Chapter 40: Telepathic Communication


「Welcome back~」

When we got back to the inn, Lydia greeted us at the entrance. It seems like she’d been waiting for us to return.

「Lydia-san! You came over? 」

「These, were finished」

She said and took out 4 badges from her cleavage.

Outrageous…where do you think you’re taking those out from…

The small badges she took out had the “Blue Sky Hunters” emblem glittering and shining on them.


Milly and Claude raise their voices in admiration. I don’t yell out, but a sigh of admiration leaks out.

The hunter has a blue hat, blue clothes, and is nocking an arrow on a bow, it felt as if the hunter was about to fire at some prey, the brass badge was delicately and exquisitely made.

「Weelll~ this was the first time I made our guild emblem like this so I got really into and…somehow ended up pulling an all-nighter」

Ahahaha, Lydia laughed with a face a little more haggard than usual and dark circles under her eyes. It had been, after all, not even 3 days since we’d made the request, so it was no wonder.

「…..Thank you, Lydia. This was 70,000 rupis right?」

Milly said and took out some money from her pouch.

「It’s fine! We’re in the same guild yeah?」

「I want to pay even so!」

Milly forcefully pushed the money to Lydia. Lydia refused it, but Milly continued to push it back to her. As the two pushed the money back and forth between them, it ended with Lydia breaking down accepting the money.

「W~well…….Thanks Milly-chan!」

Lydia accepted it and smiled sweetly.

Milly stood there looking triumphant.

This is probably not really a victory.

「Huh? There’s only 65,000 rupis here though….」

「Eh? No way!?」

She rummaged around her bag, but no matter what she couldn’t find the rest.

「….it looks like it’s not there. Sorry….」

「Well this is more than enough. I’m happy enough with the thought」

「But if it’s like that, then I would feel bad….」

Lydia’s face looked as though she’d thought of something, and she began to smile broadly at Milly.

「……Then the missing 5000 rupis, I’ll have you pay it off with your body~」


As Lydia finished her sentence, Lydia embraced her with all her might. She pressed Milly’s body against her and sniffed her hair while groping her butt. She gropes and knocks down the bewildered Milly.

「W……Stop it!…..di…….a……aahhhhnnn!」

「A~n holding Milly-chan feels the best~ ♪I want to hold her when I come back home every day and snuggle before falling asleep~ is that okay Zeph-kun?!」

…….why are you asking me?

It’s obvious that it’s no good.

After that Milly’s groans and moans echoed around the room for a while, while I and a slightly red faced Claude listened.

「Ok! I have received my payment~ thank you for the treat Milly-chan ♪」

「……yo……’re very welcome………」

A little while later, a deflated Milly who had been released stumbled unsteadily, her clothing and hair were in a horrible mess. Lydia, on the other hand, had a deredere(lovestruck) and blissful expression as she sniffed the hand she’d used to grope Milly with.

This girl is an absolute pervert…..

–Dining Area of the Inn—

At Lydia’s suggestion the four of us decided to have our evening meal. These kinds of things can deepen our comradery, that being the case there is no reason to decline.

The dinner menu was bread and stew with lots of vegetables in it. The meal is simple but the amount is bountiful, it is more than enough to fill your stomach. The bread is served in the stew making the soggy and soft bread even more delicious.

Milly took her bread and broke it into smaller pieces and threw them into her mouth.

Claude used a knife, spoon, and fork to eat with elegance.

Those are some perfect table manners.

Lydia just stuffed as much food as she could as fast as possible into her mouth.

It looks like she’s a merchant who values time over manners.

……Well if I had to say, I am also the same kind of person as Lydia, so I can’t really make a bad comment about her eating manners.

(By the way, is this the thing called telepathic communication? It’s the first time I’m using it but is seems pretty useful)

(But without practice, it’s difficult to…..nicate)

Lydia, with her mouth full, was unable to speak so she used telepathy to communicate. It seems that Claude can’t use it very well, at certain points noise overlapped her voice. It might be strange effect from her Screen Point.

A while ago, Milly put magic into the badges that Lydia made, so Claude, Lydia, and I are already using the guild message. Milly and I created the guild using crystal rings and we were the first members, so even without the badges we could use the guild message.

(But with this…..I can join……Milly-san…….and Zeph-kun’s……versation)

(Araa~ so it’s only been the two of you using it till now ne~ I’m really sorry for breaking into the world just for the two of you, Milly-chan ♪)

「Huuhhh!? It’s not really like that!」

Milly responds to the two who are silently giggling at her with a big shout causing the landlady and the other adventurers to look at us in confusion.

「The three of you should play when we get back to the rooms rather than out here. Though I don’t really care myself.」

They finally noticed the gazes of the people around them, lowered their heads in embarrassment, and focused on their meals.

After we finished eating and cleaned up our dishes, we asked Lydia various things.

At this moment we were pretty much broke and we didn’t have any good money making ideas, so Claude asked Lydia for ideas.

「That’s true ~ Hunting bosses are also a good option……..But if a rare item doesn’t drop, won’t we be making a loss? In my perspective I think it would be better to hunt for easier monsters that will still drop a decent rare item, and use that to create our weapons……..Or more like please get the materials for me! I will even buy it off you guys! 」

「Ingredients…. small-rares huh. Though I don’t really enjoy hunting for small things.」

「I like hunting for small-rares! I can feel my motivation going up」

Seems like Claude is like the common people.

Small-rares are when a regular monster sometimes drops a “rare” item, but in comparison to boss rare items these drop more often, therefore they’re called small-rares.

「It’s in the east, do you know about the Sunray Mountain Range?」

「Aah, that one?」

I point my thumb over at a mountain with its peak covered in clouds. The Sunray Mountain Range has the highest mountains on the continent, magic power gathers around it and it is a large dungeon spot. There are a lot of monsters that drop good items for weapons, they even drop ore or crystal small-rares.

「I wanted to go hunting there on my next break, does everyone wanna come with? I’ll buy all the materials that appear」


Milly responds with cheer.

I guess we don’t get any choice in the matter.

Claude looks at me and our eyes happen to meet. She makes a troubled face and laughs a little.



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