Chapter 81: Grain, Conclusion



「 While screaming, Grain fired a Red Sphere and I absorbed it with Ainbelle, and at the same time I swung the sword, cast Time Square, and chanted Red Sphere twice.

「Red Sphere Triple!」

As a counter attack, I shot a tremendous flame sphere which engulfed Grain, burning him.

However, the flickering shape of a person inside the flames still looked healthy.


Although the fireball was immediately erased together with his scream, the magical light surrounding Grain also disappeared and his coat was burnt black.

Grain, who had an anguished expression, jumped back while firing Red Bullet.

I countered with Blue Bullet and when I immediately tried to pursue him, Grain once again clad himself with magic.

Damn, he did it again.

To break his guard, even Triple magic won’t suffice.

(Ain, I want you to listen for a bit)


I expressed my thinking to Ain, who looked doubtful.

(……I was thinking we would go with this plan)

(WHAT!? Impossible! Nope, nope . Nope! There’s no way that kind of thing will work!)

(But, this is the only way to defeat that guy. Lend me your power)

When I said that, Ain pondered for a bit, and after that she gave a small reply.

(……..I understand. In exchange, you have to definitely win!)

(Of course.)

After the discussion, I looked over at Grain, who began chanting a spell.

「Oh God of Red Magic, teacher of Red Magic and Seeker of Truth of the farthest regions……」(Grain)

Is this chant, Red Zero?

As the strongest of the Red System Grand Magic’s, it releases all the user’s magical power, has a long cast time, and furthermore it is difficult to use in a person-to-person battle due to leaving the user defenseless after firing, but if the user does manage to invoke it, it is quite difficult to dodge or defend against it using ordinary methods.

That is based on the theory, but if a Dispatched Magician has high defense due to inherent magic and a method to recover, then tactics are probably nothing to them.

However, I won’t allow him to cast that spell.

When I tried to attack Grain before he finished chanting, I realized in the moment I chanted, that my own magical power had decreased by a lot. It was the magical power from my body that was being absorbed by Ainbelle in order to maintain her form.

While I summoned Ain, I felt that a miniscule amount of magical power was consumed, but after she became a sword, the deduction became a lot more obvious.

With this, I can’t attack properly, so I drank a magical restorative medicine in one gulp.

「Grant me the power to reach…..」(Grain)

After I finished drinking the magical restoration medicine, Grain almost finished his chant and I quickly cast Time Square.

Will I make it……?!

I cast Time Square, and chant Red Crash and Black Crash. And I enchanted Pyro Crash in Ainbelle’s sword form. Pyro Crash was absorbed into the ruby in the handle of the sword.


The ruby charged with Pyro Crash at the same time Ain groaned a little.

「…..Together with this spinning blade of crimson, destroy my enemies!!…..Red Zero!」(Grain)

While I was still putting my preparation in order, Grain’s chant ended and Red Zero was invoked.

This isn’t good…..!

A sword of blazing fire stretched out from Grain’s hand and approached right before my eyes.

(Damn, I’m not ready….!) (Zeph)

The instant I was going to cast Time Square, Claude stood in front of me, with a shield ready to stand in the way of the spell. The sword of blazing fire directly hit Claude, who showed an anguished expression as she stopped the blow.


「Hurry up, that guy…..!」

「…..You saved me!」

I said a small thanks to Claude who was enduring Red Zero, and then I dashed towards Grain. While he was irritated that the flame sword passed through as Claude appeared with the smoke, Grain clicked his tongue.

「Magical invalidation…….It’s you again!」(Grain)

「I guess I’m a good comrade」(Claude)

Appearing suddenly at my chest, Grain prepared with his shield to catch my sword blow. I slide away and took some distance. After that, I released the Pyro Crash that was charged in the Divine Sword Ainbelle. simultaneously I chanted—

(Time Square!)

Time stopped and I cast Blue Crash and Green Crash.

Red, Sky, Blue, Green, the four colors of magical energy were now being combined and blended together, molding into a golden color. It was at this moment that I slashed at him with the Divine Sword Ainbelle; a swirl of golden magic was fired towards Grain.

「Tetra Crash!」

From the innumerable amount of converging light spirals, one beam cut Grain and tore off the magic armor around him into shreds.


Grain had a huge cut on his chest, he coughed blood from his mouth and a little of it got on my face. When I pulled out the sword, blood kept dripping onto the floor. Grain collapsed and fell on his knees, looking at me with vacant eyes.

He seemed to have no idea what just happened.

「……It’s over」(Zeph)

I positioned Ainbelle and swung her downwards toward Grain. I aimed for his neck, but as I swung downwards, my sword was deflected to the side as a metallic sound resounded. Instead, blood gushed out of Grain’s shoulder. I cannot be careless before I take his life.

Both Grain and I had an expression of confusion. What blocked my sword was the same sword that Grain was holding before. The person who did it was……



「I’m sorry, Zeph-kun, but would you mind putting away your sword?」(Azalea)

Why is Azalea here?……..She probably came to save him, but will she just leave after it’s done?

「Likewise, I’m sorry, but Grain nearly killed us so many times. I won’t accept an “Ah I see, is that so?” as an excuse to let him get away with this」(Zeph)

「I understand. Naturally I intend to severely punish this man. …..Furthermore, don’t you have people who would be sad if you dirtied your hands?」(Azalea)

The faces of Claude and everyone else reflected in my view. But this guy tried to kill my comrades. There’s no way I could forgive him for that.

「I feel like you will say you won’t be satisfied with that. ………First, I will bury into Grain Ravens body seven species of magical bugs. These bugs coil themselves around the magical power lines in his body, and every time he attempts to use magic, they will damage a part of his body and rampage around inside it. Naturally it comes with intense pain, and in the worst case, death. He probably won’t be able to use magic any more. Moreover, his title of “Dispatched Magician” will be revoked and he will be exiled to the island where criminals live.」(Azalea)

Grain heard those words, which were like a death sentence to magicians, and had a shocked face. To a magician, there is nothing more painful than never being able to use magic ever again. Furthermore, in the island of criminals, a Dispatched Magician like Grain will probably be considerably hated.

Even though this guy is a piece of trash who exposed everyone to danger, if he is to be punished to that extent, then……

「…….I understand. That’s fine, I leave the matter concerning Grain to you.」(Zeph)

「I am grateful. Truthfully, we received several reports of Grain’s problematic behavior from various adventurers.  However, I had unexpected difficulties obtaining evidence.」(Azalea)

Did Grain do similar things to other adventures as well?

He’s a demon.

Azalea formed a magic ring which shackled Grain’s body.

Is that another type of their characteristic magic?

While Grain was muttering something with his head hung in shame, Azalea was creating a portal.

Come to think of it, I had something I needed to say to Azalea.

「Azalea, I did you a favor, you know」(Zeph)

「Fufu, is that so? I won’t object to the matter concerning Silverie…..will this suffice I wonder?」

Ugh, looks like my connection to Silverie has been exposed……. Regarding the Growth scroll, it’s because the time we used the stolen item made it seem like we were accomplices. I tried to make her indebted to me, but looks like I brought up something bad instead.

「Well then, I’m heading off」(Azalea)

While laughing with a chuckle, Azalea entered the light of the portal and disappeared.


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