Chapter 51: Acquisition


I confirmed the existence of the King Nipper sleeping by the side of a rock, and I begin to formulate the combat plan.

There are no enemies in the surrounding area, moreover the area is quite spacious for battle, If my speed is enhanced and I attack it whilst kiting it backwards, it should be sufficient to kill it.

A little distance is taken, I faced towards the King Nipper and began chanting green sphere.

A green magic ball floats in the air as it flutters forwards…….following that I casted another green sphere.

The speed of the green sphere is slow, and it is difficult to hit mobile targets.

However, the opposite is also true, for a target that isn’t very agile, it is possible to cast multiple green spheres and hit the target.

The moment the first green sphere hit, I chanted time square, and I simultaneously casted both black sphere and green sphere.

「Gravity Sphere!!」

a black magic ball is generated and the torso of the King Nipper was being shaved off.

For something as huge as a King Nipper, it wasn’t really necessary to aim a body part with so much precision, but perhaps it was because I was continuously using this spell in the Sunray Mountain Range, but I have become able to pretty accurately target the location I aim at.

It just means that I got used to the spell I suppose.

The next green sphere also lands on its target.

When the second green sphere hit, the King Nipper was pressed against the rock wall, and seemingly as if it was in pain, it clattered and squirmed to escape the ball.

I wanted to continue…….to attack however, I didn’t have limitless magic so I needed to confirm it’s health.

As the green sphere slowly fades away I immediately casted scout scope.

King Nipper

Level 58

Magical Value 48825/65824

I used almost all of my magical energy to cast these spells, and it took around 17000 health.

The green sphere was now completely broken, and as the King Nipper approaches me, I perform my meditation.

Whilst circulating my magical energy throughout my body, I imagine my body being very still.

The King Nipper raises it’s scissor hands in the air, and throws it straight towards me, I quickly jump backwards and evade the blow.

I keep meditating whilst continuing to create a bigger distance between the King Nipper.

………..About 20 percent has been recovered.

It’s because half of my focus is on evading the hits.

The rate of recovery is slower than usual.

Over and over again, the King Nipper strikes at me with it’s huge scissor hands and even though it was possible to avoid, the magnitude of damage still frightened me.

I have safe protection on me so it wasn’t like I was going to die in one hit, however whenever I barely avoid the strike, I feel a chill up my spine, and it disturbs my concentration.

Using Gravity Sphere many times, to some degree I have been able to grasp the feeling when it’s about to “hit” the target, and I suppose I will only get better as I keep using it.

If I used some sort of elemental wall, and stopped it’s movements, it would be really easy to take it down, however I was resolved to improve my close quarters combat so I discarded the idea.

This is because, the King Nipper was big and slow.

For a sparring partner, this fellow was the perfect practice.

…..30 Percent Recovery.

I kept avoiding the attacks, and whilst planning for my next set of actions, I continued to meditate.

If this was a quick moving monster, I wouldn’t be able to replicate this behaviour.

At least, with my current strength that is.


A sound of impact resounds as the King Nipper misses his strike again, suddenly the King Nipper stops it’s movements.

It would seem that after striking the wall, it’s thick scissor hands was stuck and wouldn’t come out.


I approached it, holding my hand over it’s thick shell and recited Green Sphere.

Before the impact, the King Nipper began to blow bubbles out of its mouth.

The shell carapace cracks a little.

It’s eyes looked towards me, it seemed to be filled with anger as it glared viciously.

However, I was unconcerned.

「Green Crash!!」

When I fired off my blast of magic towards it, its body began to sink even deeper into the rock wall.

If he’s stuck in the wall like this, can’t I just take advantage and keep shooting him?

Even his torso is starting to sink into the wall and the ceiling crumbles a little.

「Green Crash!」

As it was struggling to get out, I didn’t let it and fired another attack.

However, with that last blow, the wall completely crumbles and the King Nipper retrieved it’s freedom.

The moment it breaks free, it lashes out at me in anger with it’s huge scissor hands and it manages to catch the edge of my clothing, just like that, my body was carried by the force of the swing.


Just as I was thinking this, it was too late, the ballistic impact threw me against the rock wall.

Blood flowed backwards from my internal organs, and a little leaks out from my mouth.

My clothes ripped half way and it was lucky that the clothes were no longer caught in its grasp.

If I was crushed continuously by its scissor hands, even if I had safe protection on me, I would have not been able to get away without severe injuries.

I walked forwards with an unsteady gait, as I meditated.

Previously I have already hit it with green crash three times, it is likely that it still has more than half of its hp.

Even if I was in my best condition it would take around 3 minutes to completely recover my magic.

On top of this, with my injured state, and being exposed to the attacks of the King Nipper, I have to endure whilst meditating.

The situation is quite bad, and it is in times like this that a true magician would be able to go into deep meditation.

My consciousness was purely focused on two things: meditating and avoid attacks.

Optimization of ideas and putting it into practice.

Predict the King Nippers trajectory of attack from its starting point to the finish, and focus on meditating to the limits before evading the attack.

Zudon! The downward swing of its large pincers could be predicted! The angle and position it would land in.

I stared into the ground where its pincers were now buried with no feelings whatsoever, with a lot of force, the King Nipper dug up a rock from the ground and flung it towards me.

I could also predict this set of movements.

I hid myself behind boulder as the rock came flying over, and as the remnants of flying debris settled down, I quickly escaped from this small space into a wider place running with short steps.

Perhaps this would work better if I avoid like Lydia, who avoids the blow with minimal movements, however, that kind of movement is impossible for me.

Forecasting the orbit from the starting point of the attack, I could roughly deal with it.

Erasing any distracting thoughts, and to a certain extent predicting its attack patterns and movements, the best I can do is optimize my unrefined movements by repeating it many times.

If there is some distance between us the King Nipper’s movements are quite dull and monotonous.

After a while it was simple to deal with.

Whilst slowly meditating, I kept on evading the attack of the King Nipper.

My magic was recovering fairly well, it should be about done.

「Gravity Sphere!!」

The carapace of the King Nipper began to billow and creak as a fissure opened up.

When I was fighting it previously, I remember that I casted Pyro Crash to deal approximately 7000 damage to it.

Gravity Sphere was similar but a little more powerful.

Because my level has increased since then so I approximate it to be around 10,000 per blast.

In other words, I would need to cast it around 3 or 4 more times…..

I regained my breath at once and began meditating again.

—After applying the third round of Gravity Sphere to it, the King Nipper was swallowed by the black magical sphere and was exterminated.

It was an intense fight……

Both the ground and the surface of the rock wall in the surroundings were filled with holes as dust floated around.

The last time I killed the boss it did not drop anything special, but the King Nipper has a high chance of dropping the Poseidon Tears.

The other thing it could drop quite frequently was an even bigger Poseidon Tear and it’s price would be ten times the amount of a normal tear.

Therefore, it was unsurprising that the King Nipper was a monster that was often targeted by Adventurers.

After the King Nipper disappeared, I doubted my eyes momentarily as to what I saw. What lie there was a square light brown object that was shining. On the square object, a picture of the King Nipper was drawn on it.

「A King Nipper Card….You’ve got to be kidding me….?!」



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