Chapter 72: Rematch


Leaving Clare-sensei’s house, I found Milly and Claude enjoying a meal back at the hotel.

A large pile of food lay between them.

「Welcome back, Zeph-kun」

「If you don’t hurry it’s going to be all gone you know」

「Of course, I intend to eat my fill, but after we finishing eating, what do you guys think about going to the Sun Ray Mountains in order to hunt down a Sunny Raven? 」

Milly and Claude both stopped eating and turned their heads towards me upon my declaration. Wiping her mouth with a tablecloth, Milly responds to my suggestion.

「I don’t really mind it…… but you should really give us an earlier heads up」

「The Sun Ray Mountains is pretty far~ If we depart now, we will probably get their by noon」

As a matter of fact, I also agree with their opinions na, Silverie.

「In the first place, how can we confirm that the boss will spawn?」

「An acquaintance told me about it」

When I said these words, both Milly and Claude’s ears pricked up.

「Is it a…. Girl?」

「It is…」

How did they know it was a girl I wonder?

When I answered their question, the two girls breathed out a sigh.

「Ah whatever, I guess I will go」

「I also don’t mind it」

「Is that so? Well I already told Lydia about this before I came back to the inn. She said she was going to make us a lunch bento so she’s going to be a little late, I think it will be good if we depart after around 1 hour」

The remaining three pieces of bread on the table were quickly stuffed inside the mouths of Milly and Claude, I decided to make my way to the bath.

Sun Ray Mountain Range, the area is mainly a grassy plain.

Looking out into the grassy plains for the Sun Raven, Lydia produced four sandwiches for us to eat.

A mark left over from Silverie was burnt into the ground, the Sun Raven will probably revive around there.

While thinking about such things I stuff my mouth with a large bite from the sandwich Lydia made.

Between the two slices of bread are ample amounts of bird meat and vegetables, If I didn’t eat this carefully, it would start to spill out of my mouth and drop into the ground.

Anyway there is clearly more meat than bread.

「Delicious!」 (Milly Speaking)

「E..eating this is a bit, difficult」 (Claude Speaking)

「If you opan your mwouth wide, it fon’t spill out」 (Lydia Speaking: If you open your mouth wide it won’t spill out)

「…Don’t speak with your mouth full」 (Zeph Speaking)

Anyhow immediately after we finished eating, I decided to use Summon Servant during the break.



As soon as Ain had shown up she jumps into Claude’s chest and buries her body into it.

「hehe it seems she has taking a liking to me huh?」

「I’m so jealous~ Claude~」

「Ain-Chan, Do you want a bite~?」

Did she make that portion specifically for her? Lydia holds out a small sandwich in front of Ain, but Ain shakes her head back and forth refusing it.

「My bad Lydia, Ain will only eat this」

「Muu… What if I place the high-quality medium in between the sandwich…」

「No, I don’t think the bread is the deciding factor.」

While giving the high level medium for Ain to eat I check her using the Scout Scope, compared to the Summon Servant level of 7, Ain’s level is still only 3.

Grain must have used is familiars quite a bit, a Familiars power will grow as it defeats demons. However right now I haven’t used Ain in any battles. Most likely she can also grow stronger from eating the high quality mediums.

I can bring her up doing that to some extent, but raising her abilities in combat might be more efficient. That is the way that Grain does it. The revival time of Sun Raven is approaching while I was lost in thought.

「It’s about time, I will go with Lydia, and Claude should pair up with Milly, if things ever get too dangerous, don’t hesitate to teleport out of the area. The plan is just like we discussed on our way here」



「Yeah! Let’s do it! 」

While applying Safe Protection on Lydia I can hear it cackle slightly as she slaps her face, Ain is still sitting in Claude’s chest, I try to pull her out by the wings but she moves too dexterously.

「Hey Ain! You need to come here! 」

「H…Hey! Ain-chan! It’s not good if you do not return to Zeph-kun! 」

「Don’t wanna! I like being with Claude! 」

Umm she’s completely attached to Claude.

Well right now there is no real merit even if Ain is with me, besides something interesting could be revealed if I leave it to Claude.

「Well it’s fine. Claude, Take care of Ain」

「Understood. …Obediently listen to me okay, Ain-chan」


「Honestly…I’m counting on you Claude」

「Yes, I’ll take full responsibility for Ain-chan!」

Come to think of it Claude’s Screen Point skill makes her the safest spot for Ain to be in right?

Ain waves her hand as she sits on Claude’s chest getting her head pat, everyone begins to cast strengthening magic putting us at about half left.

「Milly will lead. I will go in as soon as my magic recovers」

「Got it!」

「Then according to plan」

Teleporting to the grassy plain Milly and Claude’s the both of them were very vigilant of their surroundings. There’s a good atmosphere going. If it goes well, we may even be able to beat it with just those two.


「What’s up?」

Lydia addresses me in a serious manner.

「You usually pair up with either Claude or Milly」

「Is that so?」

「I can tell from experience, that whenever you choose to partner with somebody…. It’s because they are lagging behind, and today you’ve chosen me」

「Such a thing is….」

Turning behind me, I can see a sadness in Lydia. It was an expression that she doesn’t usually show on her face.

Considering that she was the only one who hasn’t made any progress from her Growth Scroll Skill, does she still have complicated feelings about that, I wonder?

「Idiot, do you really think that I would make a selection just based on something like that? I chose you today, because we can fight the most efficiently together」

「But that’s why, you had me follow you…」

「The purpose was to beat the enemy efficiently. For that purpose, this time Lydia and I make the best pair to defeat this enemy so no more complaints」


It seems Lydia is still puzzled with my conclusion

「Did you bring the new weapon I talked about earlier?」

「The thing you wanted me to bring from this morning? I do but…」

Saying that, she pulled out a giant axe with a blue jewel embedded in it from inside her bag. It is thicker than the broad-axe which she usually used, it was a rustic looking thing. It was my special order and it had splendid workmanship.

「You mean this one? The one that you wanted made? It’s certainly strong」

「Ah, This will do」

Lydia still had a question mark floating above her but I gave her a firm slap on the butt.

「Let’s go, It’s almost time for the Sun Raven to revive」

「…Alright however, where do you think your touching? mouu~」

「Well! You were just in the right position. There wasn’t any special meaning to it.」

「Yeah, yeah, you were totally being ecchi!」

Despite her words the tension in the air relaxed…Well it served its purpose so it’s all good.

I scratched my head while hearing a munch-crunch sound, Lydia notices something and raises her voice.

「I see it! Zeph-kun」

Lydia points out to where she is looking, we could see the Sun Raven reviving right near where Claude is.

Claude also noticed and took Milly behind her.

「We should also head off, Lydia」


Lydia cheerfully answered back with a smile reverting back to her usual facial expression. Even though she seems fine, I can tell that she is thinking of various things.

Grabbing Lydia’s hand, I cast teleport and departed.


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