Chapter 63: Azalea


In the end, I didn’t have any other choice but to carry Milly until she wakes up. It is probably because I’m also tired from training every day? Feeling the soft touch of Milly, the drowsiness attacks me, and I ended up sleeping until morning.


And then, in the middle of my drowsiness, a strong and unexpected blow toward my chin wakes me up. Milly was in front of me, she was bright red and holding down her head.That reminds me, I fell asleep while hugging Milly.

It may be that because I was in front of her when she woke up, in the confusion, she gave me a head-butt. Shit, a little blood came out of my nose…

「~~Geez… You slept over me without permission. Milly, you’re the one who’s wrong here」

「If… If I was sleeping then wake me up! What are you going to do if someone sees us!」

「It’s really good that Claude didn’t see us」

「…I don’t care anymore! Idiot!」

When making fun of her, Milly who has become reddened turns away. When lifting my body, my stomach makes a ‘guu’ sound. That reminds me, I didn’t eat anything since I was last awake.

「Are you hungry?」


「Why don’t we eat outside today?」

Saying that, Milly pulls my hand and begins to run towards the outside of the inn.

She seems like she is fully recovered just with that little sleep.

When going out to the streets, I found myself with a woman who was in the middle of preparing the launch, her loud voice was like a sales pitch as if she was calling someone to get closer. It’s really cheap, and when I’m going to buy something good, a customer, a customer and another customer…The situation was like a battlefield.

「Fuwaa~ this is amazing….」

「Well, the schedule is kinda bad. Should we change places? There isn’t sufficient charm for a date here」

「Ehh!? A da,da,da… What are you talking about?」

「It’s a joke」

「Wh… Stupid! Stupid! You are a stupid Zeph!」

I was laughing *Kukuku*, Milly slaps my back again and again.

When we entered into a side street while receiving them on my back, the moment we change our course, we stumbled against something. It almost sent Milly flying away, but I manage to catch her into my arms.

「I’m sorry, I was looking away」

「No, I’m the one who is…」


When Milly raises her head and shouts with a surprised face, the person who was there was a familiar black-haired woman. A skirt with long sleeve cardigan, hooded and even though her clothes are the only thing that matches her, there is no way I will never forget that appearance.

–The dispatchment of mages that only happened the other from the magician’s society. If I remember correctly, she said she was called Azalea?

「If I’m not mistaken, you are… Muguuu!?」

(Idiot! Your voice is loud!)

When Milly was about to raise her voice, I block her mouth and I warn her in low voice. A dispatched mage is the closest existence who was given the ability to judge someone by the magician’s society as a means to protect themselves. There are many people who has a grudge against them, and making that grudge public in front of others I can’t say that it is a good choice.

「Forgive me, that you have to put me in consideration」

Saying that, Azalea dispelled the tension. Although she is grinning, to us who are aware of what happened yesterday, that bright smile is frightening.

「Certainly, you are, Milly-chan and Zeph-kun, right?」

「…Leaving that aside Milly, I don’t remember introducing myself」

「…Ah! Now that you mention it!」

Milly becomes aware of the fact. Azelea who changes her attention to me, as if my remark didn’t affect her at all, continues using a calm expression without indication that will change at all.

「Hahaha, I ended up making you take a strange caution. Even so, I didn’t have that intention」

To us who were retreating slowly, Azelea is trying to show that she isn’t hostile.

「In fact, I’ve heard of you before. There was a teacher called Clare in the Nanami town, isn’t that right? She is, my older sister」

「Teacher Clare’s younger sister?」

Teacher Clare was from when we were attending the school in the Nanami town, a person who works as a teacher. Though I heard that she had a sister, but for it to be a dispatched mage…But now that she mentions it, somehow her presence looks a little like teacher Clare.

「I heard a lot from my sister. That you are very mischievous and so I was asked to take care of you if we were to ever meet」

I didn’t think we would have such a meeting in this way. In addition, Azalea was smiling.

At that time when Milly couldn’t adapt too well to the school, Clare-sensei talked to me but I answered that it was very troublesome, even so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

After revealing a familiar name, my guard loosened a bit and Azalea continued talking.

「It was this kind of meeting, so it’s natural to be on guard. Grain and I were also a little excited too. I don’t behave in this way usually. Here, don’t you want to eat some candies, both of you?」

After saying that, with a ‘gosogoso’ sound from her pocket, Azelia takes out two stick candy, and Milly receives it timidly.

「Are you suppressing your magic today? To have that kind of control to that extent, you are really skilful」

「Aah, yesterday there was a peculiar mage. He was extending his overwhelming power into the surroundings, it might be to seal teleportation… Hm? Can it be because of our overwhelming power that everyone is awfully afraid of us?」

Azelia was pondering about my words, there seems to be no maliciousness at all. Or maybe I need to become aware of the fact that her reaction is obviously odd. Are you really alright, dispatched magician.

「Ah, I’m sorry. It’s because we normally act independently. We almost never formed a team」

In other words, Seruberie is…

「The one we have been chasing after is just that troublesome. Though it is a shameful story, she escaped from us several times. You two if you ever meet her don’t ever come close to her, she’s dangerous」

Azalea lift her forefinger, warning us. Her face shows she is genuinely concerned about us, so Milly and I look at each other.

「…Well, leaving that aside, you too Zeph-kun, are you not going to eat?」

When I was hesitating in whether or not to receive the candy, I give a look to Milly but she had already begun to lick it.

「It’s delicious, you know?」

You are too accustomed to eat food off of strangers….This time it might be good idea to teach her to not receive food from strangers. But well, this probably isn’t poisoned. When I open the cover of the candy, and I start to lick it, the delicious taste of the concentrated sugar starts to melt in my tongue.

「If both of you are okay with that, why don’t we talk in another place? I’ll even treat you to some juice」

Azalea starts walking after saying that, and Milly follows closely. And I didn’t have other choice but to follow their backs after letting out a sigh.

After waiting for a moment at the table after arriving, the drinks that everyone ordered were brought out. Azalea asked for a black coffee, Milly a mixed juice, and me a hot milk.

「Hahaha♪ That Zeph asked for milk, he is like a chil~d♪」

「Warm milk is healthy for the body and bones, it stimulates a healthy growth. A drink that gives an efficient nourishment」

「That’s right, if Milly doesn’t drink milk too you will not grow big~」

「Is… Is that true?」

「Are you going to drink?」

Saying that, she is given a hot milk and after receiving it, she stays a little silent.

「What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to drink it?」

「No… Um… That is… Isn’t this an i-indirect ki…」

She was muttering something in a low voice, and then Milly reddens. But with an expression as if she had decided on something, she drinks the milk with a ‘gulp’.

「It’s as I had heard from my sister, you get along well. You two」

「More or less. Even though we look like this we have been together for a while」

Like wanting for a look of approval from Milly, she takes the cup to her mouth and with a gulp she nods. Seeing our behaviour, after a grin, Azalea continued talking.

「…Then, how long has been since you two started going out?」

Buuーーーーu!! The milk that Milly had in her mouth was majestically spilled out towards Azalea. It rained incessantly and without mercy over the face of Azalea, being soaked, her pretty black hair was dyed in white.

「…Kehokkeho, I’m… I’m sorry. But it was because you said something strange…」

「…Yes, it’s my fault for not having dodged. I still don’t have enough training. 」

While dripping drops of milk, Azalea took a handkerchief from her own pocket.




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