Chapter 77 Dark Wraith – Part 2


「Kuku, Little kids like you should stay indoors ya know? From here on out it will be a battlefield!」

When he swung his one handed sword like a baton, the red hair and blue haired familiars returned to Grain’s side. It would seem that their levels are higher than before.

「Red, Blue. You don’t have to pay attention to those guys. Just aim at the target」

Hearing Grain’s words, the two familiars nod their heads and poised their weapons.

Grain silently chants some things and his familiar spirits were once again beginning to glow with light.

It was a magic I’ve never seen before.

Is this perhaps, a special kind of magic that the dispatched magicians possess?

Before it’s too late, I held on to Milly shoulder and teleported to the back.

「….? The exit is over there isn’t it? Zeph?」

「I also want to go in that direction but…」

The gigantic figure of the Dark Wraith was blocking the narrow passage and it was difficult to pass it with the use of teleport.

If it is not done properly, then we might receive some backlash and get caught up in their fight.

Moreover, the road we used to come here was blocked up by the previous attack from Grain.

This situation was exceedingly bad.

「Although it is regrettable, we can only hope that Grain wins his battle. We are going to back him up, Milly」


I also don’t like it, but it’s better than losing right?

Chanting out Time Square, I began to cast White Sphere and Red Sphere.

「Nova Sphere!」

Milly also casts a white sphere and a white flame burns the Dark Wraith.

「Oi oi, I don’t need your shabby support you know? My familiars will be enough to take care of it」

Saying this and turning towards us, Grain had a grin on his face.

It’s not like I’m here because I want to help.

However, it is true that Grain’s familiars seem pretty strong.

They easily dodge the stout arm of the Dark Wraith, the familiar spirit called Blue uses both of her hands to swing down her sword towards the Dark Wraith.

The Dark Wraith’s arm bent unnaturally and its ugly face let out a low groan.

Blue was going to intercept the other arm, but the familiar called Red uses her spear in a thrusting motion to stop the attack.

They were quite a good combination.

Doesn’t Grain plan on helping out his familiars? all he’s doing right now is carrying the one handed sword on his shoulder and spectating the fight.

It seems that he is only strengthening his familiar’s with his magic periodically.

Grain was just observing the situation but there were still the after effects of the Dark Wraith’s attacks as bits of rock and stone flew towards him.

Just before the moment of impact, Red goes in front of Grain and blocks the remnants of rock, perfectly cutting all the debris down.

Red was bleeding a little from her forehead, but there doesn’t seem to be much damage taken.

Grain acts like what just occurred was the most natural thing and he pushed his chin outwards.

I guess he’s telling her to “Get back in there already” ?

Receiving his orders, Red immediately springs back into combat and flies towards the Dark Wraith.

He’s letting his familiar do both offence and defence.

He’s living such a comfortable life isn’t he?

Dark Wraith

Level 97


This is the first time I’ve ever confronted the Dark Wraith, and as expected its magical power level is not something ordinary.

It’s about 60 times more than the Sunny Raven?

Naturally, I haven’t even taken into account the disparity in their offensive ability.

Even for his familiars, if any of them took a direct hit, they would probably get wiped out in a single blow.

I think Grain must also realize this fact, as whenever his familiar gets grazed by an attack, he would immediately try to re-apply Safe Protection on them.

「It….It’s amazing isn’t it? I didn’t know such a fighting method existed…..」

「After seeing this, I’m convinced, I also want a familiar~」

Saying that, Milly launches a white sphere at the Dark Wraith. She wasn’t inflicting that much damage, but the experience points she obtained from the Dark Wraith should be massive. If Grain manages to defeat the Dark Wraith, we should be able to obtain a large amount of experience points from the contribution we provided.

Although I feel a little annoyed when I have to take the leftovers from Grain, If I can make use of him, I will be glad to do so.

「Do your best!」

「Hyaa!? Ain-chan, please don’t move around so suddenly~」

Ain pops out from within Claude’s breasts, and perhaps she felt some sort of a connection as they were both familiars, Ain was giving her support to Grain’s familiars.

Oh man, she’s so carefree.

But this fight was really quite stable right now.

I confirmed with the use of Scout Scope, and Grain’s familiars were actually both beyond level 90.

Although, this particular monster was not something that those two could just easily take on.

It just goes to show how formidable Grain’s reinforcement spells are.

While thinking such things I continued to fire my Nova Sphere which burned the Dark Wraith with a white flame, it’s black skin was crackling and tearing, underneath its crust was a deep crimson body.

Almost like it was baring its internal organs, it’s blood vessels were popping out of its body and pulsating with a *thump thump*

It looked truly ominous. This must be the berserk mode of the Dark Wraith?

「Is it going berserk!?」

「Ahh, the problem starts from here on out. Claude and Milly, don’t under any circumstances part from the group」

The Dark Wraith, roars out in an overpowering voice filled with magical power.

The effective range is considerably wide.

With this, Grain probably can’t use teleport anymore.

For us we are just far enough that we can still use teleport, but if it drifts a little more in this direction, the Dark Wraith will be able to nullify our ability to teleport.

Just as a precaution, I used blue wall, and I generated a wall between us and the Dark Wraith.

Although it’s only for our peace of mind, it’s much better than not doing anything.

「Ku ku ku, What’s wrong? Are you scared? Huh Zeph-kun?」

I ignored Grain who was trying to provoke me, and I fired another Nova Sphere at the Dark Wraith.

Grain was clicking his tongue, as he once again chanted out spells to strengthen and reinforce both Red and Blue, the Dark Wraith opened its large mouth.



When the Dark Wraith lets out a savage roar, the lights surrounding the familiar spirits start to dim.

Even the blue wall that was in front of us was starting to dissipate.

It would seem that it’s roar has a magic negating effect.


Grain brings his hands together in order to cast a spell, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to make it.

The Dark Wraith shakes its arms and swings downwards towards Grain, his familiars use their weapons and were poised to stop the blow, but they were instantly smashed up.


Ain instinctively raises a loud voice.

When the Dark Wraith lifts up its arms from the floor, bits of stone drop down in a *pitter patter*, and within the large crater on the ground was a squashed Red and Blue.

Their weapons were crushed and their bodies were twitching and convulsing.

Although they aren’t dead, it doesn’t seem like they would be able to fight any longer.

Or more like, the way things are going, even were are going to be in trouble.


「Geez, I guess it can’t be helped」

Saying that, Grain started to walk towards Red.

Is he still trying to make them fight?

Red extends her trembling hands towards Grain, and he stabs her small back with his one handed sword.


Her mouth was flapping open and closed like a fish unable to breathe, and grain once again pierces red with his sword.

It is likely that she died, Red’s body disappeared like sand drifting in the wind.

Seeing this, Blue tries to crawl away from Grain, but Grain easily catches up to her and slits her neck and cuts it off.

Grain then steps on Blue’s severed head as he squished it under his feet, and just like that her body also started to crumble and disappear.

Doing such a thing, Grain didn’t have any change in his expression.

Wh….what the hell is he doing……?

Seeing such a shocking scene, my brain stopped working.

Everyone else also did not understand the situation and was completely flabbergasted.

「Haa geez, I’m going to have to start again from the beginning. How troublesome」

Breaking the silence that everyone was in from Grain’s words, the Dark Wraith bellows out a roar as it charged towards Grain.

He dodges the attack by a hairsbreadth, and immediately casting his portal, Grain’s body was starting to get wrapped in a blue light, as it was transferring to a different dimension.

It would seem that a portal is different from the teleportation ability and the Dark Wraith’s magic suppression effect does not influence the ability to create a portal.

「Then with this, I’m going to head off. Maybe we will meet again…….That’s if you live」

“Kukuku” Grain was stifling a laughter as he disappeared, The Dark Wraith was breathing raggedly as it stared to glare at us.

Shit, it’s next target seems to be us!


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  15. This action was effective for saving your own life… I agree but still… you are a doucebag as you killed two good subordinates while making Zeph take a big toll

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