look around.  

She then noticed the Dark Wyvern being kept back in the distance by the ice jail.

It can’t be?! 

When I turned back to look as well I noticed that the ice prison was shaking.  

As the prison’s shape shifted, the shaking continued, sometimes sending fragments of ice flying in the area.  

Then, with a cracking sound, the ice walls split in half, revealing the Dark Wyvern from inside.


It seemed to be a little different than before. It was covered in bright red lines that ran the length of its jet-black body.  

A red liquid also dropped from its mouth.

Is that blood?


「Could it have wounded itself on purpose just so that it could enter Berserk Mode?」


Milly was pulling on my clothes as I was stunned by the scene unfolding in front of me.


「Zeph, there’s something I’d like to ask.」 She said.

「What is it Milly?」

「… Can you explain why I’m like this?」 Milly asked, her face flushed as she had her head leaning on my chest.  


She was bound up to me as we were both riding on top of Uruk.


Well I guess everyone would be shocked if they woke up to something like this. Still, now isn’t the time for me to explain it to her.


「I’ll explain once we take care of it.」

「… Okay then.」 Milly said with a slightly irritated tone.  


Our bodies were tied up with the reins so each time she moved, my body was forced to follow as well.

… It’s kind of hard to fight like this. I’m probably gonna be fine either way, but I’m worried about Milly.  

As those thoughts raced through my head, I reached for my hand to untie the reins, but Milly stopped me in my tracks.


「Zeph wait. The Dark Wyvern is behind us so it will be easier to fight it if one of us is turned towards it.」 Milly said


「I’m fine. That’s the most efficient way, right?」

「… Well you’re not wrong.」 Agreeing with her reasoning I left the reins as they were and cast Summon Servant.  


Immediately after that Divine Greatsword Ainbelle appeared in my hand.


「That monster… The Dark Wyvern still has 1,400,000 Magic Power left.」 Milly said as she checked up on the Dark Wyvern with Scout Scope.  


Well that’s a reasonable amount considering it entered its Berserk Mode. It’s not gonna be easy to take it down, but it’s not out of the question.


「GYAAAA!!」 The Dark Wyvern let out a loud road as it charged at us.

「I-Isn’t it faster than before?!」 Milly exclaimed.

「… It appears so.」


I could feel a sharp magic power coming approaching us.  

I guess running away is out of the question now. We have to fight it.


「Milly, I want to focus on attacking it. Do you think you can cancel out all of its spells?」

「… Y-Yea. Leave it to me!」 


She sounded a little unsure of herself at first, but when she looked me in the eyes, she made up her mind.  

I have my doubts, but there’s no way I’ll be able to take that thing down if I don’t concentrate entirely on attacking. Even though it’s gonna be pretty tough for Milly I have no choice but to leave this up to her.  

I discovered a number of Magic Power Recovery Medicines and a single bottle of Spirit Power Recovery Medicine while rummaging through my pack.

Well this should be enough.

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