Chapter 24: King Nipper


「Alright, It’s decided then…..」

After deciding what to do, Lydia takes out a huge axe out of her bag.

It had a long handle and a large blade attached to its head, it was a Battle Axe. It seemed to be really heavy but, Lydia was swinging it like it was some kind of toy….!

「……Let’s do this! 」

Lydia kicks off the ground and begins to attack the King Nipper, she easily slips through the Pincers that were launched at her and she closes the gap between them instantaneously.

—-So fast!

However, she’s getting way too close to it.

When there was some distance between you and a King Nipper the only thing it could do was slam down its pincers, however, when you got close enough to it, the King Nipper boasts a variety of different attack patterns.

When Lydia approaches it, bubbles start foaming from its mouth. (Sfx: buku buku, bubble bubble)

「Lydia! It’s about to spit foam at you! 」

As soon as I gave her a warning, the King Nipper unleashes its bubbles.

The adhesiveness of this bubble is extraordinarily high, and if you get hit by it you won’t be able to move properly.

Lydia realizes that the bubble scatters in a wide area, so she thrust her huge axe into the ground and uses it as a pivot in order to perform a backward somersault.

Lydia falls off balance as she lands and the Pincers immediately come crashing down towards her. However, Lydia uses her huge long axe to deflect the pincers, and using the spinning momentum she makes a full rotation to avoid a direct hit.

She avoids it.

She avoids it.

She avoids it.

Moreover in a very flashy way.

She was toying with it perfectly.

When she previously mentioned that this place was her playground, don’ tell me she meant playing like this right?

In terms of Lydia’s style in wielding the axe, she placed emphasis on her technique in manipulating the axe more so than just brute strength.

Utilizing the tip of the heavy axe dexterously, The King Nipper is being led around by the nose with her mysterious movements.

It was similar to the kind of movement I saw in my previous life, the movement of a dancer who used a pole to support her movement. (TL: Pole dancing??)

Woops! This isn’t the time to be enjoying the view.

My magical energy has completely recovered.

「Spirits of the earth, become the body of armor that provides protection!」

「Safe Protection」

I provided Lydia with an earth defensive spell.

It would seem from the way she was avoiding the pincers that she would be totally fine, but I did it as a precaution.

Lydia turns to face me and waves a “Thank kyu〜”.

Immediately after, The King Nipper strikes its Pincers, and her ponytail shakes/sways from the wind pressure.

………Just now, It feels like she was able to dodge that attack without even looking, it must be just my imagination right?

I invoked Scout Scope on the King Nipper.

King Nipper

Level 58

Magical Value: 65824/65824

Its magical value is quite high isn’t it?

The fact that it’s high is not the problem, but, the problem is that I cannot use my most powerful red magic spell “Red Zero” amplified by four times, as it will have little to no effect on a blue element monster.

The high magical cost of the ability is also really inefficient.

That would mean the remaining spells are…..

Well I suppose I should try it out.

I invoked Magic Amplification as I got closer.

「Black Crash」

A whirlwind shaves off a small portion of the King Nippers hardened shell, and I immediately backed off at the same time.

The King Nipper who suffered some damage for the first time glared at me menacingly, Lydia instantly responded by assaulting and harassing the King Nipper in order to attract it’s attention.

Lydia that girl, she’s actually pretty good in being able to read the situation, she is seemingly accustomed to these kinds of battles.

I casted Scout Scope on it once again.

King Nipper

Magical Value: 63458/65824

I did about 2000 damage?

By the way, casting a black crash that was amplified by two times consumes 1/3 of my magical reserves.

That would mean I need to blast it 32 more times………It’s impossible.

In that case, should I use the ability I experimented with before I came to Beruta?

During the time I consider my options, obviously I was also meditating.

By the way, being able to think clearly or even converse whilst meditating is an extremely difficult thing to achieve, for someone like Milly this would not yet be possible.

Well, I suppose I’ve recovered enough magical energy, Should I give it a go for the time being?

「Invoke Time Square!」

At the same time as my invocation Time Stops, I then cast both Red Crash and Black Crash simultaneously.

I release the time stop, and two forms of powerful magic manifests at the same time.

A strong spiral of an explosive flame is mixed with a gust of whirlwind, it struck one of the foot of the King Nipper and smashed it into a pulpy mess.

Zuzun……The King Nipper’s balance is destroyed along with its foot.

「Uwaaa(Wow) Amazing……」

Lydia was doing a hand stand on the Axe, and a voice of admiration slips from her, as she easily avoids the bubbles of the King Nipper.

Right now, her face was completely looking in my direction.

Oi, look behind you, behind…

When I chant Time Square and then combine it with any sort of magical spell, it will definitely increase the power of the spell, however, if I combine Time Square with two spells from two different magical schools, the results are tremendous and a new form of magic can be created.

「…….For the time being, allow me to name this spell Pyro Crash」

However, it consumes a huge amount of magic in one go.

Invoking two different magic school simultaneously whilst using Time Square is truly exhausting/severe.

Before I meditated I casted Scout Scope on the King Nipper again.

King Nipper

Magical Value: 55287/65824

I dealt about 8000 damages, this is actually pretty good.

I thought that the amount of damage would be reduced because I combined it with fire magic, but it turns out that is not the case.

There plenty of cases in which the peculiar characteristics are mixed together to create various new systems, and in history there have been a lot of instances whereby these systems don’t really belong to any specific element in particular.

It is that perhaps the spell I just created also follows this logic?

Anyways, I begin to meditate.

Meanwhile I am keeping a close eye on Lydia’s battle but, as per usual the King Nipper doesn’t seem to be able to land a single hit on her.


Buon! (Boom!)


Dogo!! (Dong!)

「Do you have Magic Recovery Medicine〜?」

Bogo! (Bang!)

She even has room to worry about me?!

When I nod, Lydia jumps backwards and around 20 magic recovery pellets/medicines are taken out from her bag.

「This, I will take it out of your tab kay〜」

「I understand」

As expected of a merchant, she’s so stingy even in a place like this.

I swallowed several numbers of recovery medicines.

Alright, I have recovered all my magical energy.

I got close to it as I casted Time Square.

And I invoke Red Crash and Black Crash simultaneously.

「Pyro Crash」

Pyro Crash completely destroys another one of the King Nippers Leg again.

What a terrifying power.

No matter how I see it, it feels as if the amount of damage it deals is way above the actual number it displays.

Just 47000 more to go.

I swallowed some more Magical Recovery pellets.

……..We repeated the same thing several times, until we defeated the King Nipper.

It took us a long time.

I could also feel that I had leveled up.

「It was a really tough monster wasn’t it〜」

Lydia seems to be really tired as expected.

She was panting heavily, and her clothes were fully drenched in her sweat, her white shirt became transparent and revealed her flesh-colored skin.

「But as I would expect magic is really an amazing thing〜 Even when I hit the King Nipper with my full power, it didn’t take any damage at all」

「King nipper’s have very high tolerance to physical attacks, and low resistance to magical attacks. And the fact that I was able to concentrate on attacking was all thanks to Lydia being able to distract it and obtain its aggro. Your movements were truly amazing」

「Oh, stop it you〜 you are making me feel embarrassed〜 I wasn’t that amazing……..If compared to my father, this kind of thing would be a cinch for him! 」

Is she trying to be modest, or trying to boast?

Or more like, her father is even more terrifying than her?

「Alright, well then shall we resume out hunt for Nippers again?」

Even though she had been at it for so long, she actually wanted to continue hunting?

What frightening physical strength.

I suppose this is what you would call an indomitable Commercial Spirit?


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