Chapter 29: Attributes


「I’ve done it! What do you think about this? 」

Milly obviously wasn’t cut out to draw the guild emblem, Claude couldn’t stand it any longer and she volunteered to draw up designs for the emblem.

The completed product was a picture of a woman hunter placing an arrow on her bow. Claude was able to fix the picture that Milly drew, which previously looked like some sort of earthworm was wriggling across the page forming a mysterious magic formation.

The huntress somehow resembled Milly a little, I feel the overflowing sense of respect coming from Milly.

「Waa, Claude you are really good!」

「What a girlish thing to be good at」

「Like I said I am a girl!」

「Yeah♪ It’s really cute and cool! Let’s go with this! 」

Milly seems quite taken with the picture.

As for me I didn’t really care what the picture was so there is no problem with me.

Claude seems really happy to be praised by Milly.

From the picture on the emblem I also felt that Claude drew Milly with a lot of respect.

「Claude, you really think quite highly of Milly, don’t you?」

「Isn’t it natural? After all, she is my war angel! 」

She faces me and beams with a dazzling smile.

What a high level pretty boy smile she gave me.

She’s still not as handsome as me though.

For someone like Claude who seems to adore Milly so much, just what on earth could of happened?

Milly took a liking to Claude, and I also feel the same way about Claude.

To begin with as long as I am with Milly, perhaps I can prevent the events from ever happening.

Let’s just try to think about things more positively.

「Excuse me……..Zeph-kun is there something wrong? You are staring at me…..」

「I was just thinking about how you were a really handsome youth (Bishounen)」

「Like I keep telling you, I am a woman!」

Whilst Claude was giving me a retort, I quickly grabbed the last cookie for myself.

—-Forest of Kobolds

In conjunction with it being Claude’s welcoming party and in order to help out with digesting our meal we decided to go to the hunting ground that Milly discovered.

The person who invited them was me.

The reason is when I used Scout Scope on Claude a little while ago, she had an inherent magical ability “Screen Point” and I wanted to ascertain what this skill actually does.

When a magician runs into a spell that he/she does not know, it is in their nature to want to examine that ability.

However, it was not like she was going to use the ability so readily.

An inherent ability is something that you would usually hide from others, and when confirming that Claude actually possesses the inherent skill, it will be difficult to conceal the existence of Scout scope if I just ask her directly about it.

That’s why, instead of asking about it by mentioning its name specifically , I tried a more casual approach.

Without avoiding the topic, I just casually asked Claude.

「Claude, what types of magic can you use?」

Claude has a change in her expression.

………I might have been a little to straightforward in asking her.

「How foolish of you〜 even if you don’t ask her personally, that kind of thing you can just use Scou……..Muguuu!?」

You’re the foolish one.

I closed Milly’s mouth, and started talking to her via the guild messaging system.

(Didn’t I tell you that Scout Scope is a secret between us?!)

(Ah, that’s right. Sorry, sorry)

As I expected Milly is really loose lipped, geez.

(Try looking at Claude using Scout Scope. Amongst the various magical spell she knows, there is a strange one called “Screen Point” isn’t there? Don’t you want to know what kind of magical spell it is?)

(Ah……I see, I didn’t expect to be able to use Scout Scope in such a manner……I want to see it!)

Both Milly and I floated wicked smiles on our faces and Claude looked at us with a puzzled expression.

「The Magical Spells I can use…..Is it? I can only use elementary forms of magic」

Here comes her excuses…

It would seem that she has no intention of telling me.

Well, it’s not like I planned to reveal everything about myself to Claude either, so we are in the same boat in that respect.

「If you really want to make me say it in more detail, wouldn’t it be fine if Zeph-kun used the favor you obtained from winning our duel?」

Oh that’s right, the defeated person in the duel had to listen to one request from the winning no matter what it was, I had almost forgotten.

「……….No, it’s fine. I’m going to use that favor in a different setting sometime later」

「How scary」

Claude shrugged her shoulders and looked at me with fearless eyes.

「…….You wouldn’t happen to think of using it for something perverted right?……」

I totally ignored Milly’s question and began moving forwards.

I walked in a rapid pace and Milly was trotting along behind us.

After walking a little while longer, we ran into a gigantic tree, there was no other trees in the surroundings, it was an open space.

「This is the place that Claude was attacked in」

「Pl, please don’t say it, Milly-san……」

Kobolds have a strong sense of group awareness amongst each other, if they see one of their own attacking a lone person, they will start to gang up on that person.

Although Claude’s physical attributes are relatively high, her Magical abilities are quite weak and her level is also low.

Although it would have been easier for her to take care of 1 or 2 Kobolds, it would have taken time to defeat them and she must have gotten herself surrounded.

In terms of a Kobolds personality, they are only able to see what is in front of them.

Whilst I was thinking about such things a Kobold appeared in front of us.

It had a blue mane and it seemed like half a person half beast, in its hand it held out a club.

For now let’s invoke Scout Scope.



Magical Value 2420/2420

The demon known as Kobold is a simple brute type monster.

Their attributes stats has quite a disparity between each Kobold, therefore it is not possible to just use a large scale magic to attack them with a single attribute.

Although the reason is unclear, it seems that each Kobold’s attributes are different according to what weapon they are holding.

Perhaps, it is because their affinity with the attributes differ, but each Kobold has difference preferences for what weapon they like to use.

Kobold’s that carry a club are of the red attribute.

Using either Red type or Blue type magic will not really have much of an effect on it.

「Blue Gale!」

Whilst I was still in the middle of thinking, Milly had already casted a Large Blue Magical spell and fired it off.

Oi Oi, there is only one of them, and moreover she is completely disregarding the theory of attribute incompatibility.

The Kobold was hit by a huge gust of wind, and even if I said that the effect would be lessened, Milly was using a Large Scale Magic, so it seems that there is a considerable effect on the Kobold.

「Green Sphere!」

A green ball of light floats rapidly towards the Kobold, and at the time the spell hit, the Kobold was minced and grinded to bits.

After travelling the standard amount of distance the green ball of light disappeared on its own.

—–It was the middle grade spell from the Green Magical system, Green Sphere.

One of the special unusual characteristics of the Green System is the fact that it can actually attack from a long distance.

Green Sphere is only able to float when it travels so it is quite easy to avoid the spell, but it boasts of a considerably high amount of power for a middle grade spell.

In a narrow space or when you have been able to immobilize the enemy using a spell like Green Wall for instance, this would be the ideal time to use the spell.

「We win~♪」

Milly was innocently delighted to have defeated the Kobold, yet I was feeling a little anxious.

「Milly don’t tell me that you don’t know a thing about demonic attributes?」

「Hm? I know a little bit about it. But I don’t really remember all of it」

I sighed as I looked at Milly in marvel.

As I expected of Milly? Or what should I say?

The one thing that a Magician absolutely needs to know about is in regards to attribute compatibility.

Almost every single demon out in this world, possesses their own attributes, and depending on what type of magic is used against them, a great difference in effectiveness will take place.

These principles were driven into me by my Master.

On top of not having that many spells in her repertoire, she is just using the fact that she has high latent abilities to make up for it, and she uses that high spec to win her fights.

Milly’s way of fighting is really crude.

If it was just same trashy opponent, then she could probably get away with it, well there was also the time when we fought the King of Death.

It is important for her to know the basics of Combat Techniques.

Well I suppose it can’t really be helped because her father who was supposed to be her Master had died early on……


After calling out to her, I placed my hand on top of her head and gently stroked her head.

「Wait………What are you doing so suddenly! Ah…..Geez…..」

「I will be the one to firmly train you, alright?」

Milly looks down with an embarrassed face as she turns crimson.

If she doesn’t know the basics, then I only have to teach her.

If I train her properly then I have belief that she will become one of the greatest mages in existence.

Although she probably won’t be as good as me though. (TL: HAHA this cocky bastard~)

「Mi, Milly-san and Zeph-kun are…..In that kind of relationship……? 」

「Y, you’re mistaken Claude! We aren’t really anything special………Zeph-kun why don’t say something! 」

Both Claude and Milly was going red in the face and their hands were shaking as they started to wave it around.

…………….These two people, what are they getting so heated up about, I wonder?

A Kobold (Holding a Knife) seemed to be hiding behind the shadow of the big tree, I fired out a Red Blaster right at it.

It was taken aback when it saw my cold glance.

「I don’t really know what you guys are going on about, but do it later. We are in the middle of battle right now」

「「Y, Yes….」」

Both Milly and Claude were still red in the face when the confronted the Kobold.

After we defeated the Kobold, the three of us continued our hunt for a while, but the two of them seemed to act a little bit strange, and they were quite unfocused.

Did I say something weird?



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