Chapter 71: At my own pace


Late at night, I came to the Wanaruta City ruins alone.

When I summoned Ain the other day, she was actually able to maintain being summoned for over one hour, and so I thought that it might actually be possible for me to go out hunting alone.

Just as a precaution though, I plan on hunting near the entrance of the dungeon.

When I got up in the morning and used scout scope on myself, I confirmed that the letters on Summon Servant changed from grey to white.

When I first used Summon Servant, it would normally be impossible to use it again before a full day had passed, but now that the ability increased in level, it seems that the cool down of the ability has also decreased.

When I chanted the Summon Servant Spell, Ain came out from within the light.

「Granpa, did you call me~?」

「Ahh, Do you think you can accompany me for a little while?」


I brought Ain along a stroll in the surrounding of the city ruins, and I started to cast Blue Wave to scan and search for any nearby enemies.

This spell didn’t use much magical energy, and if a Mist Wraith was using the Black Curtain ability in order to hide itself, it would be discovered by the Blue Wave.

Furthermore, as long as I had the Safe Protection blessing on me, I shouldn’t be fatally injured even if they manage to sneak up on me.

I advanced forwards while meditating.

When I hunted in such a high level hunting ground all by myself, there is definitely this feeling of tension in the air.

I was enjoying the electric feeling of tension in the air as I continued to increase my concentration.

「Granpa, Food~」

With the sound of her voice, my concentration was broken and I slipped down.

Ain was on top of my head lying on her stomach, while kicking her foot against my head.

「I understand, I got it……」


I reached inside my pocket and grabbed a single high-quality medium in order to give to Ain, whilst watching my surroundings again.

Ain was nibbling on the high-level medium, and made crunching sounds. It was at this point in time that I heard a small noise.

When I turned my head towards the sound, to see what was there, I saw the air shimmering and a shadow approach from the building.

The Black Curtain spell that Mist Wraith’s uses works by hiding itself in a refraction of the air by using clothes created by wind magic.

If they didn’t move, you wouldn’t be able to detect them at all, but if they moved around, and you concentrated around the area, you could see this shimmering whenever they drifted.

「Today I want to try a combination of Spirit Magic」

I confirmed the figure of the approaching Mist Wraith, and then I chanted out Time Square.

I simultaneously casted Black Crash and White Crash at the same time, and the moment that I deactivated the time freeze, the two black and white maelstrom of magic penetrated through the Mist Wraith.

Combining the large area of effect of Spirit type Magic and the speed and velocity of Sky type magic, the Crashing of spells was without a doubt very easy to land…….However even though the Mist Wraith was pierced by the whirlpool of energy, the Mist Wraith didn’t seem to be taking any damage.

「Hmm, it would seem that the affinity of this combined spell is not good against the Mist Wraith」

Although I had my expectations on the matter, it would seem that other than Red type Magic, the Spirit type Magic is not really efficient if it’s combined with the other types.

I did try it before, and it feels like Spirit Magic was really effective against the undead type monsters, but other than that, it isn’t really cut out to be combined with other spells. Aside from the Red Type Magic, the other types of magic weren’t really that effective towards the undead to begin with, and even if I combined the spells together, it may actually end up reducing the effectiveness of Spirit Magic.

The Black Curtain spell cancels out when it comes into contact with my Blue Wave and while dodging it’s attacks, I casted two White Crashes on top of each other and I destroyed the Mist Wraith.

After my training with Lydia, I seriously increased my ability to evade attacks. If my opponent is merely at this level of skill, it is really easy for me to evade their attacks.

That reminds me, when Grain was fighting against the monsters he used his two familiars to fight for him right?

I remember the kind of weapons that those two familiars were holding.

It was most definitely top quality goods that was sold in a high-quality weapon shop from the capital city.

I heard that as part of the prestigious Dispatch Magicians, they have this rule that unless they were the ones that were first attacked, they are not allowed to start the fight.

For someone like Grain, this kind of restriction becomes a huge bother I suppose, and in order to have a loophole against such a troublesome set of rules and procedures, it would be easier if their familiars could take action for them.

If someone becomes as strong as one of the Dispatched Magicians, but is unable to wield their powers in freedom, I think that it is kind of pointless.

「Hey, Ain」

「I’m sleepy…..」

As soon as she said this, Ain disappeared along with a flicker of light.

Yesterday she was able to last for more than an hour, why is it like this today?

Incidentally, I remember that yesterday, Ain was even able to say “Bye bye” before she disappeared.

The first time I ever summoned her, and also this time around, this is the second time she’s said that she was “sleepy” and abruptly disappeared.

Don’t tell me that because it was night time, she couldn’t be summoned for a long duration?

I guess I will need to try this theory out when morning comes?

After this, I continued to hunt the Mist Wraith’s alone, but because I didn’t use any Spirit Magic, and only used Green Crash to attack the Wraiths, I needed to cast it more often and it made me become really tired.

If one day Ain was able to fight alongside me like Grain’s familiars, this would be a huge burden taken off my shoulders.

Well I can’t really ask too much of her right now.

The morning sun was beginning to climb so I left Wanaruta City Ruins and returned back to Beruta Town.

By the time I returned to town, the sun had already risen, and the people of the town had already begun their daily activities.

When I confirmed the loot I obtained from today’s hunt, I realized that I still had the Growth Scroll in my bag. Come to think of it, I’m supposed to hand this over to Claire-sensei….

If I’m not mistaken, I believe that sensei’s house is in the residential area at the middle of town.

I have been there once before together with Milly.

Passing through the downtown and into the corner of the residential area, her house was a small house with a red roof.

This must be Claire sensei’s house. I wonder if Azalea’s house is also nearby? It would be troublesome if I was seen with the scroll, so I better move quickly.

Thinking these thoughts, I knocked on the door, and suddenly the door opened up with a clank and Claire sensei appeared.


She opened the same time as I was about to knock, and Claire sensei was clearly shocked by my visit.

It’s understandable. If you opened your door and someone just happened to be standing there, anyone would get shocked.

「Claire Sensei…….!」(TL: Sensei = teacher)

「I was so startled~ Ahh? …….Isn’t it Zeph-kun! It’s been so long~!」

She focused her glasses and after looking closely at my face, Claire sensei grabbed my head and embraced me into her chest.

This is agonizing! I tried to shake off Claire sensei’s hands and get myself out of her breasts but she doesn’t seem to realize that I was trying to escape.

As usual she really takes things at her own pace.

Geez, whenever I am around her everything seems so out of control.

「Did you come to visit me after coming into the city?」

That reminds me, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I also started living in this town.

Well I think it would become a troublesome thing if I told her, so it may be better if I just kept quiet?

「No, I’m only going to return something that was dropped by somebody, and after that I plan to leave straight away」

「Oh is that so~? You’re such a good boy aren’t you, returning lost things to others 」

Saying that, Claire sensei began to caress my head.

While my head was getting rubbed I quickly put my hands into my bag and pulled out the Growth Scroll to give to Claire Sensei.

「What is this?」

「Azelea……Just a while ago, I actually met with Claire sensei’s little sister, and I think that she was looking for this Growth Scroll. I want you to pass it on to her」

「Hee~ You met with Azelia? How is she? What did you guys talk about?」

She was nudging me with her elbow as she urged me to speak. She’s really spurring on a crime here.

「Nothing much happened between us, I would like it if you didn’t talk in such an insinuating way」

「Again again~ Even though there is a basis for it~」

If I wanted to start a debate with her, I don’t think it would ever end.

I think it’s time for me to escape.

「Claire sensei, were you about to go to school?」

「Kyaah, you’re right! I’m so sorry Zeph-kun, please come over and visit me together with Milly next time, okay!」

Claire sensei started to run as she exchanged greetings with the people she came across.

Even here, it seems that a lot of people adore her.

「Now then…..」

I was just talking to myself as I was getting ready to return to the inn, when I heard a voice inside of my head.

(Ah Zeph, can you hear me? It’s me)

This voice is, Silverie isn’t it? (Translator Note: I’m going to change ‘Seruberie’ into ‘Silverie’ from now on)

(Silverie, What’s wrong?)

(Ahh, I want you to hunt a Sunny Raven for me, do you think you can do it? I have some important matter that I need to attend today)

Sun Ray Mountain’s Boss monster, Sunny Raven.

This was the same boss that Silverie snatched away from us, when Claude and I were on the verge of defeating it.

Last time around we really cut it close, but if I brought four people along this time, I think it would be much easier.

When I was thinking about my options, Silverie continued talking.

(Then, I’ll see you later. If you have some problem, please tell me)

After hearing her voice, I heard a sound of the telepathic communication being broken off.

Hey wait a minute, you haven’t even heard my answer yet!

(Silverie? Oi Silverie?!)

No matter what I said after that, she didn’t answer me.

It was already unexpected for her to take the initiative to come and talk to me telepathically, but I didn’t expect that she would cut the connection before I even had the chance to answer.

Geez, she’s doing things at her own pace.

Well I guess if we get into a pinch, we can just run away right?

For the time being, shall I just invite everyone to see if they are keen?


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