Chapter 91: Kraken, First Part


「It’s a swarm of squids!」

「All of you that can’t fight go and ask the adventurers on board for help! I ain’t letting this ship go under!!」

「You idiot! If you want to fight, don’t damage the ship!」

One of the sailors used a harpoon to thrust into the squid as he shouted out in a loud voice, he also followed up with a kick to the body of the squid sending it flying away.


Level 35

Magical Power Level 1356/3940

For the time being, I used Scout Scope on the squid to confirm its stats. The squid is by no means a weak monster, but it seems that the sailors were still capable of handling it.

As expected of these capable seaman.

The deck of the ship was jammed packed with monsters, sailors and adventurers. It seemed that they were getting used to dealing with the swarm of squids as they began to repel the monsters with their spears and clubs.

「We are also going to help them out! Milly, don’t use any large scale magic. If you use magic too carelessly you may sink the ship!」

「Un!」 (TL: Un! = Yes!)

「Me and Milly will become a pair, Lydia and Claude should be another pair. Be careful of their tentacles」



「Zeph you can trust me!」

It’s not like I didn’t trust her, but if Milly did something unexpectedly she could seriously sink the ship in one go….

Claude and Lydia were going towards the squids.

Blocking Lydia’s path was a slimy tentacle that was wriggling about.

However, she dodged the feelers without any problems and using her large ax she swung downwards and cut the white squid right in two.

For a while the tentacle just twitches and convulses but soon after it disappears.

Claude also uses her damaged shield skilfully as she cuts the incoming squid with her sword.

「Claude! Don’t depend on your cracked shield too much!」

「Yes! But promise me when we get to the capital, you will buy me a new one kay?!」

She was taking a defensive position in this fight.

Is it too excessive for Claude?

But I really didn’t think that we would have a battle on top of the ship.

If I knew this kind of thing would happen, I’d buy her a cheap shield at Beruta Town.

「Zeph, are you going to buy a shield for Claude? I’m so envious~」

「Claude was protecting me when she lost her important shield. To begin with, don’t you have plenty of money Milly?」

「That may be true but….. Ah♪ I’ve decided on what the punishment game for Zeph will be!」

While giggling with a Nihihi, Milly was smiling.

Is she going to make me buy something for her?

If that’s all she wants that should be a pretty easy task.

「……For the time being let’s concentrate on the fight. Remember don’t aim your spells at the ship」


Replying in a lively manner, Milly shoots out a Black Shot towards the Squid.

The bullet of wind shot from Milly’s hand barely grazed the skin of the Squid and it was hardly being damaged.


「These guys actually have a high amount of natural magical resistance. That’s why it won’t be that easy to defeat them with basic elementary magic」

I explained to Milly as I fired out my own magic, the Black Sphere towards the Squid.

The whirlpool of wind vacuum was propelled towards the head of the Squid and it gradually sucks it in and tears it to pieces.

The wind gradually settles down and even the corpse of the Squid disappeared.

「……As you can see, it seems that we can defeat the Squid with a single cast of Black Sphere」

「I understand!」

Milly was smiling with her whole face as she nodded towards me, but I felt a little uneasy somehow.

The spheres destructive power is quite high but it was a hard magic to control properly, moreover Milly was mostly used to using large scale magic.

In this kind of ship, it is likely that a strong coating was done so that the ship would be resistant to magic to a certain extent, however if a weak spot like the hull was damaged or chipped, it is inevitable that it will influence the rest of the voyage.

「Black Sphere!」

While I was thinking about these things, Milly had already fired her magic towards the Squid.

The mass of wind flies towards the centre of the demon’s body and slightly scrapes against the deck of the ship, but the majority of it scrapes against the skin of the monster.

After the wind dissipates, the Squid was totally annihilated.

「…….What do you think? Because it was my first time I don’t think I did it that well but…」

「No it’s good enough. Or more like that was quite well done. Milly」

「Y….you really think so….? Ehhehe」

Milly was really shy as I patted her head, she seemed really happy and bashful at the same time.

This girl Milly, even though she’s a little rough on the edges, she really does have a great talent for magic.

The Black Sphere did scrape the deck a little bit but, if it was just this much than the deck would be relatively unharmed.

Other than our party, there was also another set of adventurers fighting on the deck, and soon enough the remaining Squid on the deck began to flee from the ship.

When the last Squid withdraws from the ship, a quietness surrounded the area.

「Did we do it…….?」

「No, not yet. Don’t let your guard down」

Considering how many monsters were coming out to attack us, I’m afraid that this area of the sea has potentially turned into a dungeon.

Because the other adventurers also haven’t shown any expression of relief, the sailors also understood that it wasn’t over just yet.

None of them had started to relax.

「It seems that it has not yet ended」

「Everyone is still very tense. A tough one is coming」

While having this stern expression on their faces, they returned by my side.

Within this tension filled atmosphere one of the adventurers or males on-board of this ship seemed to have spotted something coming from the depths of the sea.

「Oi! It’s dangerous! 」

One of the sailors had shouted out warning him, and when the man turned around, a huge water column raised up from behind him.

What appeared from within the water column rising up was a white and long tentacle.

It was very large and flexible, and the tip of the tentacle had a suction on it as it wrapped itself around the man and captures him.


The man raised desperate scream for help, and whilst the Sailor was reaching out his hands towards the man, there was no way he was going to make it in time.

「Black Sphere!」

I was preparing to use Black Sphere on the large tentacle grabbing on to the man, but Milly beat me to the punch.

After getting hit by Milly’s magic, the tentacle that was grabbing the man withdrew itself as it released him towards the ocean.

As he was falling down towards the sea, the man somehow manages to grab hold the edge of the deck. Afterwards, he was profusely bowing himself towards Milly in an obsequious manner as he thanked her over and over.

「Enough with that hurry up and get over here!」

When Milly screamed at the man, he began to walk towards us with an unsteady gait.

However, during the middle of this, the hull began to shake wildly and our balance was thrown off, I quickly embraced Milly’s waist as she was about to fall.


「The tentacles are attacking us violently. From here on out it’s going to be a crucial moment!」

「That tentacles looked similar to a Squids…… But it was extremely big」

「I heard this story from a sailor that was one of my father’s acquaintances. It was the story of a humungous Squid…. I think it was called the Kraken?」

Although I have heard it being mentioned in the past as well, I have never laid my eyes on it. I guess the rumours of its existence was true.

When I used Scout Scope on the huge tentacle I was able to confirm its name.


Level 80

Magical Power Level: 582,588 / 585,842

The amount of its magical power level is about two times more than the Sunny Raven boss monster.

If it’s like this, I am probably going to be forced to fight it.

However, it seems that there are other people who are also prepared to fight.

Although the Sailors were perplexed at the spectacle before them, they still had their fighting spirits intact.

They had the kind of face that said “we will protect our own ship by ourselves!”

「Let’s do this, for the time being, we need to drive away the rampaging tentacles. Most likely, it is using the suction on its tentacles to attach itself to the hull of the ship. If we are able to tear of all the tentacles off the ship, then we should at least be able to escape in the worst case scenario. We need to destroy anything that comes our way. Don’t get separated from me!」


「I understand!」

Everyone was standing close to me as I used my Summon Servant Spell.

From within the light Ain appeared.

「Did you call for me?」

「Ain, can you scout out the monsters movements from the skies above?」


Ain flaps her wings, and flies all the way up to the mast of the ship.

Sitting there she looked down towards the sea.

All the sailors who saw Ain all exclaimed “It’s an Angel!” or ” She’s going to watch over us!”.

If they knew what she really was, they might get disappointed but, well for now it’s raising their morale. Let’s not ruin their fantasies.

That kid Ain was also getting cocky as she started to wave her hand towards the Sailors.

Seeing how carefree they were, I could only sigh, at the same time four water columns raised from the sea as it surrounded the ship to attack us.

――So it’s going to attack with four at once now?

Fixing my gaze upon one of the tentacles that was approaching us, every one of us was on high alert.


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