Chapter 75: Rapier


「Green Crash!」

I dodged the rock-bird’s rush attack, While it slip pass by me I slashed it with my treasured sword Frey Brand while casting magic.

After slashing it, an intense shock was felt through the rock-bird and it was sent flying. After bouncing on the ground several times, I slashed the twitching rock-bird while casting green crash once more, the shock caused the ground to break and the rock-bird was defeated.

「As expected, it is still impossible eh?」

It’s impossible to overlap my magic while using the Frey Brand.

because of my swordsmanship is unstable, I can’t invoke my spell with the correct timing, besides If I tried to overlap my magic I wouldn’t be able to combine it perfectly. Instead of swinging, I think using this on actual battles is better.

Sword and magic, I wonder if can master it together and also is there any possible chance to master both? Well, I have Time Square anyways I’m not that concerned about it.

But rock-birds sleep at night so searching for rock-birds is difficult. Since its dark I’ve been casting red wave periodically to surprise the rock-birds that are sleeping so that they will come here but how I wish I had been on the other hunting grounds instead of having troubles over here.

Well I also want Ain to fight with the Stone-Zells. While I was thinking about things, the sun began to dawn. I think I should move to the bottom of the hill.

Teleporting until I reached the bottom of the hill, the scenery lightened greatly. While I was walking and looking at the morning sun with a nice timing I found a Stone-Zell that was rolling and tumbling around.

「Summon Servant!」

Within the light, Ain appeared.

「What is it?」

「Can you fight that demon over there?」

After asking Ain to fight, she looked at me with a puzzled face. I already expected this would happen but it really is difficult making her understand these concepts.

「I’m telling you to fight that Stone-Zell」


Ain approached the Stone-Zell and used her palms to hit it.

Fight it.

Not hit it with your palms…

While I’m observing Ain I’m having anxiety over her behavior, the Stone Zell rotated and squashed Ain. Ain was lying on the ground sprawled after being crushed.

「……Are you ok? Ain」

It seems she has not taken any damage however I still called out to her with a worrisome voice, she stood up dropping mud around her. With her faced dirtied with mud, for the first time I saw her getting mad, I’m slightly moved to tears.

「……..Grrr.. Now I’m mad! 」

She sprung onto the Stone-Zell and then she was striking the Stone-Zell  with both her fists, while flying around it, this is just like I imagined she would fight, and looking at this made me on the verge of bursting out with laughter.

Must not lose focus. It seems that I can’t calm down with this situation. The Stone-Zell’s is wrapped with a hard rock skin so it’s tolerance against physical attacks is high. Probably, Ain’s attack didn’t hardly do any damage at all.

「Ain, Can I have a moment?」


Ain answered with a mad expression. I wasn’t expecting that she has an aggressive personality.

「Come over here」

Ain stopped engaging the Stone-Zell, she flew to me having a dejected face. Just like that, she hurled herself towards me with momentum.

「What is it!?」

「Calm down Ain. If you keep doing it like that you won’t be able to defeat it」

「That’s not true, Humph!」

No I don’t think I’m wrong. Using the scout scope, I saw there was less than 3 damage done on the Stone-Zell.

「Stop being stubborn and use this」

After saying that, I gave her the weapon which Lydia made previously. Like a needle, it’s a thin sharp sword called a rapier which specializes in thrusting attacks. It was made specifically for Ain’s size.

「Use this and aim at the rock’s crevice」

「Oh this is cool~! Thanks, gramps! 」

「Don’t thank me, thank Lydia」

「Lydia? Who’s that? 」

She really didn’t remember her. Poor Lydia.

「She’s the girl who was with us a while ago. That tall girl with a pony tail… 」

「Hmm~? I don’t know」

As I thought it’s hopeless. Should I give them time to let them meet each other? For the time being I’ll pass Ain the rapier, it seems that she took a liking to it, she’s been shaking and waving the rapier around. I got a sudden bad feeling about this.

「Ain, the rapier is not for swinging that should be used to attack the crevice by piercing it…….」

She did not take my advice and used that small thin blade like a sword by slashing the stone-zell.

I thought the rapier would break after Ain slashed it against the Stone-Zell but instead she flew back due to the recoil of the slash.

Ohh, nice one Lydia. Did she predict that this would happen? I caught Ain from rolling and tumbling over with my hand and she was making an astonished face.

「That surprised me~」

While Ain is laughing happily, I’ll advise her.

「You should aim at the crevice」

Using Blue wall the Stone-Zell was frozen, stopping its movement. With Ain stabbing that spot, the Stone-Zell started to tremble. No matter how bad the attack was, it is taking small damage.

I casted double casted red gloves of offensive power in time square to Ain, both of Ain’s hands was enwrapped with flames.

「Eiiiii! Yahh!」

Together with the yell, the Stone-Zell that I restrained was being stabbed repeatedly by Ain. I wonder if she’s having trouble aiming, more than half of the attacks were hitting the rock’s surface. It seems that the damage was not large enough, this won’t be defeated easily. Since I’m free I used scout scope on the Stone-Zell, I saw that the damage done was around 10 percent per attack.

The Stone-Zell’s movements are becoming sluggish While watching impatiently, Ain attacked countless times until the Stone-Zell was defeated. It seems she has a lot of trouble defeating it. While yawning, I used scout scope on Ain and found that she raised her level by 1. It’s pretty good timing that the level rose up.

It has been proven that the experience value increases if a high-level medium is given.

「Gramps, Food~」

「Yes wait for a bit」

I gave the pleading Ain a high class medium and she ate it giving crunchy and appetizing sound. What a good eating manner as usual. Once more I used the scout scope and I saw Ain’s level went up. It would seem that letting her defeat the demons gives her far better experience.

After defeating several more Stone-Zells, because breakfast time was nearly there I let Ain go home and I went back to the town.


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