Chapter 89: Pillow


Night Time: Inside a dark room Lydia’s seductive moans could be heard.

Similar to before, I was manipulating the magical lines in Lydia’s body in order to help her increase the level of her Growth Skill. The more that I tinkered my hands across Lydia’s magical power lines, the more her body would convulse and cause the bed to creak. The destructive power of such actions was intense and I could feel the presence of Claude who was supposed to be sleeping. It would seem that she had been unable to drift off to sleep again.

Well I guess it’s not easy for someone to be able to ignore a sound like this….

Even for me the best I can do is to restrain myself. I’ve been trying to ask Lydia to keep her voice down, but on the contrary, the action of covering her mouth and the muffled moans makes it indescribably perverted.

In any case, it’s not like I can stop helping her half way.


Sinking her head into the pillow, Lydia shivers a little.

Woops! My thoughts drifted and this made my hands become clumsy in their movements.

(My bad, Lydia)

(It’s alright, you don’t have to mind it. But I kind of want to change my posture, do you mind if I move a little?)

(Of course I don’t mind it)

I was on top of Lydia’s back and I slid down until I reached her thigh area.

Matching my movements, Lydia changed her position from having her head face down and holding down her mouth, to placing her head in a sideways position.

Her squashed breasts finally had room to breathe and it rose up slightly before submerging itself back into the futon.

Even though she only moved slightly, the destructive power of such actions were very high.

Amitabha amitabha.

To tell you truth, I’ve already tried to manipulate Lydia’s magical power lines a couple of times in the past, however as expected it didn’t garner that great a result as Lydia didn’t have much magical power to begin with, neither the quality nor quantity would improve all that much.

Nevertheless, when I used scout scope, I could see that now Lydia’s Growth Skill had advanced to level 5.

This is still better than doing nothing, so per say.

(I think we can leave it at this for today. If we force it too much, it won’t result in anything good)

After I said this, Lydia shut her eyes without responding.

Her breathing became more normal and her chest rises and drops down slowly on the futon.

(Did she fall asleep?)

For some reason or another, it seems that she must have felt pretty good.

I got off Lydia’s back in order to stand up and the bed made this huge creaking noise.

Eh, it wouldn’t be good if I made a huge noise and woke everyone up.

So that I didn’t make any more noises, I slowly creeped away from Lydia’s bed.

I descended the ladder placed on the side of the bed and slowly lay on my own bed which was located directly below.

(I’ve been getting used to hunting every single day, so recently when I’m just doing nothing like this, I feel like my body is becoming rusty)

You can say that I’ve recovered quite well from the wounds I sustained in Grain’s fight.

That reminds me, I really wanted to say a couple of parting words to Silverie before I left Beruta Town.

However, I can’t even tell where she might be right now.

I can’t contact her at all from here.

I groped around my pocket, took out the ring crystal fragment and played with it.

This is a fragment of crystal that is usually created for guilds in order to communicate with each other, if you had this ring, you could receive telepathic communication from the person who possessed the other linked crystal.

However, this particular crystal could not send out any form of communication.

(Since that last time, she hasn’t tried to contact me….. As usual she’s a “my own pace” kind of person)

I tucked the crystal fragment back into my pocket and placed both my hands on the back of my head.

Closing my eyes, I let go of my consciousness.

(…… -kun, Zeph-kun…… Are you awake, Zeph-kun)

My body was being shaken, as my consciousness was being restored.

It was Claude’s voice.

When I opened my eyes, I could see Claude wearing pyjamas as she held her pillow close to her chest, she was sitting beside my bed.

Her clothes were slipping off her skin, her hair was messy and her face was slightly flushed.

Her breathing was also a little rough.


(Uu….. Zeph-kun, I’m sorry but do you have a minute…..?)

(Of course, what’s the matter?)

Claude seemed to be troubled by something, so I lifted my body off the bed and invited her to sit next to me.

So that she wouldn’t make any noise, Claude tip toes and sits next to me on the bed. Making a loud noise when she sat down she had a panicked expression on her face.

(So, what’s wrong?)

(No that is….. I can’t go to sleep…..)

Claude was smiling awkwardly while scratching her own head.

Well I kind of predicted it was something like this…

When I turned to look at Claude, she seemed to draw her face closer to mine as if she had determined to do something.

(Um…. That is! I also want to try the thing that you did to Lydia-san! Would that be alright?)

Claude’s serious face was really close to mine.

Her beautiful blonde hair was lightly tickling my nose.

I didn’t know how to answer her and I ended up just staring at her in silence, it was then that Claude quickly drew back.

(I….I’m sorry…… It’s just that I also want to be able to use great magic like both Zeph-kun and Milly-san…….)

Claude was fidgeting her fingers.

Claude’s talent for magic is average……. No if I were to compare her to the adventurers that we’ve come across, I can say that her talent is on the higher end.

However, Claude has her peculiar ability called Screen Point, which is specifically designed to counter mages in return for being able to nullify all magical attacks against her; her talent for magic is reduced.

Therefore, Claude’s magical power line is thin and weak.

(I don’t mind it ….. I guess it’s better to do something about your magical power lines and improve it if possible rather than not trying at all. Although I can’t say that the results will be as you desire…….)

(Even if that is the case……I really want Zeph-kun to do it…….)

Claude mutters in a small voice.

She shared the same vanguard position as Lydia, so perhaps she felt it was unfair?

I plopped my hand on top of Claude’s head who was looking down and gave her a gentle pat.

(I understand. Please take off your clothes and lie face down)


So that I didn’t block Claude I stood on the side of the bed. I was looking at her back as she undressed her pyjama’s and when she noticed my gaze, she glanced back at me for a second before looking down again. Taking off her coat as well, Claude was covering her breasts before she went to lie face down on my bed.

While she may seem a little young in comparison to Lydia, her body was definitely womanly and feminine.

(Then, here I go)

(Nn…. Yes…..)

Placing my hands on Claude’s back I connected with her magical power line.

Claude’s back involuntarily shudders, and she quickly buried her face in the pillow in order to mute her voice.

Although I noticed it before, I can see that Claude’s back is full of injuries and scars, whenever I ran my fingers across her red scar, she would slightly shake her body.

She must have experienced many hardships….

(…….Is there something wrong?)

(No, nothing’s wrong)

I silently caress her magical power line and slowly began to spin it.

In comparison to Lydia, Claude was a lot more patient, even when I am in the middle of tampering with her magical line, her voice is hardly raised.

Even so, she would occasionally tremble and leak out a small voice.

When I continued this process for about 1 hour, even I started to get tired.

(How are you feeling Claude?)


(Claude? Oi, Claude!)


Muu, she’s totally passed out.

I think that she told me she didn’t get much sleep either yesterday…

I would feel bad if I woke her up here.

Because I didn’t have much of a choice, I went to Claude’s bed and slid my body into the futon.

Claude’s fragrant smell permeates throughout the futon as this smell tickles my nostrils. Somehow it gives me a feeling of calmness and relief.

The moment I shut my eyes, my consciousness fades.

….. As expected…… for two people…. makes you…. really….. ti….re….d……

I wonder how many hours have passed?

Whilst still in my nap, once again, my body is being shaken.

(…..-kun! Zeph-kun! Please wake up!)

When I opened my eyes, Claude was shaking my body with a desperate look on her face.

Her face was bright red and she was totally teary eyed.

「Ohh…… are you awake Claude?」

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry!」

Claude was bowing repeatedly as she earnestly apologized to me in a low voice.

It would seem that she was really bothered by the fact that she slept in my bed.

Because this was early in the morning, Both Lydia and Milly were still asleep.

After getting out of Claude’s bed I took a nice long stretch.

「I……I’m going to go wash my face!」


I stopped Claude who was about to leave by calling out to her. When I moved my eyes, Claude also follows my gaze. I was looking at the two pillows on top of my bed.

「The pillow, you left it at my bed you know?」

When she realized this her face became crimson as she trotted quickly towards my bed and grabbed the pillow before she dashed out of the room whilst still hugging the pillow.

Oi oi, you’re still wearing your pyjama’s you know? Claude…

A short while later, Claude returns to the room with the same vigour she left in.

Dashing at the speed of light, she jumps into her own bed, burying her face in the pillow she flaps her legs in the air like a fish.

That pillow… is actually my pillow you know……? Well it’s really pitiful to attack her when she’s already this down so I think I’ll just stay quiet?


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