Chapter 50: The Middle of the Night


「… matter how much you ask if it’s not possible it’s not possible. Sorry but I’m busy. Try someone else.」

*Shaaaa* the rain was falling, my head bowed, a woman looked at me emotionlessly.

Her black coat flapping in the wind, not letting a single drop of rain through.

In those days I didn’t know much about magic but, while other mages were using umbrellas and wearing raincoats, the woman in front of me was using magic to block the rain.

I thought that other mages might not be able to do this and it needed amazing magic usage.

I continue to look at her in envy and listlessly comb my hair up and let out a weary sigh.

「…….why not me?」


As master is about to answer I—-wake up.

A dream huh?

A dream of the past when I met master.

I’ve heard of cases where you wake up at midnight from a dream…there are those kinds of things.

My mouth is parched.

In my room is a pitcher full of water, I pour it into a teacup, and drink it all in one gulp.

It’s still dark outside.

I think it’s probably still the middle of the night.

By the way, I wasn’t woken up by the dream, but instead woke up naturally.

Inside of Time Square I can endow a sleeping state by casting Sleep Code and Healing at the same time, in an instant I can enter a state of deep sleep and it can cut my necessary sleep time in about half.

When I’m with Milly and the others, I can’t act as I please and I can’t find any time to train magic on my own, but I can utilize this time between midnight and dawn to train as much as I want.

It’s become a habit now to cast Scout Scope when I get up.

Zeph Einstein

Level 37

「Red」 Lvl 30/62

「Blue」 Lvl 27/87

「Green」 Lvl 28/99

「Sky」 Lvl 29/89

「Soul」 Lvl 20/97

Magic Power 1450/1465

Oh yeah, on the Sunray Mountains I used Black Sphere and Green Sphere quite a bit, I wonder how many levels I got.

I check these two levels and then I notice something.

White Sphere Lvl 1

Summon Servant

Below White Sphere, there is something written in gray letters, called Summon Servant.

All the other magic is written in white letters.

It seems like Scout Scope’s level has increased.

It seems like it’s reached the point where I can acquire new magic.

「However, Summon Servant huh, I haven’t heard of this magic. It seems like a type of summoning magic though….」

There are methods to learn magic through scrolls, and there is a method to learn magic through increasing your level. (Actually learning through levels is the original method.)

For example: if you raise the level of Red Ball enough, then you will eventually be able to use Red Shot.

For Soul magic, anything beyond mid-class spells require a high-class medium (costing 1000 rupi each) to use, for this reason it is quite restrictive.

For that reason, Soul magic is limited to extremely rich people or whimsical flights of fancy.

These kinds of people who spend such Grand amounts of money on magic don’t really have any reason to get involved with the magic association, therefore the Grand Soul Magics are mostly unknown to most.

「I thought that you could use the first Grand magics once you level up Sphere and Crash.」

The mid-class long range magic Sphere and the short range Crash, if I remember correctly, once you train these two, it’ll become possible to use Grand Magic.

「I wanna try it out……but, it costs too much money」

The first Grand Magic I remember learning was the…Red Grand Magic, by using Crash and Sphere as my main, I remember it took me about two months.

It’d be 500 times a day for 60 days, so that’s about 30,000 times and that’d come out to about….30,000,000 rupi?

Moreover this is just an assumption, it’s possible for a Grand Magic to require up to 3 high quality mediums.

「… that’s why no one uses it…」

Because I’m a person that finds most things bothersome, carrying around jangling clanking high quality mediums for spells was something I’ve not done.

However, Soul is the magic I have the second greatest talent in.

And looking at it, I’m curious about this magic that I haven’t heard of before.

「First of all I’ve got to earn money.」

I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to dip into the guild’s funds, I’ve got to figure out a way to earn money from hunting at night.

Though I say that, I can’t go too far away.

I have to go money hunting within Beruta……

「…..oh yeah there’s that place」

-Cave by the Seaside-

It’s the dungeon where I first went hunting with Lydia.

It’s not the season for mass gathering, but the Nippers drop the Sea God’s Tears and they’re worth some money.

Plus, this late at night there aren’t really any people.

This time I enter from the entrance.

The inside is pretty spacious and half of it is covered by the tide.

There seems to be some deep areas so I need to proceed with caution.

As expected, since it’s so late there’s no one here, so I can expect to do some pleasant hunting.

I cast Black Boots, wind covers my feet, and my body feels lighter.

I teleport intermittently, quickly searching and in the distance I see a shadow move.

A light blue, soft and flabby, jelly shape is there.

And from it a feeler extends out searching around it for prey.

「Seaside Gel huh」

A jellyfish that lives in the sea with dungeon magic, it gains the ability to roam on land.

Its body is slow but the feelers and unexpectedly fast and powerful so being cautious is a good idea.

When I notice it approaching me slowly, I cast Black Boots on it, the Seaside Gel is covered in wind, and it looks like someone put it on fast forward as it comes after me. The increased speed of it squirming towards me was kind of disgusting.

Be that as it may, it’s speed was still only about half of mine, so I had it follow me around while I hunt.

As I led the Seaside Gel around, I saw a Nipper and shot a Red Ball at it.

When it got hit by the flames, it started chasing me but it was slow, I cast Black Boots, and the Nipper’s speed increased.

I repeat this several times and eventually I have a few monsters following at a sped up pace, however the concentration of monsters is too thin.

For training and hunting this is lacking in efficiency.

「Black Crash!」

The monster group was caught up in a dark tornado and was torn apart, then I kept walking.

Shall I go in deeper?

It’s late at night but the inside of the cave is lit up.

The moss on the walls seems to be able to glow.

If you think about it, this cave should be dark even at noon, but it seems like that won’t be a problem.

While I’m walking, if I find a Nipper I cast Black Crash and tear it apart.

「This is certainly 1000 rupi. Now I only need to repeat this 30,000 times….」

Once before Lydia got an order for tens of High quality mediums, but it was a miscalculation.

She almost fainted.

It’s not the Nipper’s hunting season so there aren’t that many around.

However, my aim isn’t the Nippers.

I came here when it wasn’t that time because there wouldn’t be any people, and the monsters would be left alone.

「….there it is.」

In the corner of the cave.

A huge red body half hidden by rocks, seemingly asleep, and unmoving.

8 large legs twitching at times, and large claws moving up and down with its breath.

The seaside cave’s mid-boss, King Nipper.

「I’ll be your opponent for the night.」



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