Chapter 70: Culture


「Ooh? If it isn’t the kids from the other day」

Walking along the road we happened to cross by the Magic Associations dispatch from before, I believe his name was Grain. Grain turns his gaze towards us, his smile distorting across his face as he pushed himself up from against the wall. We took a slight step back as Grain approached us as he began to build up magic power, but there’s no reason to be scared if it’s just him.

「Hahaha! You  wimps don’t have to be so scared, I’m not going to do anything」

「A Representative of the magic association can only attack those that are aggressive against the organization right?」

When saying so, Grains eyebrow twitches up in surprise.

「Hoo, you seem quite knowledgeable about the Association」

「Well that is the rule.  Did you summon those familiars over there? 」

While Grain and I were speaking, it seems Grains familiars begin to fight the Mist Wraiths. Looking carefully as the large amount of Wraith Masters were enclosed in a Blue Wall, Mist wraiths began to be summoned over and over, successively being defeated each time.

It’s not wonder that the second level of this dungeon doesn’t have many monsters left. he’s basically trapping all the monsters in one spot and slaughtering them all for his own gain.

Moreover, abusing the fact that these wraiths would summon servants, this isn’t something a representative that is supposed to enforce the laws of the magic association should do.

「Ah that’s right, a representative should be stricter yes, while it’s good to have obtained that power, the rules about fighting monsters seems troublesome. That’s why I trained using these familiars」

I see, it’s true that using a summoned servant can be considered indirect action making them convenient for a dispatched mage.

Or more like, his familiar’s are considerably strong.

Although it was two versus one, the Mist Wraiths were instantly defeated.

I wonder if the day will come when Ain can fight like this as well. Looking over to Ain, she was fascinated by the magic being used by the two female familiars, her line of sight glued to them.

「Oh? Do you also have a Familiar? Ah well…It doesn’t even look like its strong at all oi!」

Everyone seems to be finding his blunt attitude unpleasant, but Grain continues provoking us without care.

「the familiars’ power is effected by the quality of magic of the summoner. Summoning such a small thing, Isn’t it irresponsible to expose such a thing? 」

「….You’re going too far…! 」(Claude Speaking)

Claude who had heard enough began to lash out, but was held back by my right hand.


「…That’s true isn’t it, it’s fine we will go, But I must say, that  your hunting manners aren’t very responsible. Even you should know about your responsibility as a representative of the magic association. I think you should take care of your own situation before commenting on others」

While disregarding the twitching of Grains eyebrows I lead our party of three back to the road.


Hearing an audible voice from behind I turn around, down the road…I could see Grain feigning a bitter smile. It seems like there’s little resistance to letting us go. However, since a representative is around enforcing the rules I may not be able to make any moves.

「Is there anything else you want? 」

「…Not particularly? I simply thought that I should remember your face」

「Remember it well. My name as well. It’s Zeph Einstein」

「Aa I’ll remember it Zeph」

Grain declares so while glaring back at me with eyes full of murderous intent.

With this he should be focused on coming after me instead of aiming for everybody else.

This good-for-nothing fate of mine, I have to stop exposing everyone dangerous situations after all.

「L… Let’s go Zeph! 」

「….Hah. Be careful when you go hunting from now on」

After saying those menacing words, Grain leaned his body back against the wall he turned his gaze back to watching his familiars fight.

「What was that guy’s problem! 」 (Milly)

「There was no reason for him to say such things…」 (Claude)

「He’s the worst! 」 (Lydia)

All three of them seem to be quite angry with him.

「Those guys…are kinda scary…」 (Ain Speaking)

Ain was probably referring to Grain and his two familiars. Certainly were not able to talk like Ain, they made quite the scary faces while in combat…will Ain make a similar face in battle, I wonder if there is something that would cause Ain to become like that.

「Certainly there’s something wrong with his character! 」

Lydia is still mad after the encounter. Ain was being bullied after all; it seems she’s still considerably mad. Grain mentioned that the power of the summoned servant depended on the ability and control of the summoner didn’t he.

I’ve learned various things in that conversation with him. I also used the scout scope on Grains familiars, both of his familiars were level 50, at that level would Ain also be able to instantly defeat the mist wraiths, Grains magic power also looks to be stronger than Azalea.

Thinking of comparing Azalea and Grains magical power, to that extent how many types of magic can they use?

I think a representative magician would likely seek more power anyways. Well at least I now understand you can use two familiars at once, that’s some good information at least.

「Aah enough! How irritating! 」

Leaving Wanaruta city ruins, we returned to the town of Beruta, although Lydia’s irritation with the previous situation has yet to settle down.

「…Relax Lydia.  There’s no reason to worry about it now」

「How can I relax!? He made fun of Ain-chan! 」

As she says this she held my head and pulled on it really hard.

It hurts, it hurts! If you keep doing that my head will come off, you know?!

「T…That reminds me that peculiar magic you learned yesterday was amazing! Your level went up instantly」

Claude reads the atmosphere and changes the topic.

「Growth was it? Yeah that was amazing. I went up two levels as well♪ 」

Even though my level went up just yesterday, I feel like I gained another level today. We used to take three or four days to obtain one level but now we are getting one in a day, isn’t this nearly five times as much experience from before? What fearsome growth.

「Eh is that so? My level didn’t go up at all…」

That’s impossible. Lydia is the lowest leveled of our group. If everybody is leveling up Lydia would definitely have gone up as well.

Using the scout scope on Lydia, the level of her Growth Skill was still at level 1. Hmm, level 1? …Can’t be.

Using the scout scope on everyone else, Growth’s skill level of Milly is 92, Claude is 22 and I have level 75 etched in.

Will the growth rate change depending on the level of the skill? Which reminds me when I felt for Lydia’s magic line, she was almost like an ordinary person.

「…Perhaps, Growth only has an effect on people with magic power」

「Ehh!? No way…Seriously? 」

「Looking through the scout scope, the level of Growth of Lydia is extremely low compared to us. Probably this I think is influencing the speed of growth」

「Acha~ is that so~…」

As opposed to the light tone from earlier, there was a big shock as she makes a bitter smile.

Looking around to everyone, we exchanged quick glances unable to call out or think of something to say, in that situation there was nothing but silence.

Unable to stand the situation any longer, Lydia breaks the silence.

「…if I drag you guys down, you won’t abandon me right? 」

「Obviously! 」

Lydia trembles from hearing my proclamation, staring at me with eyes open wide.

「Don’t even joke about that kind of thing. Thinking of yourself as a burden, there’s no way we could think like that.」

Everyone else follows up after my words.

「That’s right! Or more like, Lydia-san is way stronger than me! 」 (Claude Speaking)

「uh-huh, that’s right! Lydia is much stronger than Claude! 」 (Milly Speaking)

「…Hey, Milly-san. Even though you agree that still hurts you know」 (Claude)

「ehehe…Sorry, Claude」 (Milly)

Lydia’s eyes begin to tear up as she watches the comedic duo of Milly and Claude.

「…Enough already, everyone’s acting so cheeky…I’m supposed to be your senior you know」

Saying so, Lydia began to wipe away her tears.




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