Chapter 25: Bath

After that, I hunted all the nippers left in the area, and then returned to Lydia’s house.

There was a variety of King Nippers in the Beach Cavern and their revival time is really disconnected.

King nippers usually disappear from the cave after laying all its eggs, and it takes about one full year to revive itself.

「Even so, were weren’t really able to get that many. Poseidon’s Tears」

「Well that’s because we had to defeat a King Nipper along the way」

In the end, we only managed to obtain around 10 Poseidon’s Tears.

All together it’s worth around 10,000 rupi.

Lydia seems to be unsatisfied with our haul, but it’s actually quite a big profit.

If we halve it, both of us would get 5,000 rupi.

「Then shall we go cash in? Before that though, I want 12,500 rupi」

Whilst saying such a thing she stretches out an empty hand towards me.


「The total of the Poseidon’s Tears is 10,000 rupi for 10 of them. You used 35 of my magical recovery pellets that comes to – 35,000 rupi. In other words 35,000 – 10,000 is equal to 25,000 rupi, we then divide the cost equally to get -12,500 per person」

Ah, I get it.

「No, the thing is I don’t have any cash at hand…..Would it be alright if we waited for the item I entrusted to you in the shop to sell before I pay you? 」

「Of course. Although this time around it’s been a shame that we ended losing money, let’s go hunting together again some other time, alright? 」

Oh yeah, incidentally Milly is trying to make the strongest guild, and is currently looking for strong companions.

How about I try to invite Lydia in the guild?

I have no qualms with her level of proficiency as a war potential, moreover she has a shop and I could really use the selling connection.

I almost forgot to do this, but I invoked Scout Scope unto Lydia.

Lydia  Randeia

Level 11

「Red」Magic Value 0, Magical Limit 0

「Blue」Magic Value 0, Magical Limit 0

「Green」Magic Value 0, Magical Limit 0

「Sky」Magic Value 0, Magical Limit 0

「Soul」Magic Value 0, Magical Limit 0

Magic Value 0

Yeah, I suppose if a human being doesn’t have any magical power it would look like this.

She’s level 11…..

Indeed, her fighting sense, and her evasion sense have no relationship to her level, therefore, even though her level is low, it is hiding her true potential. There are a lot of strong people out there among the low-leveled.

However I never expected her level to be even lower than mine….

I was surprised by the fact that a girl of such a level was able to run about and fight a mid-boss level monster without any fears.

By all means, I want her in the guild.

Whilst thinking such things I was staring at her face and she noticed it.

「Is there something on my face?」

「No, It’s just that I’m looking for comrades」

—I just let it slip out.

When hunting, if there was someone to fill a vanguard position like Lydia, as a backline magic caster I would feel much safer.

It was already proven when we fought that King Nipper. Thanks to Lydia’s maneuvering and control of aggro, we were able to take down the monster in such a cramped location.

Of course it is Milly’s guild so the one that will get the last call is her, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind it if I invited Lydia.

「You are scouting me? Yeah I’m really happy to be invited but I already have a shop to tend to…..Do you think it will be alright if I think things over first? 」

「Certainly. I will probably drop by when my item sells, at that time you can give me your answer. I also need to get permission from the leader」

「Ahhaha, You should’ve invited me after you got permission. The other party, may not even be satisfied with my capabilities」

Her fighting power is without any faults, she is also really good with money, plus she was able to take care of a child like me.

There was no chance that Milly wouldn’t be satisfied with Lydia.

「Well, I think it should be fine. It’s basically a free guild so we have a huge amount of freedom in being able to do what we like, I think it won’t be a bad deal for you to join」

「I understand. I will look at it with a positive outlook. The next time we meet will probably be during the time your item is sold. By that time, Zeph-kun should speak to the leader-san, we can decide it then」

She’s quite a careful person.

As expected of a merchant.

This is probably the natural procedure for a normal person as well.

It’s because I just recklessly invited her without first asking for permission.

I kind of just let whatever came to my mind slip out.

「Fuuaa…(Exhales) 」

「Ahhaha, what a big yawn. You must be tired ne〜」

As she spoke, she also looked really sleepy.

Whilst she was laughing her eye’s seemed to flutter a little.

It’s already midnight after all.

「Well then, it’s already so late, I will also head home」

「Eh? You are planning on travelling all the way to Nanami Town right now? It’s really dangerous at night, you shouldn’t go」

「I have the Teleport ability, it should be fine」

「It’s pitch black out here, besides you won’t be able to see the monsters clearly if they attack, As I thought I can’t let you go. Just come over and stay at my place」

「No, I mean that is a little….」

「It’s fine , It’s finee! Just come and stay over! Don’t mind the small details! Kay just follow mee 〜」

She pushed on my back forcefully, and I was taken inside Lydia’s home.

Well I suppose it’s true that teleporting in the dark like this can be a little bit dangerous…..

I couldn’t really argue against her sound logic.

「You were sweating a lot, would you like to take a bath ?」

「…….Please allow me to do so」

Even if I declined, she would probably force me, right?

I think I will just obediently accept her suggestion.

The bath in Lydia’s house had a flagstone floor, and there was a tub where you needed to pour in the hot water.

A bath is filling the tub with water that is heated up using magic, and then soaking one’s body inside the water to wash of the dirt.

It was lukewarm water but it was a good enough temperature.

Lydia’s father must have heated it up as soon as she got home.

I sink my body into the small tub.

「Fuahaa〜……..How refreshing….」

It feels as if all the exhaustion from my body is being washed/melted away with the hot water.

This thing known as a bath was once spread when a certain person from a foreign country introduced it to this country, it was a brilliant invention.

「Is the water temperature good enough〜?」

「It, it’s fine. There is no problem」

I was suddenly talked to so I was a little bit surprised. If I thought about it, I suppose I was in Lydia’s house right now. Lydia also sweated quite a lot. She probably wanted to enter the bath soon, its better if I got out quickly.

Just as I got out from the bathtub, the door of the changing room is opened.

「I’m sorry, I ended up using the bath before you did」

「Oh? Already getting out? 」

Right in front of me, was Lydia standing with her upper body completely exposed.

Her ponytail is let down, and her long hair sticks to her curvaceous body.  It was so close before I could see her most important parts, but that was not the issue here.

「I was thinking of going to the bath together, but I guess you are going to escape?」

Ahahaha, Lydia laughed.

I was completely petrified.

Even though I was petrified, I couldn’t take my eyes of Lydia.

「Well Then, I’m going to enter〜」

After saying so, she also took off her undergarments and she enters the bathroom.

If I thought about it, my externals look like a kid, so the fact that she was entering into the bathroom to have a bath together, may not really be a joke after all.

Tsk, what a regrettable thing.

Afterwards, I borrowed the big sofa from the reception room, and then I went to sleep in it.

Lydia invited me to sleep together with her, but I suppose going that far would be dangerous, so I declined with all my willpower.

If I was confronted with such a figure once again, I don’t have the confidence to keep my reason.

However I am really tired…..

It seems that since I am in a child’s body I have been really sleepy whenever it gets too late at night. It was not really unusual for me to be training or hunting till late in the night.

And usually after such a training session is would become easy for me to fall asleep. However, because I saw Lydia’s naked figure a little while ago, my brain was bedazzled and I couldn’t really fall asleep.

But for me to become so effected just by seeing a naked lass/girl……It seems that my spirit is being effected by the child’s pubescent body.

Even though I could no longer see her with my eyes, my body is still going crazy/malfunctioning.

Damn you Lydia! (Web Novel Illustration: Zeph’s Imagination gone Wild)


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