Chapter 48: Sunny Raven Final


After the destruction caused by the flames, we stood there unharmed. For a moment the Sunny Raven looked at us curiously, but it immediately readied itself for battle and spread its wings.

Claude Leonhardt

Level 31

「Red」 Lvl 9/45

「Blue」 Lvl 7/39

「Green」 Lvl 0/40

「Sky」 Lvl 0/47

「Soul」 Lvl 0/51

Magic Power 46/596

It seems like when she held the magic recovery medicine in her mouth a little while ago, her magic slightly recovered.

There’s a perfect magic for this situation.

「Claude, activate Screen Point please」


A thin membrane covers Claude’s body.

The Sunny Raven begins its assault and flaps its wings towards the ground, at that moment.


I chant with my finger firmly pointed at the Sunny Raven’s feet.

–Blue Wall!

The moment I chant my spell, a wall of ice appears at the raven’s feet and traps one of its legs.

It’s only a moment, but it is temporarily stopped and I won’t let this opportunity go.

I then cast Blue Wall twice more, and the Sunny Raven’s entire body is encased by ice.

Blue Wall is the hardest of all the 5 wall magics, it creates walls and narrow passages that hinder the enemy’s movements.

However, that’s the only publicly known use for it.

The complete sealing of the Sunny Raven’s movements that I have just done, is a secret use for Blue Wall.

These walls made by magic will take time to destroy, no matter what magic resistance the boss has and even if it uses its full strength.

The wall type spells will appear at the exact coordinates you aim at when you invoke them.

It’s necessary to aim for the monster’s coordinates as accurately as possible to perfectly use Blue Wall. It’s difficult to invoke it on a moving enemy, but you only need to catch them once then it’s possible to completely seal their movements.


*Crreeeeeaaaakkkk* the ice wall creaks and groans.

But it’s useless, for a long time the magic society has taught 「wall」 as one of the first spells to magicians, it’s not possible to break it in such a short amount of time.

「Amazing…..that giant body is completely frozen…..」

「Claude, stand there and don’t move no matter what」

I move behind the confused Claude and stick close to her back, and at that moment the immobile and enraged Sunny Raven began to shoot magic randomly.


She cried, and tried to run away. But I grabbed her shoulders from behind and held her in place. Flapping its wings and opening its beak, the raven rained many spells all throughout the range of its magic.

–Ah, the distant Roc Birds got scattered.

The Blue Wall encasement can, in the end, only seal its movements.

It is unable to stop the immobile monster’s attacks, and within its range it will rain destruction.

In the blink of an eye, a crater has expanded through the area.

This is, of course, an annoying event for adventurers. When an especially powerful magic boss is reported to the magic society, secret methods will be used to deal with it.

As the surroundings are being destroyed, Claude is shaking and has broken out into a cold sweat, but is somehow still standing at attention.

I lean against her back and *gulp gulp* drink the magic recovery medicines I take out of Lydia’s pack, and calculate the time.

–20 seconds left.


「Please endure, I’ll be done as soon as possible」

I reach my hand under Claude’s armpit and she lets out a little scream, but doesn’t move her body.

I tell her not to move, and she properly stays still.

As expected, she’s well disciplined.

The Sunny Raven’s Madness Mode is Red attribute level 2. It’s resistant to red and weak against blue.

However, the Blue system doesn’t have any strong magic usable against boss monsters.

I’d have a chance of victory with synthesis magic, but Pyro Shot has its own weakness, and since I can’t properly look at it or confirm the raven’s status, Gravity Sphere probably won’t hit.

What should I do now?……as I thought that, Milly’s face floated across my mind.

Milly’s magic specialty huh? If it’s that then I don’t particularly need to aim.

I cast Magic Amp and then Blue Gale.

A doubly enhanced hurricane captures and engulfs the Sunny Raven’s body.

The Sunny Raven struggles and flaps around seemingly in pain.

The Blue Gale didn’t seem too different compared to Milly’s even though I enhanced it.

It can’t be helped, since our Blue Gale’s levels are different.

–Only 7 seconds left.

While drinking the magic recovery medicine I continue to aim at the Sunny Raven’s coordinates.

*Pishipishi* the first Blue Wall cracks, then immediately shatters…

But there are still two walls sealing that thing’s movements, so it still can’t regain its freedom yet.

This additional time delay is the reason I heaped the Blue Walls on top of each other.

The wall smoothly imprisoned the Sunny Raven for a second time, and I cast Scout Scope.

Sunny Raven

Level 77

Magic Power 59828/220580

It’s being cut down little by little.

If it’s like this can I just defeat it?

I still have magic recovery medicine too.

I count the Blue Wall’s activation time and cast a double Blue Gale.

Even while suffering in the hurricane, the Sunny Raven scatters magic everywhere.

A number of the spells hit Claude, but she nullifies them and continues to stand there without moving.

Because I’m pressed against her back, I can tell how scared she is, her heart is beating violently in fear.

Her hands and feet are shaking and shivering.

No matter how well she can nullify magic, it’s still undoubtedly scary.

But there’s no choice but to withstand it.

Do your best Claude, if it’s you then I believe you can do it.

Once more I estimate the right time and cast Blue Wall twice again.

It’d be a waste of magic so I won’t use Scout Scope anymore.

For the fourth time……Double Blue Gale!

The hurricane tears into the Sunny Raven, and its body made of flames dispersed into the air.

At the same time, I felt that I had leveled up.

I finished it.

「That’s amazing! Zeph-kun! You really beat it!」

「Though the surroundings are in a terrible state」

Claude looked over her shoulder with a smiling face and let out a gasp.

Claude looked around the area and saw that wherever the magic of the enraged Sunny Raven hit, there was a crater with smoke rising out of it.

What a horrible state this place is in.

Ah well, a dungeon spot with highly concentrated magic will, to some degree, repair such damage within a few days.

It’s to the point where the defeated monsters can be revived by magic. There’s no reason for it not to be enough to restore some land.

Even so, Claude seems overcome with emotion. Her eyes seem to have gotten misty.

Well it’s not like I don’t understand how she feels, I thought while looking at her face from the side. Then she turned her face towards me and embraced me tightly.

「I…….I thought that…..if I could protect everyone then it’d be fine for me to die here……but you protected everyone and even beat the boss…..Zeph-kun I’m so glad to be with you..!」

With a tearful voice Claude lets out her feelings, and when I pet her head a little, she hugs me even tighter.

This is all well and good, but the plate armor is hurting me.

Well, Claude’s happy, so why not stay like this for a while?




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