Chapter 61: Summon Servant


After the agents who were dispatched from the Magician’s Society vanished into the portal, all of us were just left standing there in a daze.

Time passes by without anyone saying a single word, after the last string of tension in Milly dissipates, she finally crumbled to the ground and that was when time started again.

I was startled back into action, and I immediately ran over to Milly and held her shoulders.

「Milly, I’m so sorry…..!」

「Fu……Fufun, I am the leader after all right? ♪ But……Ahaha………my waist…..gave out…… 」

When I looked closely, Milly legs were totally shaking and her body doesn’t have any strength in it. I was supposed to be the one taking action in this kind of scene, however when the two people over powered me with their domineering aura’s I couldn’t move at all.

In the past, whenever I encountered a mage from the magician’s society, they were all mostly underlings, even so, the ‘underlings’ were already frightening people with great strength, I did not expect that people with a star badge on them would be on a different plane altogether.

Shit, I’m so pathetic….

「……Milly, you are amazing」

「Th……That’s not true! The reason I was able to try so hard is……because……Zeph is right beside me……..」

Milly was muttering unintelligibly as her face continued to become redder, she was trying to gloss over how deplorable and pathetic I was, and I could only embrace her even tighter.

「Wai…..Wait Zeph!?」

Milly was struggling around and I continued to hold her until her power of struggling weakened.


Lydia came towards us with a hard tackle as both Milly and I were thrown into the ground.


「I’m sorry! Milly-chan, Zeph-kun! I’m sorry I couldn’t move….Even though I’m supposed to be the older sister…..I’m sorry……!」

「The agents of the Magician society…….I’ve heard about them from the rumors but it turns out they are incredible people.  For you to be able to stand up to them, without flinching is……」

Claude also runs up to us, and she looked at Milly with eyes of respect and reverence.

「I….I’m telling you guys, I’m not that great!」

「I also lost in front of your bravery today」

「Mou~ Even Zeph…….You guys are making me blush…..」

I stood up. Milly was still being embraced by Lydia and she was covering her face in embarrassment.

The fact is that amount of latent potential contained in Milly’s body far exceeds my own.

Perhaps the massive amount of magical energy acted as a wall for her, and it prevented the two people from overpowering her with their overwhelming aura’s…..? No, saying this would just be an excuse on my part.

I just need to become even stronger. So much stronger that this will not ever happen again…

—-At Night.

Without speaking many words, we all returned to the town of Beruta.

Usually, we would be talking excitedly about our spoils of war for the day or the tough battles we fought, however, perhaps because everyone had a lot on their minds, today, we just returned to town as soon as possible.

「Then have a good night」


「Have a good night, Zeph-kun」

I separated from the two girls after eating dinner, and after washing the sweat off my body I quickly went to bed.

—-Late into the night.

Short Sleeping (This is the name I came up with) after taking a small power nap, I woke up feeling refreshed and casted scout scope on to myself.

Zeph Einstein

Level 40

「Red」Magical Value 32, Magical Limit 62

「Blue」Magical Value 29, Magical Limit 87

「Green」Magical Value 31, Magical Limit 99

「Sky」Magical Value 31, Magical Limit 89

「Spirit」Magical Value 30, Magical Limit 97

Total Magical Value 1611/1622

The good thing is, the level of my Summon Servant Spell increased to level 1.

After continuously using Spirit magic for these past few days, the level of my White Crash and White Sphere has exceeded level 30, and finally I have become able to use this magic spell.

For the time being, I don’t want to just summon some weird living thing so suddenly in the middle of my room, so I decided to go out of town.

After drinking my fill of water, I did some light stretches and I went out of the inn towards the outside of town. Recently, because of the training I had with Lydia, it has become a habit to do a little bit of calisthenics every single morning.

I teleported to the outskirts of town and reached an empty area, I was a little bit excited as I started to chant the magic.

「Summon Servant!」

I held my hands outwards as it started becoming enveloped in a white light, the light continued to grow stronger. That light formed into a human-like shape, and then…

Poof, what was born right in front of my palm, was a palm-sized girl. Her long hair reaches all the way to her feet and she was wearing a big ribbon on her head, she was also wearing a dress that suggested she was a high-class young lady of some sort.

On her back, there was small golden wings filled with magic, she really looked like a small angel girl that was supposed to be in a museum or something. Her age seemed to be around 5 or 6 years of age perhaps?

The young girl was looking about her vicinity, and she looked at me with her pure and innocent gaze, her voice sounded like a clear bell.


I was instinctively, taken aback.


Don’t tell me that this fellow, could see within my soul or something?

Her small body flutters around the air as it danced about and demurely gets on top of my head. Her weight was quite light, it felt like I put on a hat.

Oi don’t pull on my hair! Didn’t you know it hurts!

I grabbed on to this little girl and put her in front of me.

「It hurts! it hurts! Grandpaa!」


When I loosen my grip on the girl, she pouted her cheeks and had a face that seemed unhappy.

「What are you?」

「Me? I am Ain! Didn’t grandpa call out for me?」

The girl who introduces herself as Ain, places her small palm on her chest, and she gave a curt bow as she greeted me.

Is that how it is? She seemed to be called out, when I casted Summon Servant, in other words this little girl was actually my familiar servant.

「Alright, Ain. What can you do? Can you please show me your powers?」

「I’m hungry! I want food~」

Our conversation didn’t connect at all. Whilst smiling Ain was demanding me to feed her some food.

「…….Well I guess it’s fine…..What would you like to eat?」

「Jewels! Give me Grandpa’s jewels! Please! 」

She pointed at the bag that was hanging around my waist and Ain repeatedly called out “Jewels!”.

It would seem that she means my high level mediums.

「When you mean you wanted to eat, did you mean these things?」

「Yeah that’s the one! That jewel!」

I took out one of the high-level mediums from my bag and presented it to Ain, her face was glittering with energy as she accepted the medium with both her hands.

When I gave her the high-level medium she held it in her small hands, and she began to vigorously munch on it and it soon completely disappeared.

She looked like some sort of small animal that was eating nuts.

「More! More!」

「Alright, alright」

When I gave her another piece of the high-grade medium, she was into eating it wholeheartedly. Perhaps she was so into it right now that, she wouldn’t even hear what I was saying.

「Uu~ I’m so full!」

In the end she eat up to five of my high-grade mediums and after she felt satisfied, she was now sitting on top of my shoulder whilst patting her own stomach.

「………That’s good for you. Now then Ain, can you tell me what your power is….?」

When I asked her the question once again, she merely yawned on my shoulder.

She had eyes that seemed like she was sleepy as she began to rub them, and with a blank expression, she muttered out a single word.


As soon as she said this, she became particles of light, and Ain disappeared.

「……Oi, Ain! Oii, hey! heyyyyyy!!?」

Afterwards, I went hunting out alone, and even though I tried to summon her again various times, Ain would not come out.

What the heck is wrong with this spell?




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