Chapter 33 Moonlit Night Part 2


I stand in front of Kane’s table looking down on them as they stare up at me.

His subordinates are about to stand up when they’re stopped by Kane calling out to me.

「You are….I think you were Claude’s friend weren’t you?」

「Using your little sister’s money to treat everyone to drinks, looks like you’re living it up」

The knights that seemed like underlings all started to murmur, Kane instantly sobered up.

「…..That’s completely untrue, I’d like it if you’d stop spreading lies and rumors now….」

Kane leisurely leans back on the couch, tilts his glass, and *fu~u* lets out a little sigh.

Something inside me completely snaps when I hear his blatant lies and see his relaxed attitude.

「You son of a bitch… Stop talking shit. I didn’t come here to listen to your stupidity」

I raise my hand and call forth a Red Crash.

A mass of flames forms in front of my right palm, it twists and swirls violently as I level it at Kane.

His underlings and the women realize what’s happening and immediately start screaming and running away, the glass in Kane’s hand is quivering.

Good, very good.

I unleash all my bitter feelings just like this.

Red Crash!!

The inside of the bar resounds with an explosive roar, the sake bottles, the table, the sofa, all go flying.

The explosive flames scatter everywhere and the flames spread across the walls and floors.

Smoke is covering everything inside while it billows and drifts.

—-In that moment.

I move my body to the side and dodge, as a sword glitters as it slices the space I just vacated.

Are you telling me that he was able to counterattack after receiving my red Crash?

My hot head was slightly becoming cooler, I quickly cast Scout Scope.

No one’s there!?


The smoke wavered as he continuously swung his sword.

With this much smoke he probably can’t see me either.

He continues to swing his sword randomly….. sharp!


I took a straight blow and Safe Protection was undone.

I retreat backwards, and fire a Black Shot into the smoke.

The air pressure from the ball scatters the smoke and I see Kane, but the magic is erased before it reaches him.

(So that’s how it is…..!)

At the same time, Kane drew near me brandishing his sword.

I tried to teleport away, but a sharp pain ran through my foot.


Kane was stomping down on my foot hard.

He had steel boots. I, on the other hand, was wearing leather shoes.

The shoes changed shape without resisting, I wonder if the bones in my foot broke or not?

(Sealing teleport….This guy knows how to fight against mages!)

When you teleport whatever or whoever you’re touching teleports with you. (Though walls and floors and things that can’t move, won’t move with you so there are limits)

Because you teleport whomever you’re touching along with you, as long as your opponent touches you, you can’t run away and the technique is effectively sealed.

Kane stomped on my foot then readied his sword and just like that, he swung down.


The downward slash was stopped by a blonde haired girl.

Their two swords clashed together sending sparks flying as the two stared at each other bitterly.

「Get out of the way…..Claude」

「I won’t…! Ani-sama! 」

The one who’d stopped Kane’s blow, was Claude.

Though she pushed with all her power, Claude’s blade was being pushed back.

「Zeph-kun! Please run away! Magic won’t work on my brother!」

As expected that was the case.

Both Kane and Claude had the inherent magical skill Screen Point, this skill probably has the ability to nullify the effects of magic to an extent.

Just a little while ago my magic was erased, and even Scout Scope didn’t work properly, because of this I started to suspect this may be the case.

A mage whose magic was rendered ineffective could be likened to having his hands tied and left ripe for the picking.

“Mage Killing Arts”

I already knew the fact that this kind of magic’s existed, but I didn’t expect to see it so soon…..

CLAUUDE!!! You’re even willing to say that much? Just how many times will you betray the Leonhardt family before you’re satisfied?!!!

Kane’s face twisted and strained with anger. Claude was cornered even further. As she endured, Kane easily fended off a blow meant to make him retreat. Even though her blow was repelled, Claude sets her sword stance once more.

Swords ringing each time they met, Claude’s body was slowly driven back.

It was clear that Kane was more proficient, both in sword technique and power.

It was a completely one sided fight, it seemed like it wouldn’t take long for it to be settled.

「Zeph-kun! Quick get away from here! I can’t last for long…! 」

「Idiot! There’s no way I can let him get away! He has dishonored the Leonhardt Family! He knows our secret as well! And worst of all this shitty brat embarrassed me in public!!!」

Kane’s heavy sword blows fly towards Claude and clashes against her sword.

Her sword shakes and bends, it looks like it might break at any moment.

This is the END..!!!

He yells and violently swings down, *SNAP!* and Claude’s sword broke.

The blade spins through the air and sticks itself firmly in the wall. Kane, laughing and grinning, is completely sure of his victory.


「That’s enough. The fight’s over. Bu~ut, because you’re my blood relative, I don’t mind forgiving you……….however, you need to kill that brat, right now.」

The fight was over.

And in this fight, their actual abilities were on different levels, so much so that no matter how many times she tried, it’d probably end up with the same result.

If even an outsider like me can understand this, Claude must’ve known these things all too well.

Even with all this…

Claude hadn’t relaxed her stance.

Clutching her broken sword desperately in her hands, she stood there trembling and shaking.

「Why are you doing this Claude? That brat’s basically almost a total stranger to you right? 」

「He’s not a stranger to me at all…he’s my guild mate and precious comrade!」

「Isn’t it all the same?」

「No it’s different!!!」

Kane looks at her with a face full of dissatisfaction, while Claude looks back at him while looking like she’s about to cry.

Her voice trembles and chokes, while her eyes are filled with tears that are about to spill over.

「I… was always alone….even in the house, even after I was abandoned kicked out by the house….as a woman, even if they treated me kindly at first, I always…always ended up being betrayed…」

Kane is listening attentively. Is he perhaps feeling some guilt?

「That’s why at the time I thought maybe if I looked like a man it might be better…. I dressed myself as a man, and when I set off travelling no one attacked or betrayed me…..but I couldn’t have any real connections with anyone at all….」

Hmm now I understand, so she was dressed like a man for that reason?

「To distract myself from the crushing loneliness I fought, I fought, and I fought till monsters surrounded me, and when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and I was ready to give in, Milly-san came and saved me…. Milly-san beat the monsters back while smiling…I will never forget that sight for the rest of my life.」

War Angel.

I unintentionally smile.

You could call this in some way, an important memory for Claude, right?

「Zeph and Milly-san, immediately after meeting me, treated me with such kindness and warmth…….! It was the first time in my entire life that I’d been called a comrade or a friend by anyone! Therefore for their sake…I will risk my life and do everything I possibly can! 」

Claude howls.

「Hou~….You’ve got a good look on your face Claude. Even though you’d always look down in shame at home….Did you fall in love with this brat? 」

「Zeph-kun was the first person who’s ever gotten angry for my sake.」

Kane and Claude stare at each other.

Claude no longer has tears in her eyes.

On her face is the resolve to face death.

「That’s why… please run Zeph-kun….」

There’s absolutely no way I can abandon a girl like this.


「I’ll be alright so……!」

This girl seems to have misunderstood.

I wrap my hand around Claude’s sword hand.

「What are you….?」

I cast Time Square then Red Blaster and Red Weapon at the same time. Claude’s broken sword hilt has magic light extending from it to form the blade of a sword…. Claude was shocked; she spoke to me in a voice filled with surprise and disbelief.

「This is…..???」

「Shall I name this spell, Crimson Blade?」




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