Chapter 39: Screen Point Final Part


-Lake Shore-

We came to the lake shore that Milly had found previously to continue our Screen Point experiments. Here there were monsters that used magic to form a body out of water, they were called Aqua Elementals. Today, Milly also accompanied us.

「Milly, Aqua Elemental is a monster created from water, so the Blue Magic System won’t work on it.」

「They’re a level 2 attribute monster right?」

「These are a type of monster with a weak attribute and a strong attribute right?」

A monster born from an element (element is also the core magic and the source of the monster’s image) like the Aqua Elemental was called a level 2 attribute, and magic from the same attribute would not work on it at all. However, these monsters’ special traits don’t give them an advantage, in fact for us mages it made them into sitting ducks. While one attribute is completely defended against, on the other side they have one attribute that they are extremely weak against.

「That’s right. The attribute weaknesses go like this, Red>Green>Sky>Blue>Red, like that it would mean that the Aqua Elemental of the Blue trait would be weak against the Sky magic system.」

「I got it! I got it! 」

Well, it is the basics of the basics after all. Be that as it may, this is Milly after all, so I have to make sure. Though looks might not be everything, this 「indeed」 appears to be a level 2 attribute monster.

As we were walking and chatting, the surface of the lake began bubbling and foaming, and the Aqua Elemental showed itself.

It took the form of a nude woman with long flowing hair, maybe this was to invite carelessness or even tempt unprepared people.

Sorry but in my eyes you only look like a target.

「Black Sphere!」

Air blades gather in the air above the Aqua Elemental, and they fall onto it ripping and tearing apart its head.

(—-Too shallow huh?)

Sphere magic has superior power and range, but its invocation time is slow and it’s hard to control, making it a difficult magic to use.

But if I think about the future, it might be good to train my Sphere magic from now on.

For now, if a strong enemy appears I’ll use Pyro Crash, though because it has a short range it’ll be hard to use on fast monsters, so it might not be particularly useful at times.

Also because I have low talent in the Red magic system, I should really only be using it as a last resort. I’m considering a substitute for Pyro Crash, I’m thinking about combining Black Sphere and Green Sphere. I’m not skilled in it yet so I’m not ready to brave giving it a test run.

As I was thinking, the Aqua Elemental that I’d cut up soon returned back to its original shape.

As I thought, it really is hard to control.

The Level 2 Attribute monsters mostly have indeterminate forms, unless you completely crush them they’ll quickly reform.

They do sustain some damage, so if you continuously attack them you can beat them, though it’s really inefficient.

「Zeph you suck at this~ ♪ Why don’t I show you how it’s done?」

…….such humiliation.

If you’re going to say that much then why don’t I have you show me then?

「Black Bullet!」

Milly stuck out her right hand and magic gathered around it. The magic power formed countless small bullets that fired out rapidly, and the Aqua Elemental was pulverized.

Black Bullet was a rapid fire version of Black Ball, it was an average magic even though it had high destructive power….that’s because it’s wasteful. It uses so much magic that most don’t consider it anything but second class.

As always her fighting style is sloppy…but, unexpectedly this kind of 「sloppy」 fighting method, might suit the current Milly quite well. Milly was taught magic by her father, but Milly was and is childish and can’t really grasp the fine details of magic usage.

Because of that, for now, a battle style and tactics that relies on selecting the correct high powered magic might not be a bad way for her to fight.

However, this forceful way of doing things is really only possible because it’s Milly who has high natural talent, if a mage with meagre talents tried this they’d quickly run out of gas and collapse, and they’d be a useless mage that needed to be carried. I have to make sure to teach her not to do these kinds of things…..

As the Aqua Elemental dissipates, Milly looks back at me with a face brimming with pride. She gives me a triumphant peace sign (V sign) with her fingers.


「By the way Zeph-kun, didn’t you say that there was something you wanted to do the other day?」

「Now that I think of it that’s right. If I ask you, will you use Screen Point after decreasing your magic power like we did yesterday Claude? 」

Leaving the proud looking Milly aside and continuing to talk, she looked kind of lonely and immediately dashed over to us and looked at our expressions.

You shouldn’t have been like that in the beginning if you wanted us to keep you company.

Claude Leonhardt

Level 26

「Red」 Magic Level 9, Magic Limit 45

「Blue」 Magic Level 5, Magic Limit 39

「Green」 Magic Level 0, Magic Limit 40

「Sky」 Magic Level 0, Magic Limit 47

「Soul」 Magic Level 0, Magic Limit 51

Magic Power 45/456

After using magic many times, I give the gasping and panting Claude the OK.

A use of Screen Point uses about 50 magic power. I overcame Claude’s opposition to the experiment (she couldn’t wear my old clothes, and instead removed the plate with the card enchantment), the results were that when Screen Point was used with magic power of about 50, then my 2nd grade magic was unable to damage her clothes in the slightest. Once I, against my better judgment, took advantage of an opening and fired a more powerful magic at Claude and succeeded in barely ripping her clothes. Though right afterwards Claude gave me quite the slap….

Without the equipment with the expensive card attached, I thought it would be obvious that something would break in that experiment.

It’s not my fault.

Well that aside, Screen Point doesn’t seem to protect anything other than the person’s body completely. If a powerful enough magic is used then the equipment can be destroyed it seems. Crimson Blade destroyed Kane’s equipment, this was probably due to it being combined with Claude’s sword technique and gaining the power of a great magic spell.

「So what was it you wanted to do?」

「Could you go stand by the lake for a little while?」

The confused Claude goes and stands by the shore, Milly and I distance ourselves from Claude slightly.

「What are you doing Zeph?」

「Well, just watch」

Claude at first didn’t understand what was going on and just stood there looking at the surface of the lake, a short while later she noticed something and took a large leap to the side.

Immediately after, a water hammer slammed into the place where Claude was just standing. I looked at the origin of the water hammer and saw the Aqua Elemental approaching out of Claude’s line of sight.

「Claude! If the Aqua Elemental can’t get close to you it will only use magic attacks! All you have to do is stay still don’t dodge and you’ll still be fine!!」

Even if you say that, it’s still scary!!

Though she is right, it’s finally a good chance to try the magic invalidation, I’m not gonna pass it up.

「Get used to it Claude!」



As we talk the Aqua Elementals appear on the lake’s surface and continue to shower Claude with water hammers. Once the number of attacks exceeds 5 it becomes practically impossible to dodge, Claude readies herself with her shield.

However, the shield placed directly in front of her can’t protect her feet, head, or sides. The water hammers shower down on her from all sides…..

Screen Point was activated so the impact to her body was almost completely negated, but the water fell on the ground and splashed, causing Claude to get soaked in the blink of an eye.

「Black Bullet~!」

「Black Bullet」

Milly and I continue to exterminate the approaching group of Aqua Elementals……

After exterminating them, I go to show my appreciation for the person who did the most this time around, Claude, who is absolutely soaking wet.

Her wet hair and clothes are sticking flat to her skin, and it emphasizes her slim body line.

She’s shivering a little, even though it’s early summer if you get that wet you’ll be cold.

「Claude are you alright?」

「You’re cruel…..」

「Umm….sorry, I’m reflecting on my actions……but, I want you to become as accustomed to using Screen Point as possible. It’s such a powerful and unique magic after all……」

It’s hard to use it often during hunting…..

However, thanks to Claude, we were able to earn quite a bit of experience.

How about I treat her to some juice on the way back?




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