Chapter 78: Dark Wraith Part 3 – Conclusion



「It’s coming!」(Zeph)

I raised my voice to get everyone to come back to their senses, after being surprised by Dark Wraith’s roar. Because Ain was still shocked at how Grain killed his familiars, it seems like she still hasn’t recovered. However, I didn’t have the time to be concerned about that right now.

I aimed my attack at Dark Wraith’s foot, and when I cast Blue Wall, the huge figure was caught by the ice wall, but.


Dark Wraith roared, causing the ice wall to disappear in a twinkle. A roar that negates magic. Shit, this is troublesome.

Dark Wraith’s magical level value is 12 million.

Berserk mode increases an additional one-third to power, so that’s 4 million, this is many times more than the Sunny Raven’s magical power. It is impossible for the us now to defeat it. We have no choice but to escape.

「Milly, I leave Claude to you」


I let go of the bewildered Claude’s hand, and made Milly grasp it.

「Also Lydia, hand me all the magical power restoring medicine that you have」

「That’s….fine, but Zeph-chi, you can’t be …..」

「I’ll buy you some time, so you guys go on ahead」

My words changed Milly’s facial expression.

「That’s wrong! Don’t joke around! If that’s the case, then I’ll stay!」(Milly)

「Milly can’t use Safe Protection, and this kind of thing is my specialty」(Zeph)


「Relax, it’s not like me to die in such a place anyways」

As I said that, I ruffled the top of Milly’s head.

I pushed Milly, whose eyes were wet and face looked like she will cry, away with all my strength and she was held back by Lydia.

「Go! I leave everyone to you. Aren’t you the leader? Milly!」(Zeph)


Milly said while wiping her tears, and changed to a dignified look. Escaping from the melting restraints from Blue Wall, Dark Wraith took a big step forward towards me and I cast White Shot at him. A ball of white light burst on the giant body of Dark Wraith, and it turned its intense animosity in my direction.

When my eyes turned towards the dozen of eyes throughout its body, I felt a tremendous pressure. Well, well, looks like normal methods won’t work.

「Milly! Hurry up and go!」


Picking the moment when Dark Wraith’s attention was concentrated on me, Milly teleported as far as she could while clutching to Claude’s and Lydia’s hands.

I casted Nova Sphere towards Dark Wraith as it glanced and faced Milly. The white flame burned it’s whole body and once again, the Dark Wraith turned around to face me.

In the meantime, Milly and the others ran around the side of Dark Wraith until they were out of its attack range. Alright, the first condition is cleared.

I casted Blue Wall and an ice wall spread in between Milly and the others. I jumped and dodged Dark Wraith’s incoming attack, and facing the ground, I chanted Blue Wall.

With a Zon!, the ice wall spread sideways towards Dark Wraith’s direction and was pushed outwards behind me. I got on top of the ice wall, which burst out sideways, and ran on the opposite side of Dark Wraith. The Blue Wall that grew in the horizontal orientation was like ice formed on top of a pond, so slippery that it makes it hard to walk.

But, that means it is also the same for the Dark Wraith. Naturally, Dark Wraith also climbed on top of the side of the pushed-out wall, running and chasing behind me threateningly. As I chanted Blue Wall sideways one more time, an ice wall stretched towards Dark Wraith from my hands above my head, but.

With agility, it jumped on to the wall and smiled in ridicule. Will I be able to gain more distance from it using this method?  It is a surprisingly nimble thing.

Dark Wraith’s entire body shone red, and while my White Wall erasing the large amount of elementary magic that it fired, I faced it and ran. I slide through the length of Dark Wraith’s legs to attack it while it was unguarded, and I chanted Blue Wall while facing the front, trapping both of its feet with an ice wall.

Turning to face my direction, Dark Wraith once again was coming after me threateningly. In that case, how about this? I stood up and while the ice wall still trapped the legs, I cast just a few Blue Walls diagonally.

Dark Wraith jumped onto the top like before, but it slowly slipped down the low angle hill of connected ice……is what I expected but instead it sunk its legs into the ice wall and supported the big body from slipping and falling.

Shit, it’s persistent.

I casted Blue Wall one more time horizontally, and intended to trap Dark Wraith, but it also avoided that and jumped upon the wall.

This area is full of all the ice walls I created.

Blue Wall has a surprising large magical power consumption.

While I gulping down the magical power restoring medicine, I exhaled freezing white breath and prepared my breathing.

While charging ahead, I ascertained the timing that it’s right hand fist will be thrown, and I kicked the ice wall behind me and slid to the other side, I created another wall with Blue Wall in order to catch my body as it slid.

Turning around, I released Blue Wall horizontal towards Dark Wraith who was chasing me, but it jumped on it, slid and dodged it, continuing its pursuit. When my magical power looked as if it will be exhausted, I supplied it with the magical power restorative medicine.

The Dark Wraith continued chasing me, and the ice walls continued to accumulate. From the bottom of the ground floor, how tall has it become now?

Because the tallest tower of the second level was on my right hand side, I jumped from the ice wall and held on to it.

The second condition is cleared.

The Dark Wraith was trying to follow me by jumping on to the tower, and so I covered the ice tower with Blue Wall.


Part of the cover slowly melted with Dark Wraith’s roar.

(…….As expected, that roar only negates magic in a rectangular area in front of it. If it could erase the ice wall in its entirety, then it would save me some trouble as well)

Whether or not it comprehended my words, I finished my casting the moment Dark Wraith looked in my direction and reacted.

「Red Zero」

A huge flame sword came out from my hands, stopped right above Dark Wraith, and extended directly below. The flame sword pierced Dark Wraith, but the effect was light, and it faced me again with a weakened animosity.

But, there is no problem. I wasn’t aiming at you, Dark Wraith, but rather at the ice wall underneath you.

The flame sword that pierced Dark Wraith melted the ice wall in an instant, as well as the one under, and the one under that, melting them one by one.

The flame sword pierced in the ice spire reached the lower level and opened a large hole in the center.

Dark Wraith, who was at the top of it, scratched at the sky with its huge arms trying to grab the ice wall, but the ice that has become slippery due to the flame, could by no means be grabbed.

The result: it fell.

After a long drifting sound of the wind, there was a huge splashing sound.

I wonder if lower level of the ice wall actually had a lake?

It was looking at me from far below, but you probably don’t have an attack that can reach me from there right? Dark Wraith.

「My bad, if there’s another opportunity, let’s fight again …..when we’re in top-condition」

Saying that, I looked down at the water’s surface that was Dark Wraith, and sat down on the ground.

I probably worried Milly, so I decided to send a guild message.

(Zeph!? Are you safe!?)

(Ah, is this Milly? I managed to shake it off, but I ended up using up all my magical power. After I recover for a bit, let’s meet up)

Because I had had been running around on top of the ice, my clothes have become completely drenched.

While I’m at it, I suppose I can dry my clothes for a bit.


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