Chapter 31: Evening


Zeph Einstein

Level 29

「Red」 Magic Value 29, Magic Limit 62

「Blue」 Magic Value 21, Magic Limit 87

「Green」 Magic Value 20, Magic Limit 99

「Sky」 Magic Value 21, Magic Limit 89

「Soul」 Magic Value 20, Magic Limit 97

Magic Power 934/956

It’s been a while since I used Scout Scope on myself.

I’ve been using red magic quite a bit so it ended up being the highest in level. It’s the magic I used most in the past, so it’s the easiest magic for me to use and I keep unconsciously using it.

If I think about keeping my skills in balance it might be about time for me to use my other magic types.

Right now I’m in the Kobold Forest gaining combat experience with Claude and Milly.

Claude is the vanguard and Milly is the rearguard.

Claude kites the kobolds, and as she does that, Milly fires a magic that is compatible with the kobolds’ attribute to defeat them.

Though this isn’t an efficient way to gain XP, it is necessary. For these two, it is necessary that I pound the basics of fighting as a party into their heads.

Claude tends to advance too much when trying to defeat an enemy, and Milly follows. She charges in without thinking and shoots random spells.

「Milly-san! You’re coming too close!」

「Claude, if I stand back there, it’s hard to shoot~」

「Yareyare」 a sigh escapes from me.

Even if I tell them they won’t understand.

I can only let them learn with their bodies.

A little distance away from the two of them a kobold enters my vision and approaches.

I cast time square and while time was stopped I cast red storm and black storm.

When time resumed, a blazing storm engulfed the kobold and in one blow it was burnt to a crisp.

As I thought, the combination of red and sky magic are really easy to use.

「I think I’ll call this spell Pyro Storm.」

Although I’ve tried quite a few, there were many combination of spells that failed.

For example, when I cast red ball and black crash and they combined, they immediately scattered and wouldn’t activate.

If the magic wasn’t of the same level, it looked like it wouldn’t work well.

Also there’s the matter of compatibility, when I cast blue ball and red ball and they combined, it caused an explosion that gave me some burns.

You never know what will happen when you combine magic until you actually try it. It’s not good to wait until you’re in actual combat to test it.

While the two of them are experiencing combat, I am experimenting with magic.


I hear Claude’s voice, and when I turn around, I see that Claude is having a hard fight against a group of kobolds.

Milly is also being attacked by two kobolds and it’s taking all her efforts to evade them.

「Milly use red wall!」

「Even….if you……tell me….that……!」

It seems that she can’t use magic while she’s dodging so desperately.

That’s not all; another kobold appears and joins the group attacking Claude.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I take two magic recovery medicines, and then fire my combination magic in Claude’s direction.

「Pyro Storm!」

An inferno rages in the middle of the group of enemies, and the kobolds were annihilated.

As for the kobolds remaining… there seem to be five.

Claude can handle that number without any problems.

You could say that Claude is sufficiently skilled for this job.

Milly, on the other hand……

「Thank you very much, Zeph-kun.」

She gives another refreshing pretty boy smile.

Not as refreshing as mine though.

「Help me over here too~!」

「Milly, you reap what you sow. Fix this yourself.」

「It’s like tha~t?!」

The kobold’s attacks are nothing special. Even if there are two at once, I want her to deal with them somehow.

When Milly starts to concentrate and use her magic, the kobolds start to attack and this prevents her from casting her spells.

The two kobold team has a good attack rhythm.

Milly is getting short of breath, it seems like she’s about to reach her limit.

Haa good grief, she needs so much looking after.

「Black Wall」

A barrier of wind appears between Milly and the kobolds; the kobold that comes into contact with it is sent flying.

「Ooh!♪Thank you~ Zeph!」

「Now manage the rest by yourself.」

Now that she could take her distance from the kobolds, she hit them with Blue Gale and defeated them.

……..This girl…her fighting style is really crude isn’t it……

Ah well, despite anything else as long as she beats her enemies whatever she does is fine.

「Fu Fu, Zeph-sensei is so soft.」

「Mmhm. I wanted her to handle an area of this level somehow.」

「Milly-san’s ability to concentrate is unstable. As soon as she gets impatient she starts to break down.」

「You understand the problem pretty well, don’t you?」

Well, all she’s done so far has been shooting her white ball at zombies.

Honestly, this is probably the first time she’s hunted on the front lines.

So although I may be being soft, this time around I will protect her.

「Look, Milly is getting tired of waiting. Let’s hurry up and get going.」

「Fu Fu, that’s right.」

Should we keep going like this for a while until Milly gets used to it?

I meditate while I accompany those two.

We continue hunting for about an hour after that.

「Ah, I’m sorry, but it’s about time for me to go back….」

「Eeeh? Isn’t is still pretty early~?」

「Milly, don’t say such selfish things. Also, look at the sky it’s getting darker. I think it’s about time we call it a day.」

Does Claude have some business to attend to? It seems like Claude can’t stay out hunting too late.

Though the present situation is a little unsatisfactory, I kind of expected it when we increased the number of people.

While pacifying the reluctant Milly, we went to leave the Kobold Forest, but suddenly a red kobold appeared.

It was the Kobold Leader.

I cast scout scope on the Kobold leader.

Kobold Leader

Level 42

Magic Power 24412/24412

This guy is just like the beach cave’s King Nipper, a mid-boss.

When it noticed us, it let out a roar and summoned its kobold allies.

「Uwa….right in front of the exit….」

「It’s ok, it’ll be fine as long as we defeat it quickly.」

I wonder if the three of us will be able to beat it without that much difficulty…

Milly cast blue gale on the group of kobolds and they were quickly eliminated, the few that were left were crushed by me casting green sphere.

The remaining kobold leader faced me and swung its sword. Claude stood before me and caught the blow on her shield.

「Spirits of the earth, become the body of armor that provides protection!」

「Safe Protection!」

When I cast safe protection on Claude, she shoots me a look of gratitude.

It’s about time that I attack too, the kobold leader should be of the red attribute I think.

I guess red zero won’t see any use once again.

So then maybe Pyro Crash, which I used in the fight against the King Nipper, would be good.

As the kobold leader approached me I tried to cast time square, but it swung its longsword at me and disrupted me.


Pyro Crash has a short range, so it won’t hit if you don’t get close.

It can’t be helped, I’ll just have to use some other magic.

I cast time square, then I cast red shot and black shot.

A flaming tornado in the shape of a ball is fired from the palm of my hand. It hits the kobold leader and stops its movements.


That’s where Claude started to attack, though it was a nice sword strike with all her effort put in, I don’t think it had much effect.

This was because the short sword that Claude was using wasn’t enchanted.

Though I must say, Pyro Shot uses little magic energy, but its attack power is similarly low.

I cast Pyro Crash while crouching……!

In that moment a tornado engulfs the kobold leader.

Milly had fired a blue gale.

I think we have idiot on our hands.

Though I say that, the level of Milly’s blue gale is pretty high. Even if it wasn’t an attribute the monster was weak against, it worked fairly well.

Milly doesn’t have a great variety of magic at her disposal, in this case she doesn’t know any other useful magic.

So I can’t really judge her too harshly for this.

Ah well, we’ll just whittle him down like this.

I fired a pyro shot at the Kobold leader still inside the tornado.

I meditated while we continuously alternated between firing pyro shots and blue gales at the Kobold leader, and eventually we defeated it.

While we were in the middle of fighting the Kobold leader, at times other kobolds would intrude…it was quite troublesome, but when that happened Claude handled it wonderfully.

It gave the feeling that we could leave it to Claude to guard our backs.

However, when we finished it had already gotten completely dark out.

「Uwaa~ the sun’s already set…if I don’t hurry back….」

「That’s right, I’m really sorry Cla….ude?」

Claude’s face had become ghastly pale.

She was covered in a cold sweat and was shivering slightly.

「Claude? What’s wrong?」

Milly’s carefree voice and Claude’s terribly pale face were horribly mismatched.



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