Chapter 64: The power of Ain


「Woops, it’s already time, I’m sorry but I was in the middle of shopping. You will have to excuse me. 」

「Bye-Bye, Azalea-san」

As a response to Milly who was waving her hand, Azalea laughs. In the end, we were treated with desserts and tea cakes by Azalea, and it seems that Milly was completely tamed by her.

「Let’s go, Zeph!」


So she is the dispatched mage Azalea. I thought, that the dispatched mages were always in the capital, but to think that someone like her is in this remote countryside. Although it’s probably because her older sister, Clare-sensei lives here, that type of relation?

But if she had that space teleportation magic, then the distance should not be a big problem.

While seeing Azalea leave, I barely remembered to use scout scope on her.

Azalea  Silfy

Level 99

「Red」Magic level 41 Level limit: 41

「Blue」Magic level 39 Level limit: 39

「Green」Magic level 54 Level limit: 54

「Sky」Magic level: 59 Level limit: 59

「Soul」Magic level: 36 Level limit: 36

Magic level: 6201/6201

Azalea’s level is 99. Her unique magic’s are too many to be counted, and she has 100 or more in her possession. I was aware that dispatched mages have many unique skills so I wasn’t surprised, but having so many to that extent… Moreover, even her level is 99.

Seruberie and now even Azalea, so young and yet their levels are so high. Seruberie has her unique magic called chronos, and Azalea reached to the point where she can be called a dispatched mage which holds no restraints whatsoever.

To use them as an example is something else right. But well, the higher the place I can aim towards, the more competition I will have. Placing my hand on her head with a slap, I muttered.

「We must also become strong」


Milly who has like a question mark on her face, but as soon as I start to gently stroke her head, her expression changes to one of comfortableness.


As soon as I left the town, I teleport myself towards the ruined church. The purpose is to experiment with the summon servant which I couldn’t in the last few days to my heart’s content.

I started to chant the summon servant spell, and in the same way that yesterday, the same familiar, Ain, came from inside the light. Looking through the scout scope, the summon servant with the word level 2 has turned now into a dark grey color. If I think the word was white before, then I can think that it will be not possible to use it for a little while after it has turned a dark grey color. Even the magic consumption which is 500 is a lot.

The next thing I do is use the scout scope on Ain.

Ainbell  Ruby-Eye

Level 2

Magic level 15/15

Even though her magic level for a level 2 is low, I will leave aside that for now. It seems that she doesn’t have much magic either. Then I check the contents of my bag. The high-level medium inside of the bag didn’t decrease, so it will be possible to use summon servant spell with only magic power. Or at least at the present stage.

「Grandpa, did you call me?」

I incline my head, Ain was flying around me. The level of Ain should be the same that summon servant spell. So that means that maybe when I level up the summon servant’s level, Ain too will grow.

「Let’s continue yesterday’s question.  Ain, what can you do?」

「Nn~n… I don’t know!  A meal please!」

As I thought, today is not good either. I can’t grab her attention at all, just like yesterday.

I handed a high-level medium to Ain who had a face full of glory, then I let out a sigh when I see her eating and making a crunching sound.

–Immediately after, just when I feel a presence behind me I proceed to turn around. A zombie has come. I chose this proving ground where monsters appear with the only purpose of testing the power of Ain.

Judging from yesterday’s response, I predicted that we wouldn’t be having much of a conversation so. I have a few guesses as to what extent her strength is.

Seruberie’s unique magic, the magic to summon a snake made of magic, something like an enchantment spell type to reinforce her magic, and even the familiar can attack by his own decision. Or the type to strengthen my own physical strength… Well, it’s likely it will be one of those three options.

And because I saw many mages summoning familiars with their unique magic, I can roughly deduce their strength.

I quickly approached the zombie that was approaching and I stood in front of it.

The zombie stops his movement like it was puzzled but only for an instant, and like wanting to test its strength by tearing me up, it comes to me attacking.

Even though I easily evade its attacks, I didn’t move at all. Though I continue evading several times, Ain’s behaviour didn’t have any change, it was only flying around me. The only other option left is that it may improve my magic power?

After having retreated with a back step, I casted the time square in my mind and white crash simultaneously, and until the effect go away I took note of the time, then I use the scout scope on the zombie.

I let time run and after the zombie was wrapped around by a light, the effect of the scout scope was put into action.


Level 6

Magic level: 4112/452 (TL note:  Overkill this is the correct figure being displayed)

I could see the remaining figure just before the zombie fell down. I thought about this method just a while back, and it is the method of using time square, right after chanting out time square if I used scout scope along with it, I am able to see exactly how much damage it has taken right before its death.

There are many cases of experimenting magic against weak monsters, and at the same time there are many times when monsters are defeated in one strike, so it’s difficult to assert the damage to eliminate the monster, but if I use this, I will be able to guess to certain extent.

The damage I’ve done is about 4600. I think my damage from when I was trying to test my attack has increased a little from before I called Ain.

But leaving that aside, something worthy of special mention is that even if I use the white crash, I don’t consume a high-level medium. With the little money I have after having sold the king nippers card, I’m very pleased to have this kind of power.

「Grandpa, I’m hungry~」

「Really, even though you have already eaten..」

No, since Ain itself require high-level mediums, as I thought, I need to secure a stable source of supply. I only gave one high-level medium to Ain, and then I went to search zombies with teleportation.

「I’m sleepy…」

「Aah, good night」

I reply to Ain when who was disappearing while rubbing her eyes, and then the next moment I start thinking about the experiment results.

Apparently, the ability of Ain is to reduce the cost of invoking and improve the power but only when it’s related to the soul magic. And after a fixed time it seems that she needs to consume a high-level medium. I can say the duration is about ten minutes?

Even though I tried to attack many zombies using white crash, only a lowly 5% was improved, moreover, she doesn’t strengthen any of the other magic’s. Frankly I can say that in the current state the summon servant spell doesn’t have any noticeable effect, but as Ain grows and levels up, I can expect the efficiency of her power to improve.

For the time being I can’t use the summon servant spell anymore, so I will end my experiment for today.

Well, to my next task… In the middle of my thinking a person has appeared. The person who appeared from the dark was Seruberie. Because I saw burning marks on the ground I knew that Seruberie had been hunting the King of the Dead.

There was another reason why I chose this place as a place for my experiments. And it was to meet Seruberie, and ask her about the relationship between her and the dispatched magicians.

When Seruberie took notice of me, she made a surprised face for a moment after seeing an unexpected visitor.



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