Chapter 21: Poseidon’s Tears


—At Lydia’s house.

「This is my house!」

When I arrived in front of Lydia’s house, it seems that she owned a flower shop.

No, when I took a good look into her shop, there was a display of axes and blunt weapons arranged on the front display with price tags on them.

「Is this a flower shop? Or is this a weapons shop? Which one is it? 」

「It’s both, because I love both flowers and weapons」

Oi Oi.

It this kind of shop really okay? Whilst I was thinking such things I entered the shop, and inside, it was actually quite flourishing.

There were customers who were seeking weapons, yet at the same time there were also customers that wanted to shop for flowers.

Weapons and Flowers, both products were of high quality, and there was a strange kind of co-existence/collaboration of the two things.

It was an unusual array of goods.

「Welcome! Welcome! 」(TL: Come on in! etc.)

Lydia let out a cheerful greeting to her customers as she entered her own shop, when I followed behind Lydia into the interior of the shop, there was one big person standing in the counter of the shop calling out to us.

「Welcome home, Lydia」

「I’m homee, Father」

His guts were protruding out of his stomach, and he was as big sideways as he was tall, I mean Lydia was also quite tall, but her father was on another level.

As expected, like father like daughter.

「Hmm? Who’s that kid? 」

「Ahh, His name is Zeph-kun. Even if he looks like this he’s actually quite the adventurer」

「It’s nice to meet you」

Her father nods slightly and begins to stare at me with a measuring look with his eagle eyes.

「…….Is it your new boyfriend? 」

「Bakaa(idiott) ! Obviously that’s not the case! 」

She stuck out her tongue〜, and held out her hands towards me alluringly.

She proceeded to grab my hands and pulled me towards the interior of the house.

Looking at the situation, the father seems to be grinning as he watched us.

We passed along a small smelting furnace and boiler, it was a workshop where steel and wooden materials were piled up.

「This is where we make our weapons/arms」

「It’s amazing, the equipment are all high quality」

「Even if you say that, it’s all the materials father has gathered over the years」

Even though I may not be well acquainted in regards to these types of things, I can see with my amateur eyes that these equipment will surely be worth a huge sum of money if they are sold.

Being able to forge the weapons himself and make a living, her father must be considerably skilled.

「By the way, I just wanted to make sure of something, Zeph-kun, you are actually a magician right? And a really strong one at that」

「……….How did you find out? I don’ think I’ve ever mentioned such a thing」

「well, it was just a feeling/hunch I had. Nothing more than a guess」

I stared at her with eyes of precaution, and she returned an innocent answer,

Hmm……She’s a really mysterious person. (I can’t get a read on her)

「Well another thing is that you seem to be letting out a peculiar aura of a really strong magician, most likely my father has also noticed it?」

Both father and child are really sharp people.

Although it was not actually possible to discern my Magical Power without using Scout Scope. A skilled adventurer may be able to “Sense” my magical power without actually possessing magical power themselves.

In other words, both Lydia and her father must be excellent adventurers.

「And the thing I wanted to talk to you about is」

She interrupted my train of thought, and continued on with her story.

Man she is a really talkative one.

「Tonight, there will be large quantities of Nippers in the cavern at the beach side. And I wanted you to come help me hunt them」

Nippers are demons who had big red shells on their backs and large scissors as pincers. (TL: seems like a crab to me 😛 bet its delicious)

It doesn’t really give a huge amount of experience points, however, sometimes this Nipper demon would drop this item called 「Poseidon’s tears」it was an expensive jewel which were often traded for a high price.

Normally these demons were not something that frequently appeared in large numbers, but it would seem that some of their eggs had been washed into the sea shore by the tides and a large number of them began to appear and search for food, naturally the dungeon was a suitable location as it possessed plenty of magical power to sustain them, over the years it would seem that an outbreak of these creatures are appearing in the dungeon as a result.

「There is a limit to the amount I can hunt if I go by myself, and I thought that with a powerful magician like Zeph-kun accompanying me we can go DONN! And get them all in one go! 」

「I suppose, Nipper hunting is certainly profitable. And with such a large quantity appearing, it would be even more profitable. However, won’t there be a lot of other adventurers trying to get a share of the loot? If there is truly that many Nippers to eliminate, a wide ranged magic spell would need to be used, if there are many people in the surroundings I won’t be able to cast such a wide range magic without causing a disruption」

If we defeat demons we will be able to obtain items, but, if other adventures are fighting those monsters and they have dealt a huge amount of damage to the monsters, the person dealing the most amount of damage will automatically obtain the rights to the items dropped and experience points gained.

Items can just be transferred or traded if necessary, but experience cannot be shared.

Because of this it will be troublesome, the magician society/association also forbids such an act of potentially kill stealing monsters and such actions are prohibited by the law.

The only exception is in regards to boss monsters, joint cooperation when taking down such a foe is endorsed as the risk will be too high to take on the monster individually.

Because of this, people tend to dislike mages who have a wide range area of attack spell.

「In regards to this matter, it will be alright. There is a secret location which nobody knows about」

「Is that so?」

「I used to play around in that cave since I was a kid, so I even know some of the secret passages. Ah, but you can’t tell anyone else about this okay? 」

「I know. How do we plan to divide the earnings? 」

「Would you be happy with half-half? I’m also the one guiding us through the cave after all」

「Naturally, I don’t mind」

If I were to go by myself, I wouldn’t know the way, furthermore there was a limit to the amount of items I could carry in my pouch/bag, this alternative was a really good deal for me.

「If we need to meet tonight, then I will have to make preparations immediately. I still have to set up my stall as well. Will it be alright if I come over again later at night? 」

「Ah– that’s fine. Zeph-kun if you want, I can allow you to sell your items at my shop, what do you think? 」

「You really mean it? That would really save me a lot of trouble」

If I were to compare between setting my own stall or a shop, the chances my item will sell in her shop is much higher. There were plenty of customers who were seeking weapons, and there was also a line of clients that was looking for accessories.

「In terms of the fee……What do you think of this? 」

「…….Isn’t that a little cheap? 」

「If it’s too expensive it probably won’t sell. Besides it’s not an accessory that is that high in demand, I think I have to adjust the price to be a little bit below market price」

「Muu, Alright then, I will leave it up to you」

After all Lydia is a pro in terms of business/sales.

As expected it would be better if I listened to her advice in these matters.

It’s more efficient this way.

「Alright, after I’ve eaten supper I will come back to see you again」

「If it gets too late, there won’t be any more trains to catch, how about you eat dinner at our place tonight? That’s if you have no other arrangements? 」(TL: they use trains? I thought he can teleport…)

「Muu, I suppose if you will have me then…..」

「Ok〜! Then, let’s do this! 」

And with that, it was decided that I was going to eat my dinner at Lydia’s home tonight.

Lydia was wearing an apron as she wielded a cooking knife.

Ton ton (chop chop), there was a rhythmical sound of chopping mixed with the beautiful humming tune of Lydia’s voice, it created a comfortable musical atmosphere out of the kitchen.

I actually used teleport to return home for a short while to tell mother that I would be coming home late tonight.

At that time, mother told me that Milly had come over to my house and searched for me several times during the day.

I wonder if I did something bad? I will apologize to her later……

「Thanks for the wait〜!」

Lydia brought out a hot pot stew whilst still wearing her apron.

Because the clothes she was wearing was really short, from my perspective it was as if she was naked except for wearing her apron.

………Honestly, I didn’t know where to put my gaze.

「Fufufu, How is it? Zeph-kun, my daughter Lydia, has a really good figure right? 」

「Father! Haven’t I told you time and time again to stop saying those kind of vulgar things? 」

Whilst her father was just grinning/laughing, she poured a bit of the hot nabe unto her father’s head.


Her father’s head started to have some bald scorches and smoke was coming out of his head.

So, cr, cruel…….

「Ah, Sorryy〜. My hand slipped a little♪」

「Grrrr Lydia……I’ve been lenient to you because you are my cute daughter, but that all ends today……」

Her father stands up, and Lydia also puts the hot pot on top of the table and takes a stance.

Both of them were completely still as they stared at each other.

The moment I placed the teacup on the table.

Both of them threw out their fists and grazed each other’s cheeks.

……..their fists were so fast I couldn’t see it at all.

They were able to dodge each other’s attacks at such a close distance.

「That’s not a bad strike. Lydia」

「When a customer is here, could you stop making those kinds of sexual harassment remarks」

「Hou…..Are you saying that when there is no customers I can say anything I like? 」

「Obviously You CANTT—-!」

………..And then the two people parted from the table and a terrific scuffle ensued.

It was at a level that people would pay for…….

If this was how she was brought up since she was little, it’s no wonder she’s so strong.

My hunt with Lydia.

It seems that she will be indescribably reliable.



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