Chapter 74: Treasured Sword


When the Sunny Raven disappeared into the empty sky, Lydia came at me with an energetic tackle.


She clung to me with all her might while pushing me down. Lydia’s chest was continually pushing into my face, making it hard to breathe.

It’s p…painful.

When I wiggled and struggled, Lydia sat up straight as if she was riding on a horse.

「Once again, I got saved. You’re always taking the spotlight, mouu~」 (Lydia Speaking)

「I mean, my attack was also mixed in, you make it sound like it was all his achievement」 (Milly Speaking)

When Milly, whose face showed that she didn’t agree, approached closer, Lydia also hugged her.

「Of course I am also thankful to Milly-chan! Thanks~!」

「Wa……Let go! Pain…..big boobs」

Milly’s face was buried in Lydia’s chest, and in that moment, I somehow managed to escape through Lydia’s legs.

Did I somehow win? Milly and Triple Blue Gale have considerable amount of power.

Both luck and timing need to be good, but because Milly has a set way of doing things, she probably would have had another opportunity to aim.

Still, Blue Gale doesn’t require a cast, but is nevertheless a large scale Magic. Even though the casting time is longer than other middle-class magic, I was able to cast it twice. Currently Time Square’s level is 35, with the time stop duration increasing. Although it is an elementary magic, casting it 3 times is still impossible.

From the sky that has calmed down after the tornado, something shiny fell. A red sword pierced into the ground with a splitting sound. Same as the last time we defeated a Sunny Raven, the treasured sword looked like a Frey Brand. I rushed over and picked it up, and from the edge of the sword that I drew, a bright red light shone. Reflecting off the sun’s light, it is as beautiful, quite like the setting sun.

Which reminds me, if I remember correctly, this sword is capable of shooting out magic with a simple chant, isn’t it?

To test the Frey Brand, I held it over a nearby rock and caster Red Ball, the fire ball appeared and directly hit the rock, completely smashing it.

Hm, this is not the full extent my Red Ball’s power… Although it is a treasured sword, it is still only a sword, so there’s no way this kind of power can come from it.

Is it dependent on the user’s own magical power?

「Oh, it’s not Frey Brand. It will still sell reasonably high~」

Lydia peered in this direction by chance.

Good timing.

「Lydia, will you try to use this sword?」

「Hm? I guess it’s fine」

I handed the Frey Brand to Lydia, and she held it in the overhead position and swung downwards.

Oi Oi, isn’t that the wrong way to use a Frey Brand?

In that moment I was thinking, a fire ball came flying out from the sword tip.


The fire ball hit the ground, and caused a small explosion. Doesn’t this mean that it’s not necessary to chant while using the treasured sword? No, wait? Can this be…

「Lydia! Can you give that back for a sec?」


I accepted the Frey Brand from Lydia, and when I shook the sword, a fire ball certainly came out from the sword tip. It seems that you really don’t need to use any incantations to cast.

「That’s nice~ That looks like fun! Hey, Zeph~ Give to me me as well~」(Milly)


Milly placed her hands on my shoulders to coax me, but I kept swinging the Frey Brand while giving the suitable response. Alright, I was able to catch the timing. With this sword swing, I cast Time Square with the timing for when the fire ball will come out.

If my thinking is correct…..

At the moment the sword tip turned red, time stopped and I cast Red Ball twice. When the time stop cancelled, the fire ball released from the sword tip and my Red Ball merged together and became a blazing fire ball.

A big explosion occurred in the far distance in addition to taking away everyone’s breath.

If this kind of power can come from the elementary magic Red Ball, then I wonder what will happen if another middle-class magic were to be charged to the sword.

Furthermore, if Milly were to collaborate…… I gulped, my breath taken away, and sweat streamed down my face.

「……Lydia, do you know how to create a weapon charged with magic?」

「Sorry, I don’t know . I will look up the answer」 (Lydia)

「It’s somewhat unfair that only Zeph gets it…..」 (Milly)

「I also want to try it」(Claude)

This weapon showed me a new potential.

(Zeph, can you hear me?)

Late at night, I was awoken by Silverie’s voice. It is telepathic communication that comes from using the crystal ring she gave me. Oi, it’s the middle of the night. Calling me in this time of the night is definitely weird.

(…..What time do you think it is?) (Zeph)

(Were you about to sleep?) (Silverie)

(No, I just woke up, but)

(Then, that’s fine)

………Do you really think it becomes fine, just because you say it is?

(I think that you shouldn’t really be using telepathic communication so much at night. Although I don’t really mind it)

(Relax. I don’t have anyone else that I can talk to)

What kind of complicated bluff is this?

From the look of things, it looks like she doesn’t have a serious talking partner besides me.

Looks like I discovered a very sad fact.

(……Well, what is the issue?)

(Did you properly defeat the Sunny Raven?)

(Aah, the time and place is….)

I informed Silverie the time and place, and without any special intonations she answered me back with a “Is that so?”

(I will contact you again)

(I understand)

Yuuup, it’s hard to communicate with Silverie telepathically. Even though under normal circumstances, it is still hard to communicate to the person.


…… Once again, I completely forgot to tell her that I couldn’t get into contact with her with this ring. I just woke up after all. N…. Next time I will surely…..

Well, setting aside my regret, I completely woke up.  What should I do today?  For now, I cast Scout Scope.

Zeph Einstein

Level 44

[Red] Magic Level 32 Limit Level 62

[Blue] Magic Level 31 Limit Level 87

[Green] Magic Level 33 Limit Level 99

[Sky] Magic Level 32 Limit Level 89

[Soul] Magic Level 34 Limit Level 97

Magical Power Level 2016 / 2026

The increases in level because of Growth, is amazing. I get the feeling that every day one thing increases. I also earned a considerable amount of money, and I might as well try to go to the city sometime soon.

If I’m at the point where I’m able to hunt in the third floor of the Wanaruta City Ruins without problems, then I can set my sights onto that goal. By the way, the second and third floor bosses are the highest class, and with the way we are now, it’s impossible to win.

Or perhaps I should say that we still haven’t fought with any bosses of the highest class.

There was one time in the past when travelled together with Silverie, but at that time, there were many adventures that were as high ranked and even then, the fights were a struggle.

Which reminds me, Ain’s level reached 15 yesterday. It’s probably about time that I train her so that she will be able to fight like Grain’s summons.

Although if I do call her at this time of the night, it is certain that she will just say “I’m sleepy” and disappear really quickly.

I will go to Sun Ray Mountain Range today, and see if I can make her fight in the early morning with the Stone Zell that is at the foot of the mountains on the path to return back. It should be easy to fight because that thing doesn’t personally go to attack.

However, I wonder how she would fight it.

Thinking about it, I image that Ain would fight by brandishing both fists and swinging them around, and I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing.


Well, if I were to use enhancement magic, I could make it work somehow. There are other ways that I can think of as well. While thinking about it optimistically, I cast Teleport towards the Sun Ray Mountain Range.


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