Chapter 23: Nippers

For the time being, let’s kill/defeat them one at a time.

As long as I don’t begin attacking them first, they won’t voluntarily aggro me for no reason.

If I am able to kill them in one blow, then it will be possible to defeat them without even letting them counter attack.

I chanted/casted Scout Scope on the Nippers.


Level 12

Magical Value: 820/820

Its magical value is higher than mine, what a cheeky/audacious thing.

By the way, Zombies have around 560 Magical Value and are below me.

For the time being, should we try and attack it?

A Nipper approaches, I casted Black Crash on it.

A black whirlwind propels out of my hand and rips the nipper’s body asunder, it was completely annihilated.

In one blow?

Black Crash is a second grade magical spell, so it uses up a lot of magical energy.

If possible I would like to use a magical spell that is of a lower grade to preserve some energy.

(Maybe I will try Black Shot?)

——-Black Shot is one of the elementary forms of Sky elemental magic.

It’s the improved version of Black Ball, the special characteristic of Black Shot is that it holds more power.

Of course the amount of magic consumption is also increased as a result.

I took my aim at the other Nippers, and fired of Black Shot.

Magical energy converges and forms the shape of a bullet, I fire the spell and it sinks into the Nipper and blows it away, however, it’s fighting spirit is still quite strong and the Nipper comes towards me in order to counter attack.

Nevertheless, the Nipper can’t even get close enough to attack me, before I fire a second Black Shot and crush it.

Using two Black Shot’s takes less magical consumption than casting a single Black Crash, However, as expected it is more efficient to defeat the Nipper in a single blow.

Ahh that’s right, I just have to use Magic Amplification and it will be sufficiently good.

If I amplify the effects of Black Shot by twice the power, it should be able to kill the Nipper in one blow.

I casted/invoked Magic Amplification, and searched for more Nippers.

I walked for a little, and used Black Shot on the first Nipper I found.

It satisfactorily destroys the Nipper in one shot.

After the Nipper disappears, there was a bright flash of light.

When I ran up towards it in a hurry, there was a blue jewel.

It was Poseidon’s Tears.

「For it to appear this quickly, I guess it must be a good omen」

Poseidon’s Tears was put in the bag, and the hunting was restarted.

They said that the Nippers were going to come out in large quantities, should I prepare a large area of effect magical spell?

Most likely the large area of effect spell cannot be used in this location.

In that case I should go with a middle area of effect spell?

I invoked Magical Amplification, and searched for more Nippers to hunt.

There it is.

「Black Storm!」

A small tornado tears up the Nipper………………However it didn’t die in one hit and it charged straight at me.

I fall back slightly, whilst I casted Scout Scope.


Level 12

Magical Value: 400/820 (TL: This is basically a monsters health points)

So there’s around half left……

I could invoke Time Square and cast four consecutive Black Storms to defeat them in one blow (TL: I’m not sure about his math’s, shouldn’t this be two times? if one Black Storm took half hp lol~), However using Time square would deplete almost all of my magical reserves.

Therefore I will leave this a last resort.

I casted Black Shot on the Nipper that came out to chase me and defeated it.

Because I used too much magical energy I decided to meditate a little.

My spirit is concentrated and I could hear the various sounds of rustling as the Nippers were crawling in the sea.

カサカサ……ざざぁん……。(Kasa = Rustle, Rustle and Zazan= SFX for calm waves of water)

カサカサカサ……ざざぁ……。 (Even more Kasa Kasa and Zaza)


When I looked around, suddenly there was a huge influx of Nippers roaming about.

To think that moments ago I had to walk around in search for them. Now I don’t have to walk anymore.

10……No, there’s probably more than 20 of them right here.

Is this what Lydia was talking about when she referred to an “outbreak”?

「This is……Amazing……」

Woops! This won’t do.

I must hunt them, Hunt!

I hunted them one by one by casting the amplified Black Shot.

Black Shot

Black Shot

Ohh, Poseidon’s Tears Get!

The Magical consumption of Black shot is really efficient, so I didn’t need to stop to meditate and I could continue this fast tempo of hunting.

I was deeply engrossed as I continued to hunt them down, but it would seem that instead of decreasing, the numbers were continuing to increase.

As far as my eyes could reach, the view was covered with Nippers.

If I could just use large scale/area of effect magic, I could round them up in one go………

No, it’s better to knock them out in one go otherwise, they may all come rushing at me. Nippers don’t aggressively attack those that don’t provoke them, it should be safe.

Hmm should I give it a go?

After using Time Square I simultaneous invoke Magic Amplification.

I used a little bit of time to recover all my magic by meditating, and then I started to cast Black Storm.

With Black Storm that is strengthened to four times the strength, the Nippers were totally ripped asunder and cut and crushed, whilst their carapaces were completely splintered/shattered.

All the nippers in my field of view blew up, and a huge amount of the Poseidon’s Tears began to drop down.

All of my magical energy dissipates in a dash.

I predicted that after using these spells, my magical Energy has depleted to not more than two digits perhaps.

Whilst meditating, I picked up the various Poi Tears and placed them in the pouch. (TL: I’m just going to shorten Poseidon’s Tears to Poi Tears, too long to type…)

My steps were a little unsteady as I continued to pick up the Poi Tears.

Suddenly I noticed that I stepped on something black.

Is this my shadow?

Immediately after that, there was a sound of a high pitched wind going off.

(…………Oh Crap!)

In that moment, I immediately reacted and dashed/ran forwards.

When I turned around whilst running, a red mass could be seen falling from the sky.


ZuZun! A thunderous roar accompanied by a cloud of dust flew up.

The earth tremors and quakes and the air shakes, the gigantic figure erects itself slowly.

Big pincers that looked much like scissors and a deep crimson shell with plenty of spikes covering it.

It was a gigantic figure and when it moved even a little, the shell and the scissors/pincers would reflect a gleaming/ghastly light.

「It’s a King Nipper–……?!」

It was the Beach Cavern Boss, King Nipper.

No, strictly speaking the King Nipper wasn’t a boss type monster.

The magic that composed this guy, was naturally considerably higher than the other demons, However if you were to compare it to a boss monster, it would actually be relatively low.

Its strength was in the middle of a usual monster and a boss monster.

Perhaps I should call it a middle boss?

The reason behind the “Large out break” of Nippers that Lydia talked about, was probably due to this King Nipper laying its eggs within the cave.

Most likely when I used the Black Storm casted at four times the efficiency, I must of hit the King Nipper which was lying dormant in the cave and made it become angry/aggro.

Although in terms of its strength it is in no way inferior the boss monster King of Death, its movements were slow/dull and if I were to shoot at it whilst running away, the King Nipper would become a harmless like existence that was a good-for-nothing dummy target for my spells.

———-However, that is only the case if I was in a wide spaced area…

In this small space, the smallest approach from the King Nipper would suffocate me as if the space around me became even narrower.

This is really bad……….

For the time being, let’s try to gain some distance, as I continue to meditate.

I can’t let my escape route be blocked.

I prepared myself in case of a surprise attack, and as a habit I applied “Safe Protection” on myself. (TL: I think this is the name of the spell that deflected the King of Death’s attack and reduced incoming damage by 90 %)

If I have this, I probably won’t die in a single hit, right?

The King Nippers raises its pincers overhead.

It’s moving in a huge motion.

This attack, even if you were an idiot you could avoid it.

(That’s if I wasn’t in such a narrow space)

The large pincers came crashing down towards me, I ducked low and ran a short distance away from it. The place where I just stood moments ago was completed blown away from the impact and a large roaring after effect of the ground being crushed resounded.


The broken fragments of the ground splinters with a pitter-patter as it hits me.

Avoiding it’s pincers in such a narrow space is really difficult.

Naturally, fighting it head on and defeating it is impossible.

I need to get away from it, and even if I need to teleport into the hole I came from to hide, that may be the best option I have right now.

If I were to go that far, it will be unlikely that it will pursue me right?

I slowly walk towards the opposite direction from the hole I came from.

The King Nipper followed me closely and sometimes it smashed it’s pincers towards me.

Scary, Scary.

I move slowly so that The King Nipper would follow me and I repeated this process, some way or another I managed to successfully lure him away from the hole I came from.

「Geez you’ve given me so much trouble……..But now I must bid you farewell」

I invoked Teleport and I flew to the hole I came from.

I was now on the opposite side of the King Nipper.

Before this slow fellow is able to turn around and catch up to me, I am sure I can crawl out to safety in time.

Now I just have to make up a story that I ran away from the King Nipper after it had appeared to Lydia.

Besides, I’ve gotten quite a few of these Poi Tears.

Before that fellow notices I’m going to go through this hole.

I squatted down and when I tried to shove my head into the hole quickly, Gochin! I crashed into something.


It was Lydia.

When I peeked through the small hole I could see Lydia’s face and her squeezed/crushed breasts.

Or more like, that was all I could see.

With such a body figure, how the heck did she even manage to get this far?

「Yo-heave……ho」(Lydia squeezing out)

Lydia bent and twisted her body back and forth like a snail/snake/worm and she wriggled out of the hole.

「Fuu〜. I’ve somehow managed to pass〜」

Pon (Pat Pat) she brushed off her knees, and as she stood up, it was apparent that Lydia was definitely bigger than me.

「……..Are you some kind of Mollusks or something? 」

「How rude of you! Or more like what happened to me? It seems that I fainted? 」

「Ah, Ahh……………You suddenly fainted on me. Thus, I laid you down on the side of a rock」

「…….Hmm, Is that so? In that case Thanks!!」

Doesn’t she doubt me in the slightest? …

Unexpectedly she seems to be quite the naive girl.


The King Nipper finally turned around and faced our direction.

Ugh, darn it…

「Ohh, isn’t that a King Nipper? So it came out I see, isn’t it hard to fight it in such a narrow space like this? 」

Ahahaha, Lydia was laughing even though she saw a gigantic King Nipper coming towards us. (TL: LOL Lydia is cute~ so carefree…)

It was almost as if she had experience fighting such a thing.

「…….Have you ever fought one before? 」

「I have, though I have never won against it before」

That is to be expected.

The King Nipper has a shell/carapace that has a dreadful/tremendous amount of defense attached to it, it was the one thing it could be proud of.

Using normal physical attacks in order to harm it is theoretically impossible.

「But this time I have Zeph-kun who is a magician, so I think we can beat it…..!」

It would seem that she was fired up.

It is true that if we make use of Lydia’s nimble body, she should be able to handle the dull movements of a slow King Nipper, and it would be easy for her to become my vanguard….. However…

「Let’s do this!」

「F, Finee……」

I was made to give in to Lydia again…

It would seem that I am inadvertently being influenced by Lydia’s pace once again……


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