Chapter 175 Part 1

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While I was catching my breath, I cast Scout Scope on the man.

Sherrod Aims

Level 91

Magic Level

Red: 53/82

Blue: 99/99

Green: 48/71

Sky: 60/68

Soul: 72/72

Magic Power


「Are you guys hurt anywhere?」

The Blue Heavenly Mage, Sherrod, walked towards us.

His face was expressionless as if he was wearing a mask. Perhaps because Milly was slightly terrified of that, she took a step back and hid behind me.

「Hm, I remember seeing you guys at the title match… Zeph Einstein and Milly Reyad, if my memory serves me right.」

「That said, you must be the Aqua of Aqua, of the Five Heavenly Mages, Sherrod Aims.」

「…Hmph, having the position of a Heavenly Mage is convenient for research, but I can’t help it when I stand out in pointless ways. For example, having my name known by people like you guys.」

While speaking, Sherrod pushed his glasses back again.

「I watched your title match. It’s not a simple feat to be on par with that Uro… but among the Five Heavenly Mages, Uro is the least battle-oriented. I wouldn’t get too carried away if I were you.」

「…What are you trying to say?」

「I meant it literally. With your skills, it would be unpleasant if you thought that you were on the same level as the Five Heavenly Mages just from that fight alone.」

Sherrod pushed his glasses back again.

I wonder if it’s a habit. He appears to be quite a gloomy person.

Before I could reply, Milly interrupted from behind me.

「Hey, you. Urohime-san was really strong, you know! It was a really good fight!」

「I wasn’t speaking to you. Silence. Hearing your grating voice is going to lower my intelligence, isn’t it?」

At Sherrod’s words, Milly’s face turned red as she retorted.

「Oh yeah?! I’m a guild master! I may look like this but I’m amazing!」


Sherrod pushed back his glasses while his eyes narrowed.

Faced with his cold gaze, Milly flinched a little.

Somehow, it seems like Milly has a hard time dealing with people like Sherrod.

「Wha-what is it… Why are you staring at me…」

「Indeed, you seem to have the makings of a good mage. Make sure you train hard alright, little guild master?」

「 As I said, I am a guild master!」

「…Pfft, see you.」

Sherrod ignored Milly and teleported towards Tiamat.

Seeing that she was not being taken seriously at all, Milly stomped her feet in frustration.

「What is wrong with that guy…?!」


Milly looked so amusing that I couldn’t help but chuckle.

「Ugh, not you too, Zeph! How rude!」

「Sorry, sorry.」

As I was trying to soothe the fuming Milly, a thunderous boom rang out.

A huge explosion occurred at Tiamat’s neck, where Sherrod was headed earlier.

We can’t just sit around and watch the fight forever. We should get going too.

    ◆ ◆ ◆

Four figures flew through the sky, cutting through the billowing black smoke.

「Sherrod, that idiot. He said that he would go ahead, but where did he go?」

The one who muttered was an elf girl with white hair and long ears. She is the Sky Heavenly Mage, Yera Schugel.

To be exact, she only looks like a girl from the outside, but she was actually a hundred and a few decades old.

With her many years of training, she was proficient in magic. Combined with a body that didn’t age, she has maintained her position as a Heavenly Mage for the longest time in history.



Tiamat unleashed a torrential flame from his mouth, and Yera somersaulted in the air to evade it.

Yera used Sylph Field, which gathers the wind surrounding her and greatly increases her mobility.

Its side effect was that minor movements of the enemy would be transmitted to Yera through vibrations in the air. As a result, it is near to impossible for any attack to reach Yera.

「Gahaha, they’re probably just taking a detour anyway. They should catch up with us soon.」

A man with a buzz cut guffawed from beside Yera.

The man was around his forties or fifties. However, his well-trained body showed no signs of decline due to his age.

He is the Green Heavenly Mage, Rhox Giganmeil.

「Um…mph! Alright then, the first to strike wins. Let’s make the first move…!」

He landed lightly from high in the air, and as he pranced about in a way unfitting for his large build, he swung his strong arm.

「Green Palm Strike!!」

The palm strike hit Tiamat’s right leg and in the next moment, the black scales surrounding the point of impact popped off in succession as a shock wave ran through its leg.

At the same time, a cloud of dust rose around one of Tiamat’s legs as it swayed, even though Tiamat was supposed to be sturdy like a pillar of stone.

Regardless, Tiamat did not fall.

It somehow regained its balance and tried to stomp on Rhox with its injured foot.

However, Rhox had probably completely read its movements, as he was already out of Tiamat’s attack range.

At a comfortable distance away, Rhox seemed to be impressed as he stroked his goatee.

「Ooh… I see that even my Green Palm Strike was not able to hurt you… You’re quite strong, aren’t you?」

Rhox was enjoying the battle to its fullest.

He is an active martial artist who has faced various other martial artists, knights, and even mages with his fists. In other words, he was a battle maniac.

He was greedy when it came to martial arts, and he would take the martial arts, sword arts, and magic spells from his opponents and assimilate them into his style. It was by refining his combat style that he attained the title of a Heavenly Mage, as one who has reached the peak in martial arts.

He was bold, yet halfhearted. To those around him, he often laughed and said that it was a funny thing to start off as a martial artist and end up becoming a mage.

「In that case… Consecutive Green Palm Strikes!」

He kicked off the ground and unleashed a series of blows, all of which carried the Green Bullet.

Rhox combined his independent form of martial art with his Green Magic, which multiplied the power of his attack by several times.

His technique raised the power of his magic through ritualistic movements. In fact, it was this man who refined these movements to ones suitable for combat.

While other magicians laughed at him, he had continued to refine his techniques, until he won the title of a Heavenly Mage.

「Rhox-sama, the soul-type magic is more effective against the black monsters.」

A black-haired young lady in a kimono landed softly beside Rhox.

She is the Soul Heavenly Mage, Urohime Tatsumigawa.

「Gahaha, I am lacking in skill, therefore I have never trained in any other systems of magic!」

「…You’re indeed correct. In that case, if I may be so bold, I’d like to take it from here.」

Urohime spoke quietly as she closed her eyes and focused.


Three Mushussu flew towards the defenseless Urohime to attack her.

However, the fangs of the Mushussu could not reach her before Rhox’s punches beat all of them to the ground.

「Hmph, I won’t let you.」

「You have my gratitude, Rhox-sama.」

Urohime slowly reopened her eyes, and a blinding light began to shine from her palms.

「White Prism.」

When she uttered the spell, a vortex of light appeared and swallowed up Tiamat.

That was a spell that required a long casting time and a large number of Gemstones, but it was the strongest spell in the Soul system, boasting of immense power.


To escape from the rapid stream of light, Tiamat tumbled and rolled over.

Urohime’s unique spell, Dance of the Outer World, would exhibit greater effectiveness if the time taken to cast the spell was longer.

During that time, she would be completely defenseless, which limits the opportunities where she can use the spell. However, in exchange, after the magic has been charged up to its limit, its power is immense.

White smoke rose from the black monster, but it was still going to launch a counter-attack. Tiamat raised its long neck towards Urohime and opened its massive maw as a flame welled up within it.

It aimed for Urohime, but instead of shooting the flame out towards Urohime, it exploded inside Tiamat’s mouth.


Tiamat stumbled as smoke rose from its mouth.

It tried to stand firm by putting strength into its legs, but before it could do anything, the ground beneath it exploded.


Tiamat tried to regain balance with its other leg, but again the ground exploded.

It stumbled another few steps forward, but with each step, explosions occurred consecutively.

Now completely off balance, Tiamat’s body finally fell to the ground.


Tiamat attempted to somehow get back on its feet, but any movement was cut off by a series of explosions.

No creature would be able to take further action when it was disheartened during its initial efforts.

Even if the creature was not hurt, that would still be so.

「Oh, he finally appeared.」

「That guy… As usual, he only appears at the fun part.」

Yera and Rhox fixed their gazes on a man who stood atop a tower, with his mantle fluttering in the wind.

He is the Red Heavenly Mage, Bertram Cabel.

His scarlet mantle reminded one of a blazing flame as it fluttered in the wind.

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