Chapter 80: Grain, Part Two



While blood was flowing from his destroyed right eye, Grain revealed his fierce anger. But on the other hand, his head seemed to cool down enough, and even though he was screaming, he was covered in a magical light. It was the same enhancement magic he used on his familiars, just like in the fight against Dark Wraith.

However, I’m not the type to wait leisurely for the magic to finish developing.

Casting Red Crash and Black Crash at the same time, I invoked Pyro Crash and released it towards Grain.

The basis of magician vs. magician fights is “The one who strikes first wins”, the one who hits the other with powerful magic first will be the winner.

If I was against an ordinary adventurer, it would be possible that I could defeat him with just a hit from Red Crash. As for my pride, Pyro Crash, which is close to the same power level as a Grand Magic, as long as my opponent is human, they will definitely be defeated.

A spiral of swirling winds of fire engulfed Grain and it swallowed up the ground, hollowing it out, however.

「You would dare to raise your hand against a Dispatched Magician……? With this the f*cking annoying limitation has been lifted. Now I can also freely retaliate」

Grain said with a voice filled with killing intent, and the strength of the wave of magic coming from him caused the magic clad around me to waver greatly.


When Grain psyched himself up, he scattered the swirling winds of fire and easily destroyed the shape of the spiral. That’s impossible! My Pyro Crash was erased!?

「Kukuku, you shouldn’t be surprised. Dispatched magicians have a non-aggressive policy, so I can’t lay a hand on you. Nevertheless, if you brats are using powerful magic, then I have a right to defend myself. Well, I will praise you for actually damaging me」

Grain said, broadly grinning and triumphant. Although his clothes and body are slightly burned, it doesn’t seem like a lot of damage. Is it because of that enhancement magic? As expected, it doesn’t look like it will be easy to defeat him with this level of magic.

Grain raised his hands above his head, I noticed this and so I immediately jumped aside, just as this occurred, the place that I was just standing at was covered in a wave of flames.

Red Bullet, huh?

Before it was called Red Blaster and it seems like Grain has an affinity towards Red Magic. In my previous life, I mastered Red Magic and was called the Flame of Flames and I could see that he fired out a considerably strong magic. He’s at approximately the same level as me from back in those times.

This will be interesting.

While continually counterattacking Grain’s fire balls, that would hit me, with Blue Ball, I ran towards him and chanted Time Square.

In the middle of the time suspension effect, I cast Black Boots and Red Glove.

「Magenta Coat!」

A speckled burning coat covered my body. It is simple, but it is a combination of speed enhancement and attack enhancement. Although power drops compared to chanting each spell twice, the cost performance is excellent.

Weaving past the Red Bullet’s he fired, I used the sword that I grabbed from Grain’s familiar with both of my hands, using all my might I thrusted at him.

「……Aren’t you weak! You damn shorty!」

Grain shouted and at the same time took out his silver shield, easily stopping my attack.

Did he take it out from his bag in an instant? After all, this guy is used to actual combat. He continued to use all his strength to repel my magic with his shield, the distance between us was being shrinking.


Grain shot Red Bullet again, and I countered it with Blue Bullet. If there are opposing magic like Red and Blue, Sky and Green of equal rank, then they cancel each other out, making the user’s level irrelevant.

However, what should I do, if this continues….? My opponent right now definitely has better magical abilities and power consumption than me, and furthermore, my magic barely has an effect.

But that reminds me, Grain took damage from Ain’s rapier and he uses a shield to deflect attacks from a sword. I wonder if I were to use physical attacks, then there would be some effect.

「Wait, the sword you are using is not matched well against your opponent」

「However, I don’t have any other weapons……」

When I turned to the familiar voice, there was a blonde girl who flew besides me while I was running. Wings and hair that glowed gold, crimson eyes that looked strong. With her white dress-like clothes, she looked just like an angel.

「…..Who are you?」

「Whaat!? If you looked, you should know. It’s me. I-t i-s m-e!」

When I looked closely at the girl who was pointing at herself, I recognized the what was sprouting out on top of her head, a red ribbon.

It can’t be…

「……Are you Ain?」

「Gramps, you just looked at my ribbon and said that…..right?」

Behind Ain, who was staring at me, Grain’s ball of magic passed by, and caused an explosion.


「We’re not in a situation to just be careless. old man, your hand!」


While guessing about her request, I stuck out my left hand, and Ain grabbed it and cast a dazzling light. The light surprised me, but I could hear Ain’s determination.

「That guy treated my comrades terribly…..I absolutely won’t forgive him for it!」

Ain’s voice harbored a strong wrath. I could feel the strong anger she has towards Grain, who killed his own familiars. I don’t know what kind of reason he could have had, but it’s impossible that just saying “It’s because they’re my familiars” is a good enough reason.

「I also feel the same. Let’s cooperate and defeat that guy, Ain」


The light that Ain released gradually settled down, and all that was left in my hands was a single sword. I believe that the golden radiance released before from the light was Ain’s wings.

(I shall call this technique Divine Sword Ainbelle)

Ain, who became a sword, talked directly in my head. Nevertheless, where have I heard that expression before….. Ah well, I probably don’t need to be concerned about it.

I put Grain’s sword into my bag, and with both hands holding the Divine Sword Ainbelle, I prepared to advance.

「Die, you trash!」

At that moment, Grain fired magic.

Red Blaster, huh?

(Old man, catch it!)

Reacting to Ain’s voice, I caught Grain’s Red Blaster right away with Ainbelle’s sword form, and the spell was completely absorbed. Because Ainbelle absorbed the magic, the ruby embedded in the handle shined sharply.

「This is……」(Zeph)

「What!? You absorbed my magic….?」(Grain)

In the past, this kind of magical sword didn’t exist. A sword with a jewel embedded in the handle that absorbs magic, turning it into its own power, surely the way to use this is……

When I swung the sword towards the surprised Grain, the previously absorbed Red Blaster was released towards him.


Grain panicked and jumped back, and a heat ray burned at his feet.

Looks like it’s that kind of thing.

「Divine sword Ainbelle…..This sword is great. Thank you Ain」

I brandished Ainbelle taking my stance against Grain, maybe it was Ain’s reply, but light starts shining from the edge of the blade, and beads of shining light danced in the air.



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