Chapter 54: Spending


「Mu, it didn’t drop?」

Seruberie mutters whilst going to the place where the King of Death disappeared. Apparently, there was no items that dropped. However, it did not seem like she was particularly disappointed, she then proceeded to mark the ground with a burning spell. It’s likely that she marked the ground to use it as a spotting tool for the next time she hunted. After finishing her marking which turned the ground into a burnt black color, she headed towards me.

「Well, this is how it usually goes. Will this be good enough? Zeph?」

「Thank you. It’s been a really good reference to learn from, Seruberie」

“You don’t need to be so polite” is what Seruberie responded with, as I took out the King Nipper Card.

「Thanks, it’s been a really good trade. If there is another opportunity later, please remember me」

「Of course. Same here」

I exchanged the King Nipper card with the pouch of money she held. Although I was trying to think of something clever to say, there was nothing that came out of my mouth. Seruberie looked towards me like she wanted to say something as well……but that is probably just my one sided feeling, right? I want to say something but, nothing comes to mind.

Shit, this is so awkward.

「Alright then…」

「Ah? Ahh……」

She curtly exchanges parting words, and she immediately activated teleport straight afterwards. In the end I couldn’t find any words to say.

Good grief, I’m such a poor talker that it’s embarrassing.

By the time I came back into Beruta Town, the sun was already beginning to rise, when I return to the inn, both Claude and Milly had started to eat breakfast. The content of the breakfast was: a piece of long bread, with a salad filled to the brim with some sort of white dressing. Seeing Claude who wiped away the white dressing stuck on to the corner of Milly’s mouth, I thought to myself, “they really look like brothers and sisters, don’t they?”, and instantly Claude scowled in my direction.

Can she read my mind or something? It’s a little scary to be honest…

「Welcome back, Zeph-kun」

「Your clothes are already so dirty, where did you go so early in the morning? Zeph」

「I’ve been training. I occasionally go hunting by myself」

「That’s not fair! Are you trying to do this to catch up to me?!」

She’s speaking like she’s way ahead of me in terms of Magical power… Well I suppose in terms of levels she is indeed slightly above me.

「Well, if you like, I can bring you along next time? Let me just say that I always depart during the night」

Fufufu, Milly laughs as she sticks her tongue out. Although it is probably unlikely that Milly who is really delicate in the morning will be able to go with me at night.

「I also want to come alongg〜」

I will pretend to not hear Claudes murmurs.

They’ve just got out of a light bath, and they were stuffing themselves with their breakfast, it could be seen that they were talking about something or other whilst having a lot of fun.

「By the way, what shall we do today?」

「I think that the mountain expedition we went to last time was really tiring〜 Lydia also seems to be working at her store, don’t you think that we can just take a good rest today?」

While extending her folded arms, Milly replied.

「For some reason, you’re able to wake up quite early today haven’t you?」

「Uuu-be quiet!」

Teasing Milly is quite fun…..just as I was thinking such things, both girls were staring in my direction.

「Zeph what are you going to do today?」

「N? Hmm after shopping around I will probably go back to training」

High Levelled Spirit Magic: Summon Servant, in order to perform this particular branch of magic high grade materials are necessary, furthermore, it is essential to increase the magic level of the Spirit category. Fortunately, I came across the King Nipper Card the other day, and worries about money were almost gone.

「Nnn well then, You’ve got to bring us along with you〜!」

She jumps out from her seat with a kick as she points her index finger towards me, and Claude who nods in approval. I suppose I don’t really mind it… With that we headed for the shopping district in Beruta.

「This money belongs to you Zeph, so you can use it however you want, alright?」

Milly says this as she passes me the money she got from Lydia the other day, it amounted to 20,000 Rupi. If I’m not mistaken, Lydia did say something about this the other day.

「And, is there something that you wanted to buy?」

「I’ve been thinking of purchasing high grade mediums. From here on out, I was thinking of increasing the level of my Spirit Magic」

「Hee〜 I’ve heard that not many people use that type of magic……Well I guess it’s your own money! It’s up to you how you use it!」

「Well, can you guys help me look for materials to buy using that money?」


As I said this, Milly looked towards Claudes direction with shining eyes.

「Claude, I will give you half the money, should we have a match to see who can purchase the most amount of materials?」

「Of course, I don’t mind it」

Claude begins to grin as she smiled, and it seemed like sparks were coming out from each of the girls. I think that Claude’s habit of seeking a match with others has spread to Milly. Milly is quite easily influenced by others isn’t she?

I watched them off, as I gave them the, ready set go! Signal and they both ran towards the shopping stalls, I also go to search for high quality mediums myself. Because a High level medium is something that a monster from the Spirit Category drops, it is quite the rare item, therefore, it is not really possible to stock up in mass.

The only thing I can do is, purchase any and all of the High quality mediums in the shops. The fact that I obtained a King Nipper Card and exchanged it for a huge sum of money, is something that I haven’t yet mentioned to the girls. Because the amount of money is so huge, I was afraid that it might have an adverse effect on our relationship if I told them. There has been multiple instances that I’ve seen, where a single person in the guild picks up a rare item, and it causes the guild to crumble.

Well, I don’t think that Milly and Claude are those kinds of people, but just in case…

I looked through all the stores that sold high-level mediums and bought them.The number of mediums sold was even less than I had expected, moreover, the price for the mediums had a drastic range from 800 Rupi per piece to 2,000 rupi a piece. I bought around 300 pieces in total, and I thought that it would probably be impossible for me to look for these things every single day. I really want to find a way where I can regularly acquire this product at periodic intervals……Come to think of it, Lydia has a really good knowledge of the stalls in the shopping district, and it’s probably a good idea to ask her about this. Let’s contact her immediately using the Guild Messaging system.

「Lydia, are you free right now?」

「Ohh Zeph-chi? You talked to be so suddenly so I got a little surprised 〜」

I’m a little worried about her calling me Zeph-chi, but I don’t dare to rebut her statement.

(I want to purchase all the high-level mediums from the stores, would it be possible to buy them all up? I want to buy them at the price of 1,000 Rupi each. My budget is around 28 million Rupi)

(Ohhh〜? Isn’t that a hugee sum of money〜Nn! Zeph-chi, were you originally that rich?)

(Fufu…….Just this morning when I went out to hunt alone, I obtained a rare item drop. However, do you think you could keep this a secret from Milly and Claude? I think it is still too early for children like them to know. I was thinking of completely converting all of it into high-level mediums)

(Ahh〜So it’s like that…..Well if it’s those two I don’t think you have to worry so much but…I understand how Zeph-chi feels so I suppose I can keep it a secret for you)

(That would help me out)

Ahhaha Lydia was laughing as I expressed my thanks.

Lydia was a merchant and I thought that it would be alright to tell her because she would be accustomed to dealing with money. Moreover, I would not be able to process all that money by myself.

(By the way〜 talking about collecting the mediums at a price of 1,000 Rupi a piece, if I was able to obtain it for an even lesser price, do you think I could take the difference as compensation?)

(Of course. I will entrust it as hush money)

(So it’s our little secret isn’t it Zeph-chi♪?)

Nihihi Lydia was laughing lewdly. I didn’t dare to point out her evil laughter…

(…..Alright so, please take care of it)

(Okay〜, leave it to me♪)

She accepted the fact with a merry mood but, I guess I have built a huge debt for myself. I have a feeling it will bite me in the back later. Meanwhile, the two girls had finished their shopping and came back. Claude looked the same as per usual, but Milly was looked disappointed. She’s so easy to understand…..I bet that the winner is Claude again.

「Zeph-kun, using 10,000 Rupi, I’ve managed to acquire 15 high-level mediums」

「This is quite the amount. Did you bargain down the prices?」

「I will leave it up to your imagination」

Her eyes were shut and Claude hands me the high-level mediums with a composed face. “Don’t get too overconfident, alright?” I said this as received the mediums.

「By the way Milly-san」

Claude turned around and was looking at Milly, on the other hand Milly was avoiding Claude’s gaze.

「I think that I will use my privilege as the victor, right about now, will that be alright?」

Milly was about to escape from Claude, and Claude tightly grasped on to Milly. Claude was getting carried away from her victory and Milly was easily influenced by others. These two… are the type of people who would get ruined by gambling. By the way, the punishment game this time around was that the loser had to take on a cute haircut, and Milly’s long twin tail hair was styled by Claude to look like two round dumplings.

「Wh….What do you think? Zeph?」

「Nn? I think it suits you quite well」

「Ehehe, Thank you♪」

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