Chapter 46: Sunny Raven, Part 1


*Whoosh*Whoosh* the Sunny Raven flapped its huge wings shaking its feathers and making the surrounding plants dance wildly in the wind. A little later the wind reached us, we were enveloped by the torn earth and grass making it extremely difficult to keep our eyes open.

Even so I pried my eyes half open and looked towards the monster and saw Lydia covering Milly with her body while they lay on the ground. They both seem to have lost consciousness but Lydia had unhesitatingly shed blood to protect Milly.

「Milly-san! Lydia-san!」

「Wait Claude!」

I grabbed Claude’s shoulder as she was about to rush over to them and somehow managed to hold her back.

You…you do know you’re unarmed right?

I cast Time Square and cast Black Boots 2 times inside it.

When I released it, swirling whirlwinds clad Claude’s feet.

「Black Boots Double」

I cast Time Square again then cast both Blue Weapon and Blue Crash at the same time.

The broken sword in Claude’s hand started to grow a water blade, and the sword reformed.

「Aqua Blade」 (TN: Come on Zeph you’re getting a little too cool tone it down)

——–It seems like I’m almost completely out of magic, but I have enough for one more!

「Spirits of the Earth, Become a Suit of Armor to Protect This Body」

「Safe Protection!」

「Thank you very much!」

Each moment being precious, as soon as the casting finished, Claude launched herself forward.

I followed as well.

「Listen ok!? As soon as you receive a blow or an attack, Safe Protection will come apart so immediately return! If you’re not close enough I won’t be able to heal you!」

「I understand!」

She says this as her eyes continue to stare straight at the fallen Milly and Lydia without wavering.

*Tsk*… you really understand?

Before she goes too far I talk to Claude via telepathy.

(I’ll give you a signal about 10 seconds before the effects of Black Boots Double ends. Once I do, by all means you must withdraw! Got It!?)

I think she heard me, but she didn’t respond.

Now that I think about it, Claude isn’t very good at using telepathy.

When I thought about trying it once more, Claude had already closed in on the Sunny Raven in an instant.

Damn it, anyway I’ll somehow manage!


The blue blade attacks and it looks like a moon has been drawn by the slash as the Sunny Raven defends with its wing.

It bites into the wing and feathers go flying everywhere…..but that is where the blade stops.

—–As I thought it’s really hard!

A boss has powerful magical defenses and is composed of immense magical power.

An average attack will most likely not be able to break through these magic defenses, and will be unable to break through the monster’s body.

*Rustle*…..Claude tries to pull the blade out of the wing, but the tough flesh and feathers that covered the wing prevented her from doing so.

She kicks at where the sword is stuck and it shakes and trembles, but still refuses to come out.

「Daaaammmnnnn iiiiiittttt!」

In order to shake off the groaning Claude, the Sunny Raven, easily lifts its wing, and swings itself from side to side with all its strength.

The Sunny Raven’s strong legs spun around and around making its large body spin while moving its wings in an arc to scrape them along the ground.

As the Sunny Raven kicked up a huge cloud of dust, it disappeared from sight.

How did this happen? I have no idea what the situation is.

But, I don’t stop and thrust myself into the swirling cloud of dust.

I immediately cast Scout Scope.

Sunny Raven

Level 77

Magic Power 151345/220580

I wonder if someone started fighting it immediately after, it’s pretty hurt but right now that doesn’t matter. Inside the dust cloud, neither of us can confirm the other’s location, but while using Scout Scope’s readout, I can confirm the Sunny Raven’s movements using its silhouette. It closes up its wings and I leave the dust cloud and watch carefully.

「Green Sphere, Set」

Whispering and murmuring, a glowing green magic sphere appears on standby. Then I retreat from the dust cloud and move to the back of the Sunny Raven, I activate the Green Sphere that’s been on standby.

It enters the dust cloud, the Sunny Raven stabs its beak at the shadow which just appeared, but too bad that wasn’t me.

When Green Sphere hits that beak, it slowly turns and drags the raven’s large body to the ground.

With a cracking sound, the Sunny Raven’s head is slammed onto the ground.

Now before it’s too late…!

Behind it, the dust cloud dissipates and I run towards the fallen Lydia and Milly. I only have enough magic left to teleport. I lower my body and try to make as little sound as possible as I advance.

I barely dodge the leg of the struggling Sunny Raven and reach out to the two unconscious girls.


And the giant figure’s movement stops, suddenly the surroundings get dark.

I raise my head carefully to look, and my gaze meets the Sunny Raven’s golden eyes.

*Kiyurururururu*……it makes an unpleasant sound as it takes aim at me.

Did it eliminate Green Sphere with sheer strength?!

Boss’s really do have powerful magic resistance.

Therefore, magic that is usually very powerful can’t, in many cases, showcase its full power, status effect magic might even have their effects invalidated.

It bends its neck and aims at me, then strikes with all its strength.

——–but, this is within my assumptions as well.

The incredibly fast downward blow, made the wind howl as it approached us.

*CLANG* a metallic clank resounded, and the Sunny Raven’s beak slams into the ground. Before us Claude is posed with her shield after redirecting the attack.

When Claude was unable to pull out the Aqua Blade, I let the blade shrink, at which point it was easy to pull it out.

Then as soon as Claude pulled out the Aqua Blade, I conveyed my movements to her via telepathy, and requested support.


Claude pummels the Sunny Raven with her shield.

During that gap I rush over to the two on the ground.

…..Thank goodness, somehow they’re safe.

「That’s enough! Come here Claude!」

「I understa…..」

As Claude was responding the Sunny Raven’s eyes glint and shine, and flames leak from its beak.

It pulls as hard as it can and pulls its beak out of the ground and opens its jaws wide.

In the dark depths of its throat a small flame appears for a moment, then grows as it bursts towards Claude.

— Red Barrett!

The flame shot engulfs Claude in an instant, and then continues to fire. The powerful torrent of flames seems to raise the temperature of the surroundings.


(….kay. I am……ight ok…….Milly-sa…..and Lydia….n…….)

It seems like she activated Screen Point at the last second.

Anyway I’m relieved.

Nonetheless, these flames are hard to approach.

I ought to look after the collapsed Milly and Lydia.

My magic power is almost completely gone.

Claude is using Screen Point and Black Boots Double should still be active for a while.

Which means there’s one thing I should do.

Leave this area to Claude, take these two and retreat.

That is the most efficient way….of…doing…things…..but!!!

Damn it!!!!

I punch the ground and regain a little bit of my composure.

(…..I’ll be right back. Don’t die on me Claude.)


I have nothing else to say when I hear Claude’s heroic response, and I use the last of my magic to cast teleport.



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