Chapter 53: Enchantment Spell


—-In a plain field covered in perpetual darkness, Both Seruberie and I used teleport to cover a lot of ground. Our destination was a church which had fallen to ruins. Apparently, Seruberie’s target this time around is the boss monster King of Death.

Actually before we moved into the town of Beruta, I went to find the King of Death with Milly multiple times in order to hunt it, however no matter how many times we searched, we couldn’t find it, so I assumed that someone else had been hunting it and gave up, to think that it was Seruberie who was the culprit behind this………

Unexpectedly the world is quite a small place. It took us around 30 minutes of continuous travelling before we reached the decayed church. Because I barely had any time to rest along the way here, it was quite difficult for me to keep up. Seruberie seemed completely fine after all that travelling, but I was completely exhausted. Because the amount of magic she has is way more than me, I suppose it’s natural.

「It should be around here somewhere….」

Monsters have a high chance of spawning close to the place they got killed. They leave a residue of magic when they die and is likely to re spawn around the same place. On a side note, the color of soil around Seruberie’s feet is a little bit different. She must have used some kind of magic to burn the ground, and changed the color, perhaps?

……This is quite good, if I can figure out how she does it, travelling and tracking the boss will become more efficient. Whilst I was thinking this, Seruberie took out a notebook and a pocket watch out of her coat in order to check the time.

「It should revive in around 10 more minutes」

The King of the Dead absorbs the magic of a dungeon, and the time required to revive is approximately seven days. It is likely that the moment she kills the boss, she would write the exact time in her notebook. Although there may be a little disparity between the intervals of time in which the boss monster revives, there should be some kind of pattern that she managed to grasp.

Umu, I am quite curious…

「Do you mind it if I join in to attack as well?」

「Attacking the boss from the side, is not prohibited」

「……..I suppose that is the case」

I’ve already stocked up on some high grade mediums to use in case of an emergency, which I bought from Lydia a while back. For the time being, it should be alright if I aim at the boss from a long distance away using White Sphere. When I applied Safe protection on myself and looked towards Seruberie, she was already starting to chant some spells.

「Black Spiraling Serpent, Clad me in thy magical energy and allow me to crush my enemies throat」

As she chanted her spell, Seruberie’s hand started to glow with magical power as the image of a snakelike being entwined around her arm in a spiral.

「it’s a High Enchantment Spell」

The magic she used seemed to be one of her inherent abilities, an enchantment spell.  This kind of spell increases the abilities of the user for a fixed period of time. Her Enchantment Spell was a high rank spell, not only was the incantation time shorter than normal, the length of the effect should be longer and also the range would increase. She seems to be quite proficient in applying this type of support spell to her body.

By the way my spell Time Square is also able to amplify the effects of an enchantment spell by combining different spells together. Seruberie was concentrating whilst still taking account of her surroundings, as she pulled out a black obsidian rod and held it with her right hand. Her hand started to glow with white colored light. She was beginning to apply Magic Up to herself.

When I looked at Seruberie preparing for battle, I could tell how polished she was at executing her task. When I travelled with her in the past I was just a young boy, so I didn’t really understand, but now that I knew, I didn’t expect her to be this good at applying enchantment spells.

Even when I was on the verge of death, I was not able to perform an enchantment spell to this level of proficiency. The quality of one’s magic is usually developed through battle experience, where the flow of magic can be refined and in time, the user will become more fluent.

In order to achieve such a state, it would normally take many years to accomplish, however, although Seruberie was around 20 years of age, she was already reaching the level of a master in this particular area of magic.

This is most likely due to the other inherent skills in her possession, which has boosted her growth. Although I am not sure of the minute details of her enchantment quite yet, by seeing her continuously cast spells, I have gradually gained a bit of experience. By nature, the speed of her incantations are unbelievably fast, so it is very difficult to grasp.

Umu, I really want her to teach me……But I don’t think that she will create a scroll for me, besides if I ask her about this carelessly, she may avoid me and refuse to meet with me in the future. I will endure it for now…..

Whilst thinking such things, I casted Scout Scope to observe Seruberie’s current situation. Even the speed of recovering her magic through meditation is really fast…..When I continued to stare at her, Seruberie turns towards me and raises her right hand over my head.

Immediately after I sensed her thirst for blood and quickly teleported away. At the same time, Seruberie already finished chanting her spell as she launched it.

「Highness Black Zero」

A black wind blade was launched from her right hand and flew straight into the location I was just at. The target was the King of Death which just revived behind me.

The spell Black Zero pierced through the body of the King of Death, however, the effect’s only seemed to make the movements of the monster a little duller, without giving much care to the damage it received, the boss monster headed towards Seruberie. The King of death fought against the black torrent of wind which was violently rushing towards it, as it slowly but surely took steps forward.

However, Seruberie had already disappeared from that location. The King of Death stiffened up as if it was surprised, however I was even more surprised when I spotted just how far Seruberie had appeared.

Seruberie was already sliding through the ground as she unleashed her vigorous wind spell Black Zero. When you looked closely enough, you could tell that the shoes she wore had wheels on them, grinding through the ground, a cloud of dust appears as she glides through.

Using a spell of the Zero caliber, would surely drain almost all of her magical energy.

The moment it is used, it is not possible to deal with the enemy using magic for a period of time afterwards, however using this method of escape, she was able to buy some time.

The King of Death who had now been released from the torrent of wind was pursuing her, although, it was clear to see that Seruberie’s speed was much faster……But travelling in that direction is bad!

「Seruberie! Be careful over there! There is a rock! 」

The moment I shouted out the words, Seruberie already disappeared and she was dancing in midair.  She jumped over the huge rock, after rotating around, she sunk her body deeply as if to absorb some of the impact from the landing as she continued to glide across the ground without stopping. What an absurd amount of balance…

But since she landed, the velocity of her speed has fallen considerably. The King of Death also jumps over the big rock, and with that momentum, it swung its staff towards her, luckily Seruberie manages to avoid the strike by a hairs breadth. Seruberie kicks off the ground in order to gain more propelling force, as the King of Death pulls his staff readying another attack.

「White Sphere!」

A big white ball of magic hits the King of Death, and attempts to purify its body. Although it’s a particular branch of magic that I rarely used, its range is quite huge so it was quite easy to land……..using this spell requires me to use up a medium.

By the way, I was using Time Square to cast two White Sphere’s at the same time, so the medium consumption will also double. With this 2000 Rupi just want down the drain, I think I’m starting to feel a little dizzy.

The King of Death who was enveloped in the white light seemed to begin crumbling as it began to scowl at me. Seruberie had just used her spell Black Zero so she couldn’t really cast anymore magic for the time being. This feels just like the old times, should I try to buy her some time?

The King of Death started to come towards me, I immediately chanted teleport and went in the opposite direction of Seruberie.

I made the King of Death run around in circles as I flitted about the place using teleport, and on the fifth time I teleported….

Another Black Wind Blade was launched as it pierced through the King of Death, The wind even came towards my direction. It was likely that she drank some recovery medicine, considering that she was already able to re cast Black Zero.

The King of Death crumbled down in a pitter-patter and its form transformed into the figure of a God of Death as it held a sickle in its hands….It went into berserk mode.

Just when I thought this was about to happen, the King of Death continued to collapse and completely disappeared from existence. Berserk mode would activate after the bosses Health reaches 1/3 of its health pool, however if the damage taken completely obliterates its Health in one attack then it will stop its transformation and just disappear completely.

Even considering the fact that I landed my White Sphere on the Boss, to say that it only took her two spells to completely kill off the Boss monster……What an absurdly high magical power?! Seruberie is really scary!



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