Chapter 52: Seruberie


King Nipper Card.

Its use is to cut all incoming damage by 30 percent, this will apply to even physical damage. If the card is enchanted into an armor, no matter who the magician is, they will want this particular card. For a mage who lacks protection and is not skilled in the arts of physical combat, the card is highly compatible with them.

Moreover, because the armor blocks all incoming damage by a flat 30 percent, even if the boss is highly skilled in magic, it will still be useful. Because my luck is not that great, I have never picked up a card myself until now.

In the past, I hunted a large amount of zombies that was rotting away in the church, but after killing a large number of them, a card did not drop.

(Well, perhaps it was because I indiscriminately massacred them too much…so that I did not notice even if it were to drop….Well the effects of a zombie card are pretty much trash, so it’s not like it matters anyways)

I quickly rushed over and picked up the King Nipper card.

A boss card is extremely expensive and can be sold for a price that lets seven generations of a family live without working any longer, furthermore, the money can be used to purchase the most expensive high quality equipment.

I’m guessing for a mid-boss card like the King Nipper, it will be at least a tenth of the price of a boss card. When I think about such a thing, my heartbeat reflexively quickens and my palms get sweaty. The hand holding the card is trembling. I felt like I would accidently drop the card as I put it in my pouch, and just as I was about to do so, I felt a presence behind me, so I turned around.

「We meet again」

It was a nostalgic voice that I was used to hearing.

Before I knew it, my Master approached me whilst holding on to her coat. Inadvertently, I quickly hid my hand which was holding on to the card.

「You don’t have to worry, it’s not like I will do something as despicable as stealing. If I’m found out by the Magician Society to be a criminal who steals, even I will be in a heap of trouble」

「No, I wasn’t implying such a thing….」

I said this whilst smiling bitterly. Contrary to my own expectation, I was quite the cheap person. I pulled the concealed card back out of my pocket as if appealing that my intentions were pure.

Naturally, stealing another adventurer’s loot, was strictly prohibited.  When a dungeon is officially recognized and being managed by the government, any illegal acts are all monitored by the Magician Society, if a fight breaks out and people start attacking each other, this will be monitored.

As a result if the people are found to be guilty, the elite group from the Magician society will be sent out, and the criminal will be restrained and apprehended.  By the way, in the slum areas of the downtown, these kinds of trouble crops up way too often, so in that area, there isn’t much measures being taken. Adding on to this fact, there are a variety of other complicated rules and regulations regarding politics and rights, but I’m not too acquainted with those things.

In terms of teaching me various things, like the best way to train against a particular monster, or how to hunt the small fries or the stronger monsters these kinds of things were all taught to me by my master, however, I’ve never seen her hurt or torture a person or threaten them.

「By the way, I have quite a rude request suddenly, I really want the King Nipper card and I’ve been hunting it for a long period of time. Do you think that you could sell it over to me? If it’s about the money I will pay however much you would like」

Saying this, she took out a bag filled with a huge amount of money.

「This is everything I own」

As usual she’s completely crazy…….As I thought such things, I inadvertently laughed.

「Did I say something weird?」

「……Well, a woman who can suddenly fling her whole wealth away isn’t necessarily the most normal thing」

When my Master wants something, she will throw everything away in order to obtain it.

That concentration and tenacity is something worthy of deep admiration, amongst the Magician users, her nickname is called the “Starving Wolf”. In the past, I’ve occasionally used this habit of hers to my advantage.

When I move the card to the left, she follows my hand chasing it down with her eyes. When I moved it to the right, her gaze kept following my hand…….As usual, Master, you haven’t changed one bit.

In the old times, I travelled together with my master, and there was this cake called the Wagashi, which was a sweet tasting cake (from a foreign country with a rich texture, it was quite popular. However, obtaining the cake was an arduous task) Just like in my memory, she was persistently chasing after it.

She’s willing to give me any price….? Hmm, the cost to increase the level of my abilities will take high level magical mediums, which will be approximately 30,000,000 Rupi.

Well to start with, I’ll ask her for this much.

「If you give me 30,000,000 Rupi, I will be happy to sell it」

「……I’m sorry but, I am two million short」

Even so it’s a sum of 28 million Rupi…

If it’s just two million, even I can obtain it if I work, let alone for my Master, she should be able to obtain it very quickly……

「I will be able to obtain it tomorrow. I really need this item, could you please wait for me a little longer?」

「That’s not possible. If you don’t pay up right now, I won’t sell it」

「…….I’m begging you. If it’s something I can do, let me know and I will do it for you」

Taking off her coat and letting it drop to the ground, I could see a large amount of Magical items inside her pockets.

「If you want to take away all these magical items in my possession, I also won’t mind it. If you sell these items, they should amount to at least 5 million Rupi」

She wants it that badly? However after taking off her coat, her upper body was really exposed, her body right now was quite seedy……

When I stare at her, her expression was really desperate. Umu, did I tease her too much? For some reason I felt kind of sorry for her. There must be a really good reason, why she really needed the card.

「…….Well, it’s not like I really need the money….Do you think I could speak to you about another matter?」

Saying this, I placed my hand towards my Master. Perhaps she was slightly perplexed at the sudden motion, but she regained her composure, and lightly shook my hand.

「I’m Zeph. Zeph Einstein」

「……….Seruberie Shigeru」

Not looking at the card, this time around she was looking at me when she answered.

It would seem that she has taken a slight interest in me.

—-Entrance to the Beach Dungeon Cave

When I left the cave, a fresh sea breeze fills up my lungs.

I’ve consistently kept up the healing, so I should be a lot better now.

「Zeph…..Do you mind if I call you by that?」

「Of course it’s fine, I hope it’s alright if I call you by Seruberie」

When I was travelling together with Master, I used to call her by Master, but right now, it is probably more appropriate for me to call her by Seruberie.



Seruberie……. OK.

For adventurers, things like age do not really matter, the standard is to call each other by their first names regardless of a hierarchical relationship. This is so that both parties can admit an equal existence……..that’s what it’s supposed to be, but considering how big our age gap is…. it may be a little awkward.

「So, getting back to the point, what exactly do you want me to do?」

She was sitting next to me, and whilst asking this question she casually brushed her hair upwards. Umu, to begin with, I just wanted to have a conversation with her, so I didn’t really have something I really wanted her to do.

To put it simply, I was quite curious about Seruberie’s inherent skills, even at the time when she was my Master, I never got the chance to ask her personally, moreover, she probably wouldn’t have told me anyway.

When Seruberie saw that I was in deep thought, she became a little nervous somehow.

「What’s the matter, did you have something you needed to do?」

「……Well, I suppose you could say that. I’d be thankful if your request could be done as soon as possible」

Since a long time ago, my Master did not really get along well with others. Moreover, at this current time, she was probably busy with Boss hunting.

When she was travelling together with me, she told me that she already retired from boss hunting, however, when she was younger, she also said that there was countless sleepless nights where she continued to relentlessly hunt bosses in a rotation.

When you mention it, I’ve never seen how she hunted bosses……When I asked her to show me how it was done, she had already retired and I didn’t get to see her skills in boss hunting.

If it’s at this point in time, perhaps, she would show me.

「When you said you had other business to do, can I assume that it is boss hunting? I would like you to bring me along, and let me see how it’s done, what do you think about this?」

Whilst looking at her, I suggested this to Seruberie.

Perhaps she was not accustomed to me looking at her so intently? I get the feeling that she’s slightly averting her eyes from me in embarrassment.

And, she thought about my suggestion for a few seconds and opened her mouth to talk.

「……You can do what you like. However, I’m not going to baby sit you either」

「I need the experience to get used to the carnage, you see」

When I asked her if I could come, she responded with a pretty good answer.



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