Chapter 34: Moonlit Night, Conclusion


「Crimson…….Blade….! 」

Claude was surprised.

Red Weapon is a magic that enchants a weapon with an attribute.

If Time Square is used, it allows the simultaneous invocation of both Red Weapon and an offensive magic to be mixed together, inventing a sword of magic.

I wasn’t really proficient in the use of arms, so I didn’t really have an opportunity to use such a spell.

The Blade of Flame rises up from Claude’s broken sword, and the flame flickers whenever it moves, tearing up any leftover smoke within the room.

「If it’s with this…..!」

Claude swings her fiery sword at Kane.

Kane’s sword was decorated with silver ornaments, I dare say that the hilt of his sword was enchanted to increase its offensive power. An average sword wouldn’t be able to last a second against it. However, that is only if it was an average sword.


「What of it!」

Kane received Claude’s vigorous slashing attack head on. Just like butter his sword was cut in half beautifully.

The blade falls and rolls toward the ground.

「This can’t be…..!?」

「Elder Brother, your Screen Point is the strongest amongst our Leonhardt family. The moment Screen Point is deployed, Elder brother will be immune to all types of magic」

Kane had a doubtful look on his face, and Claude has a grin on her face.

「That’s why, you will certainly be fine, right?」

A contemptuous smile floated across her face as Claude continued to swing her magical sword.

Kane didn’t have a weapon any longer, and it seemed to be difficult for him to avoid the blow.

With each attack, Kane’s armor and clothes are ripped to shreds, however there wasn’t a single mark placed on his actual body.

The Crimson Blade that Claude was currently wielding, was filled with the magical power from my Red Blaster. Amongst the various spells in my arsenal Red Blaster was one of my stronger offensive spells.

What a terrifying ability………Screen Point………..

And above all the scariest thing was……

Kane’s clothes were torn asunder, and his bare skin which seemed to be forged with muscles started to peek through.

This is no joke……

Claude was carving out Kane’s clothes as if she was possessed by a demon.

Did she hate her brother to this extent?

「Kuu………Claude you bastarddd! 」

Kane was stripped until all he had was a pair of underpants, he glared at Claude in frustration and hatred.

…………I don’t feel a shred of sympathy for him.

「Commander Kane, for us to have abandoned you and run away by ourselves, please forgive us!」

「I will come to assist you! Commander Kane! 」

After the smoke cleared up, Kane’s subordinates seem to have returned.

「Com……Commander Kane……..?」

Kane’s unbecoming appearance was shown in front of all his subordinates.

A sword was pointed at him by his own younger sister, and he was only wearing his underpants, it was an indescribably miserable appearance.

………Just a little bit, I felt pity for him.

「Oi……..You guys…….Don’t look! Don’t look at mee!!!!」

「H…..However if we leave you, Commander Kane will…..」

「It is 1000 years too early for you guys to worry about me! Hurry up and disappear! 」

Looking at Kane’s face who was dyed red with both anger and shame, the rage within me completely disappeared.

Claude also seemed to have a completely refreshed face.

It was like she was dispelling her long-held grudge, she accumulated over the years.

She brought the sword up in a threatening manner, and declared to Kane.

「I will no longer be related to you Leonhardt people! I am Claude! Just Claude! 」

Zan! Claude resolutely declares.

Kane, his subordinates and even I was swallowed by the spirit and vigor she displayed.

———-And after a while of silence.

Kane was gritting his teeth together, and clenching his fist, he shouted back towards his subordinates as he held on to his last strand of slipping pants.

「What are you all vacantly staring at! Do it! Hurry up and attack! 」

「However, that person is Kane’s younger sister…..」

「Didn’t she just declare the opposite just now?! Just do it! 」

——-Is this a good time?

I invoked Time Square, combined both Red Wave and Blue wave and fired it off.

An explosive sound along with white smoke envelops the room.

「Commander! It’s a smoke screen! 」

「Advance! Chase them!!」

「That is too rash……」

The other party was confused at what to do, I grabbed unto Claude’s hands.


(Claude, over here!)

Normally when you combined a spell from the red branch with the blue branch, their incompatibility would have a high probability of causing an explosion, however when a low powered spell, with wide area of effect like “Wave” is combined, it is possible to create a smoke screen.

Shall I name it Burst Wave?

I pulled unto Claude’s hand and run towards the exit of the shop.

The more steps I took forward, the throbbing pain in my legs kept increasing and my feet became heavier, cold sweat was running down my back.

Have I over exerted myself?

Whilst I was thinking about such things, suddenly my body started to float in midair, and I feel the sensation of a soft body embracing me.

「Please hold on firmly……!」

Claude carried me in a princess style carry and ran out of the shop.

A man with black clothes was still unconscious on the stairs near the exit.

「They are over here! Get them! 」

The black clothed man probably called for his comrades before he fainted. The reinforcements arrived pretty late but they each had weapons and was quickly approaching us. Before they got to us, I invoked teleport and flew to the top of the building.

「Shit, they escaped using teleport! 」

「They are magicians! Isn’t there anyone here who can use teleport to chase after them?!」

「If I did have such an ability, why the hell would I remain a mercenary?!」

Claude was quietly looking at the men below who was still fighting amongst themselves.

「It would be good if none of them saw our faces」

「We were probably seen by your elder brother and the shop clerk」

It was possible that we could become wanted for causing damage to the shop.

If so then the magicians from the Magical Association Society will be dispatched to find us, and we will probably be caught.

They had many peculiar magical abilities that we were not aware of, and considering the amount of people working for the Magician Society, they could be described as an extremely strong group.

Moreover, using investigative type magic, there are various methods in which they can use to track down other magicians.

Therefore when forces from the Magician Society are dispatched. Most criminals are quickly caught.

Well, we are just a bunch of kids, plus it’s our first offence so it’s probably just some sort of a monetary penalty.

It would seem that my debts are getting bigger…..

「I think that it might be alright. I don’t think elder brother, will dare to make this known to the public」

「Indeed, he would become the shame of the family, I suspect that he will keep silent…….However, the shop owner whose shop was completely trashed will probably make a complaint….」

It’s a really bad habit of mine.

The moment blood goes up to my head, I immediately lose my composure.

My master had always warned me to be more careful, but this particular aspect of mine could never be changed.

「Let’s apologize for that later? A fight in a bar is an everyday occurrence, and if we show our sincerity to the owner, it is likely that we can get off with paying some money, right? 」

Claude was smiling sweetly, with his usual dazzling smile.

It seems that she has got back to normal, what a good pretty boy smile.

Although it’s not as good as mine.

I also showed her a big grin, and she probably knew what I was thinking.

Claude watches me with a tender smile.

Her gaze was too pure for me, that I became a little embarrassed and looked away.

「Thank you very much. Zeph-kun」

「I only got angry by myself, and I raged about without permission. Moreover, in the end I was the one getting saved by Claude. You don’t have anything to be thankful about」

It’s really an embarrassing thing.

Claude continues to look at me whilst smiling.

Oh Please stop it already you baka.

I’m not really that good of a fellow.

「Claude, you said that I was the first person to become angry for your sake. That is not true」


Claude was slightly dazed, I pointed my fingers at the direction of the shop.

Over there was the figure of a lone girl who was searching for something.


「After today’s parting, we sensed that something was a little bit weird with you. That’s why I bet that she also felt really worried and searched for you」

She must have thought the same thing as me.

「This time around, it was by chance that I was the one trying to help Claude, however if things went a little differently, it could of been Milly trying to help you」

「That….Is true….」

Claude looks down.

Her pupils were a little moistened with tears.

「Also when I started to hit Claude, the person who got angry and scolded me, and the one who stopped us was Milly, right? So the first person who was angry for your sake was actually Milly」

Amongst all the hustle and bustle down there, Milly pushed her way through the crowd and was restlessly looking for us.

Even now I could tell that her face was full of worry and anxiousness.

She would bump into an adult and fall to the ground, but she would quickly get back up and begin to search for us once more.

Seeing such a scene in front of her, before she knew it, her eyes began to dribble down with large drops of tears.

「Remember that deal we had, you told me that you would listen to a single request from me if I won that duel, right?」

Claude who was still crying turned to face me.

「Never betray Milly. No matter what happens, you will protect Milly, together with me」

「……..That kind of promise, there is no meaning to it……」

She wiped her tears from her face, and looks up towards me with a smile.

「That’s because I have been planning on doing that from the beginning!」

Under the Moonlit Night, Claude was smiling at me with the best pretty boy smile I have ever seen.

Although it still wasn’t as good as mine~




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