Chapter 65: Thief


Seruberie was standing in the ruined church, in a corner of the graveyard.

The King of the Dead resurrects every week, and even though I don’t know the exact moment in which it resurrects, I approach Seruberie. I was not quite sure whether or not I could met Seruberie today, but I was lucky this time.

「We meet again」

「Preparing an ambush, I cannot say it’s a hobby that I admire」

Even though I’m being criticized by my ambush, she doesn’t look angry to that extent

「Sorry. There was something I wanted to tell you no matter what」

「Something you want to tell me…?」

「Yesterday, after you saved us, Milly and I, we met with dispatched mages from the magician society and it seems they were looking very hard for you, Seruberie…」

「Oh it’s about that?」

As if it was something troublesome, Seruberie fiddles with her hair. Well, in this ruins there is only one layer, so she is probably aware that she is being chased? She takes out a clock from her coat, checks the time and then she turns around facing me.

「I’m sorry but the King of the Dead will resurrect shortly. Can we talk a bit later?」

「Aah, since I am also here, I will help you. Seruberie」

Just then, the King of the Dead resurrected in front of us, but we were able to repulse it with ease. After Seruberie fires her magic, her magic power is consumed, so I take care of buying enough time for her to recover.

This was repeated three times until the King of the Dead was completely worn-out and had collapsed. Even though it was a low rank boss, there is a limit to killing it with one blow. As I thought, Seruberie’s power is terrific. After she put the drop item into her bag and the snake bone ring into her pocket, she turns around facing towards me.

「I’m sorry, you even had to help me」

「It doesn’t matter, even if I don’t help you I am sure that you can defeat it alone」

It was the truth, I only helped her to gain a bit of time.

「…Then, do you mind if continue our conversation?」

「Yeah, I suppose so…」

Seruberie sighs like it was bothersome, it is quite evident that this is not a topic she wants to talk about.

「Did you do something to the magician society to make them pursue you?」

「I didn’t do anything to make them pursue me to this extent」

「If it was not something so important, then they wouldn’t send dispatched mages」

It seems that this is a topic she doesn’t want to talk about, but I can’t let it pass. Against the persistent me, she answer as if she had surrendered.

「…I only borrowed a scroll that was in the society and that’s all」

I can’t close up my mouth. No matter how you think about it, it’s really serious.

「…So, have you returned it?」

「…Not yet」

「isn’t that clearly a robbery…?」

That reminds me, back in the days when I was travelling together with Seruberie, she always grabbed my stuff and used them as she pleased, but I didn’t think it was possible for her to do the same thing against others and especially against the society. However, this unique magic that was written on a scroll by the society must be fully guarded, you’ve done a great job in stealing it. Seruberie is the type of person that can do something like that, but as always, she is extremely reckless.

「…..Why didn’t you return it?」

「…When I was about to do that, they started to chase after me so I ended up running. The pursuers attacked me without asking questions or answering me, so I don’t know if this is a good time to go there again and return it…」

So you mean that you ended running all this time until today. I noticed that you had difficulties in associating with other people but for them to be to this extent.

「You know, the more time it passes the more difficult it will be to return it!」

「I tried to return it secretly at night, but the security became strict so in the end I couldn’t return it」

This person is hopeless… If I don’t do something quickly then… She turns away her eyes from me, and standing there like it was really troublesome she seemed as if she were a child being scolded.

「…I understood. I will be the one who returns it so can you give me the scroll to me?」

「That will be a big help… Muu, you are saying that, but aren’t you secretly planning to learn the scroll in this way?」

Good grief! This has become so troublesome because you are so perceptive at bad times. Grinning and laughing, I turn around facing Seruberie and I reply her,

「I leave it to your imagination. Seruberie」

「It seems that I can’t let down my guard against you, even a bit」

Fufufu, both of us had a wicked smile on our faces.

「Well, I don’t have any problem with that, but Zeph, if the magician’s society find out that you have been in contact with me, it’s possible that you will be marked down by them」

「I’ll do it in a way in which they wouldn’t find out. I have already thought of a plan」

I know where teacher Clare’s house is. If she is the sister of Azalea, then, If I say I picked it up from the ground, I only have to pass it to teacher Clare and somehow I will be able to deceive her,

「But anyways, it’s better if you apologize. It will be better for your image even if is not certain they will ever forgive you」

When you look at Azalea, she doesn’t seem like an unsociable dispatched mage with which you can’t talk to.

「…I’m not sure, so if it’s possible can you tell them in my stead Zeph?」

「Even if I am the one to tell them something, it will not have the full sincerity… At least write an apology letter yourself」

「If it’s only that…」

Seruberie unwillingly uses the collapsed gravestone as a desk to write the letter of apology. I peek to see if she is truly writing, but then she uses her hand to block my view. Are you a child?

I think the moment when we first met she was a bit more honest… And even at that time she was already avoiding relationships with people… Leaving aside the disappointment, this Seruberie that is like a child is kind of refreshing.

For a short moment I continue to protect Seruberie while she is writing the letter, and then when she finishes writing, she sealed the letter and gives it to me together with the scroll.


「Good work」

After letting out a sigh, Seruberie puts the pen in her coat. I received the letter and the scroll that she passed to me with her hand, and then when I look to the contents, I saw on the bottom the name of the magic that Seruberie is using “Chronos”.

「That scroll is a unique magic that only by just possessing it, the growth is specially fast. When I got that for several years, my growth accelerated with great speed」

Let’s not reply her about the fact that she stole it for several years. Because in that aspect I have a similar way of thinking as her, birds of a feather flock together.

「That’s right, Seruberie. Why don’t you join our guild? I’m sure our companions will accept you」

「This body is being chased by the society. It’s likely I will trouble you, it’s better to stop here」

「…Are you embarrassed?」

The moment I said that, Seruberie looks away, looking at the opposite direction. Uu… I have made her angry? Because when Seruberie is angry, she stops talking.

「Um… Seruberie?」

When I get close and I call her, she displays some action like she was playing with something with her hand. Immediately after, with a *bump* my head was hit by something.

「…It’s not possible for me to enter in your guild, but I will pass this to you. If something happens, then you may call me」

Then after saying that, Seruberie used teleportation and went away.

Go away but do that after hearing my answer, good grief… What’s more, I don’t know where she went in this darkness. A red ball floats on the tip of my finger, illuminating the place. When I see the ground, something was reflected by my light.

「Isn’t this….the fragment of a crystal ring…?」

This is made at the time when a guild is created, and it is possible to talk telepathically but only with the other people who have parts of the fragment. Nevertheless, there is a restriction.

「With this even if I am holding a part of the fragment I can’t communicate with you, you know?」

With this crystal ring, the holders of the fragments can’t begin the conversation, they can only receive it. That Seruberie, she doesn’t seem to have ever used it before…

This is why you are always alone…

Letting out a sigh, I swore to myself that the next time I met Seruberie I will teach her how to use this.



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