Chapter 73: Triple


It was almost at the same time that Lydia and I landed on the grassy plains that Claude was swinging her sword at the Sunny Raven. Milly was standing a little distance away from Claude and the Sunny Raven. And even further back was Lydia and I.


Shouting out towards the Sunny Raven, Claude launched a blow towards the wing of the Raven, it’s red wings fluttered as a little bit of its feathers fell off.

Using its large wings, it was flapping and rotating it in order to push Claude away from it, but Claude manages to jump backwards and nimbly dodges it’s attacks. The Raven followed up with a Red Barret chasing after Claude, but she was already prepared for its magical attacks and had activated Screen Point in order to nullify it’s magic.

Aside from it’s magic, the Sunny Raven was actually quite weak, and it was apparent that Claude had the upper hand in these exchanges.

She also had previous experience fighting this Boss monster so this time around the fight was much more stable.

「Blue Gale!」

Milly was also firing off her magic and supporting Claude from the backlines.

Milly is also pretty stable and she’s only using Blue Gale to fight.

But didn’t I tell her that if she used Blue Type Magic to the Sunny Raven, it would go into Berserk Mode even faster? Geez…

「When it turns into a firebird, Blue type magic is more effective, was it?」

「You are referring to the Berserk Mode, right? When the Sunny Raven enters its berserk mode. it will become vulnerable to Blue type Magic」

「When that time comes, it will be my turn」

「Ahh, Milly will be the one to give the signal」

Milly was using Scout Scope, while fighting the Sunny Raven, and checking its Magical Value.

When it enters Berserk Mode, I will use a Blue Wall, just like the last time we fought a Sunny Raven we will use Blue Wall to restrict it’s movements.

Normally it would be quite difficult to stop the movements of a monster with Blue Wall, but I’ve had a lot of practice with the trash mobs, and right now Claude was taking its attention away from me so I think I can make do somehow.

Even if I don’t completely seal its movements, as long as I stop it’s movements it should be fine.

Now then, I should start participating in the attack!

「When the Sunny Raven is attacked by magic from afar, it will also retaliate with magical attacks. Please be sure to protect me」(Zeph Speaking)

「Okay~♪ Leave it to me!」(Lydia Speaking)

I chanted Time Square, and within the time suspension, I casted Black Sphere and Green Sphere.

「Gravity Sphere!」

I took aim and cast a black spherical ball right into the body of the Sunny Raven, and it began to mince and graze the body of the Raven.

Even though it was taking my attack, it still glared back at me viciously and launched a red heat ray attack.

Is that a Red Blaster?


「Yeah, yeah…..Hup!」

Lydia used the large ax she was holding in her hands to block the heat ray.

The large ax receives a staggering impact that sent sparks off of it, but it was still able to maintain its firm shape.

If this was a normal weapon, taking this powerful Heat Ray would surely cause the weapon to become damaged, however her particular ax was imbued with Blue Type Magic using the Poiseidon’s Tears that we farmed previously, due to the blue gem embedded in the Ax, it was actually very tolerant to Red Type Magic.

When the Heat Ray finally stopped, you could see the color of the blade from the ax glow a slight tinge of red, signifying the amount of heat from the attack.

「Ohh~ this thing is amazing. It has magical resistance」

「It’s is enchanted with Blue Magical energy. Therefore, any Red type attacks against it will have little effect. Should we name it Flood Ax?」

「……Umm, why is Zeph-chi the one giving it a name?」

「I……I also helped with the creation of the Ax didn’t I?!」

I didn’t expect that she would be so bothered by the minor details….

The Sunny Raven receives an attack from Claude and once again it turns its neck towards the other side.

No matter how cool the Flood Ax sounds, if it continuously receives an attack from the monster, it will without a doubt break into pieces. In order to achieve victory, it is not an exaggeration to say that Claude’s participation in this battle is key.

Screen point is capable of nullifying all magical attacks, and she also has her shield to ward of any physical attacks.

Although she doesn’t really have much time to strike with her sword, that’s where both Milly and I come in to help.

(Milly, we have to make sure to cast Blue Wall, before that guy’s Magical Value goes below 70,000!)

(Yeah, yeah, I know that already!)

I reminded her of our plan through the guild message system.

It is also necessary for me to save up some magical power so that I can use it to support Lydia.

After firing off my second Gravity Sphere, I instantly began to meditate.

I’ve increased the level of my Black Sphere and Green Sphere to a decent level, at this point in time, I am able to shoot out four of these before I need to start recovering my Magical Energy.

Another counterattack from the Sunny Raven came as it launched a Red Barret towards me, but Lydia was able to knock it away with her Flood Ax.

Umu, being able to knock that kind of attack away, as expected from Lydia.

Spark’s were scattering about and Lydia’s axe glowed red as she dropped it to the ground.

「Achichii (Hot hot hot), maybe it’s better if I roll a cloth around the handle of the Ax……? 」

She was using gloves to cover her hands, but it seems that the handle of the Axe was becoming a little too hot, she was blowing her hands as if trying to get rid of the heat.

After all, it was a homemade weapon, so I suppose that it’s natural that it has some minor faults, right?

This is the drawback of making hand made goods…

Claude seems to be able to fight without much trouble though.

Milly also seems to be supporting her relatively well from the back.

Milly fired off her Blue Gale from behind Claude, and Claude was using her body to prevent any counter attacks from reaching Milly.

It’s not like I don’t trust Milly, but just in case, I think I will check the Sunny Raven with my Scout Scope as well.

Sunny Raven

Level 77

Magical Value: 172,595/220,580

As expected it’s really tough.

Amongst the boss monsters, the Sunny Raven is at the lower mid-stage level. But as long as you could deal with its powerful magical attacks, then as long as you had the time, anyone would be able to defeat it.

By the looks of things, Lydia seems to be totally free… She even has time to do some stretching movements.

Looking at her bouncy boobs which were swaying left and right, totally disturbed my concentration, so I decided to just close my eyes.

The moment I recovered enough magical energy, I would immediately fire off a Gravity Sphere and then Lydia would have the role of defending against any counter attacks.

Claude and Milly were coordinating well and our battle was proceeding quite smoothly.

Or more like Claude is also really tough.

As one would expect she is really busy with the defence, but she doesn’t seem to be taking any damage.

I was feeling admiration for the girls and the Sunny Raven was being locked up in this Ice Wall.

It would seem that Milly had already begun to cast Blue Wall.

「It’s your turn Lydia」

「Ohh, is it finally my turn?」

Lydia looked bored as she raised her body, and she breathed out a sigh as she placed the Flood Ax on her shoulder.

I chanted Time Square and casted two Red Gloves simultaneously, in order to reinforce her attacks.

Furthermore, I also buffed her with the spell Black Boots in order to amplify her speed.

Lydia’s body was wrapped with magical light.

「Ohh, This is amazing! I’m overflowing with power!」

「That’s not the end of it!」

Lydia was hopping up and down, and getting a feel for her strengthened body.

Even now, it seemed like she would dash into battle, and she was barely able to contain herself.

I chanted Time Square again, and casted double Blue Weapon, granting the Flood Ax double Blue type magical properties.

When you simultaneously casted any type of magic with Time Square to double up its effects, it will actually be more powerful than just firing off the same spell twice at the same target.

I came to find this out more accurately after I spent a lot of time in the Wanaruta City Ruins, especially when you attacked a monster’s weakness, doubling up on the magic would make it even more effective than usual.

Flood Ax was a weapon that was already enchanted with the Blue Gem, thereby granting it Blue type magical properties.

In other words, isn’t this basically the same as me applying Blue type Magic to the same weapon three times in a row?

I don’t have concrete proof that this is the case, but there is a merit in trying it out.

The Flood Ax was enchanted with threefold blue type attributes, Lydia was also provided with body reinforcement spells, as she launched herself off the ground.

Like a violent gust of wind that blows through the meadows, Lydia moved so fast that she tore off the grass whenever she ran through the field.

She ran past Milly and jumped over Claude, she was right in front of the Sunny Raven as she used her everything to strike the crown of its head. A crackling sound was coming out of the Sunny Raven’s body as it split and a lump of fire came into sight.

The vermillion flame launched towards Lydia with deadly precision.

「Lydia! It’s dangerous!」

「Please step aside Milly-san! A magical attack is coming!」

Both Claude and I have fought the Sunny Raven before, so we were accustomed to the kinds of attacks that it would launch when it went into Berserk Mode.

The Sunny Raven when in berserk mode would indiscriminately launch its fire attacks to any nearby target, so Milly used her shield to take cover and moved backwards.

Lydia on the other hand was able to continue dodging the barrage of flame attacks while continuing to move forward.

Fireballs, Flaming Wind, Explosive Fire, Heat Rays, she was able to dodge all these types of attacks with incredibly efficiency, she passes through the maelstrom of offensive attacks and wields her Flood Ax.


Using a single blow she bisected it’s flaming wings and sparks flew into the sky.

Its large body was losing balance as it began to stumble, another attack from Lydia tears it’s body apart into pieces.

The Sunny Raven is a monster with level 2 Fire attributes, it had an indefinite form, and even if you cut the flames apart, it would soon return to its former structure, however even so, it would still take a considerable amount of damage from these attacks.

To be honest, this power coming from Lydia is something far beyond my expectations.

The Sunny Raven was being chopped up by Lydia as she moved her lithe body.

It was desperately trying to land a single blow on to Lydia, but she merely turned her face to the side to dodge it with utmost efficiency, a great explosion could be heard in the background where the fireball landed.

Going at this rate, isn’t Lydia going to solo kill this boss?!

「What terrifying battle power」

「Y…’re right…..」

I ran up towards Claude and we were both watching over Lydia as she fought.

Sometimes I would make sure with Scout Scope to check the amount of damage she was dealing, and it turns out that each of her strikes did around the same amount of damage as one of my Blue Gale, so if it continues at this rate, the battle will be over in no time.

The Sunny Raven was already in a hopeless situation; it didn’t even have time to attack us anymore.

It doesn’t even seem to be able to counter attack Lydia…..No wait, that’s not it!

「Lydia! Get away from it!」


Along with Lydia’s surprised voice, the Sunny Raven’s body was expanding at an extremely fast rate.

(Tsk…..Time Square!!)

I immediately chanted Time Square, and froze time in place.

When the Sunny Raven gets cornered enough, it will collect a high density magic within its own body and explode it outwards! If I am not mistaken, it will cause severe damage to everyone in its surroundings and a large explosion will ensue.

This is a considerably rare move, and it must be good luck that I’ve never encountered it performing this move.

Anyways, there is no time for me to think.

I must defeat it immediately!

To the side of me, Milly was taking a posture that was ready to shoot out magic.

She was able to react to my words just then, and it seems she’s trying her best to fire off an attack.

As expected, Milly is great.

And I knew which Magic Milly was shooting right now.

I myself am using the same Magic and after casting it twice, I released my time stop.

In that instant, a super duper large tornado swallows up the Sunny Raven, and Lydia was able to evade it by a hairbreadth.

A huge tornado rises up towards the heavens scattering away all the clouds as it completely envelops the Sunny Raven, for a long while this gust of devastating wind did not die down.

「…..Triple Blue Gale!」

As I turned my back on the Sunny Raven, the last remaining sparks of its flame which were scattering in the wind, slightly roasted my cheeks.



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