Chapter 84: Lydia Captured, Part 2


「What the heck were you thinking!?」

On the way back from Lydia’s home, Milly’s shout caused people walking by to turn around.

「Weren’t you just going to talk!? Why did it naturally turn into a duel!? And on top of that, why was Lydia taken away!?」

「…But isn’t this like a duel to rescue a captured princess? … It’s fine. 」

Right beside Milly, who was raising her voice, there was Claude, who for some reason was fascinated with this aspect.

「Now then Milly, wait. I won’t accept a match if I don’t have any chances of winning. Didn’t we talk about how Ain leveled up and got stronger?」(Zeph)

「Now that you mention it, that’s true. But is Ain-chan that strong?」(Milly)

「With Divine Sword Ainbelle, I can use quadruple magic. That is certainly powerful」


If I were to strengthen speed enhancement magic four-fold, then surely even if it’s the father, he won’t be able to catch me.

「Uu… I too want to hurry up and use Summon Servant… Just a little bit more then I think I can use it…」

「Just letting you know, because in the Divine Sword form I get real~ly hungry, so I leave that part to you」

Ain talked in a voice that only we could hear. If I’m not mistaken, at that time, she completely ate 500 high-quality media that each cost 1000 rupees. A grand total of 500,000 rupees. That amount is equal to a whole week’s worth of hunting. It’s not that I won’t be able to use her, but I probably won’t be able to abuse the power.

「…….Well, do you think you can use it this time? 」

But a whole week’s worth of hunting……. But for Lydia’s sake, it can’t be helped. If her father is going that far to cut the tanker, then it would be stupid of me to think that I can hold back.

「Her father is definitely strong, but if it’s three vs. one, then it’ll probably work out」

When I said that to the other two, they turned and looked at me suspiciously.

「What the heck are you saying?! Zeph is going to be fighting by himself! If you’re a man, then you have to take responsibility for your own actions! 」(Milly)

「That’s right! Zeph-kun will fight by himself, and if he doesn’t exert himself to him, then it’s pointless! 」(Claude)

While their eyes were sparkling, they complained about me.

What are they getting so excited for?

「Oi Oi, winning would be more reliable if the three of us fought. 」

「No good! This is an issue where you must fight by yourself! 」(Milly)

「That’s right! If Zeph-kun doesn’t fight 1 on 1, then it’s pointless! 」(Claude)

I was overpowered by their fierce attack.

Why are they getting so worked up?

…It can’t be helped, looks like I must do it myself.

(The old man is having a hard time) Ain spoke, trying to comfort me.

Just saying, Ain, but aren’t you also someone who is stuck in the middle of this hard time.

When it was the store’s closing time, I went to Lydia’s store and by that time, there were no longer customers. Well, that’s a given. With her father’s imposing stance behind the counter, the sense of intimidation was relentlessly circulating around.

It’s at the level where if you were just a normal person, you would immediately leave if you saw his figure. Last time when I checked Scout Scope on him, her father doesn’t have any magical power. Is this ambition or fighting spirit? …Either way, it’s something of that sort.

As an adventure who specialized in dexterity, there are groups of those types that can clad themselves in that kind of aura. When I check on Scout Scope, her father’s level was 90.

It’s probable that when he was around 50 years old, he retired from hunting. Stopping around that level is not that rare. Still, it was at the extent that Lydia was afraid. I probably have to challenge him with all my power. Her father noticed me, and he easily jumped over the counter and landed in front of me. The floor shook from the thump, and Milly and Claude recoiled a little.

「You came, Zeph-kun. Well, let’s do this right now. 」

「I understand. …By the way, I don’t really see Lydia anywhere. 」

「Aah, she’s locked in her room. If Zeph-kun wins, I intend to hand her over. 」

Oi Oi, what a dangerous thing. Aren’t you concerned that Lydia might escape? Anyway, I just need to focus on winning this. I was led by her father to the backyard where Lydia and I always trained.

When we moved away from each other a little and took our stances, I saw and understood her father’s strength. Even though Lydia’s stance has no useless points, her father’s even more flawless in his stance. Usually when I trained with Lydia, I always clad myself with Magenta Coat and fight, but even then I was still at a disadvantage.

(This doesn’t look easy to win if I were to go without Ain’s help)

(Food~! FOOD~!)

Inside my head, I heard Ain’s voice that had no sense of tension, and responded.

(Eat as much as you like, Ain!)


When I thrust my hand inside the bag, the high grade media I bought disappeared, all consumed in an instant. I cast Summon Servant, and Ain appeared in her Divine Sword form. From the beginning, should I reveal this trump card?

「Oh, you will use a sword? I will be fighting with my bare hands, you know. 」

「Well even if you say that, I will still be using this sword 」

I said that and brought forth fire from the palm of my hand. If my opponent was a normal human, elementary magic would be sufficient, but this is a situation where I will need to directly hit a trained adventurer with middle-class magic until I can finally overcome my battle incapability.

Though hitting Lydia with magic was extremely difficult. And her father is someone who mastered even higher levels of combat. However, if I were able to use four-fold strengthening magic……

I used Time Square and cast speed enhancement magic Black Boots twice on Divine Sword Ainbelle. I cast Time Square at the same time I brought the sword down sideways.

And with imperfect timing, I once again cast Black Boots twice.

「Black Boots, Square!」

The result of the four-fold cast was, I reasoned, a 16-fold increase. Done correctly, I can move my body to the point where even I’m surprised by how lightly my body moves as intended.


Her father opened his eyes widely. He saw from my movements that my conditions have clearly changed. Looks like this will work. When I cast Summon Servant and Ainbelle disappeared, I had half of my magical power left. Her father looks like his attacks are powerful, and if I were to be hit with that, I probably won’t get away lightly.

「Protector of the earth, clad this body and become the armor to protect me」

「Safe Protection!」

With this, I probably can take a hit. Her father once again saw this change. Looks like he’s giving me the first move.

(For the time being, I’ll try going for it…!)

I lightly kicked off the ground with my feet and headed towards her father. After the feeling of flying quickly, my body gave off a creaking sound. The burden on my body is not something to be taken lightly. I don’t think I can move with all my power if I’m in this kind of condition…!

(I need to finish this quickly!)

I cut through the air and moved in an instant in front of her father’s face. Her father looked like he was going to grab my body with his right hand, but I smoothly escaped and went around to his back. In that moment, I cast Red Crash towards that huge back.

「You’re naïve. 」

The same time I heard her father’s voice, I felt a strong impact on my guts and I flew into the air.


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