Chapter 92: Kraken, Middle Part


A huge tentacle swings down from the skies. The tentacle is at least as thick as my current stature.

Claude wields her shield and stands in front of everyone, Milly begins to chant her magic. And Lydia stands between the two people in response to their actions.

Waiting for Milly to chant her Black Crash, I also chanted my Time Square.

Time is momentarily stopped and Milly has already launched her spell. I was hoping on combining my spell with her and performing a triple-cast magic, but the timing was totally off.

As expected unless Milly was casting the Blue Gale spell which I was accustomed to seeing, it is quite difficult to get the timing right.

In the midst of time suspension, I combined two of my spells, the Black Sphere and Green Sphere and launched it towards the back of the tentacle.

「Gravity Sphere」

The tentacle was hit with both Milly’s Black Crash from the front and from directly behind a black gravity ball that continuously drew it in.

The tentacle was drawn into the gravity ball getting crushed and flattened.

The moment it came into contact with the tip of the tentacle, my Gravity Sphere started to erase its flesh and soon the tip of the tentacle totally disappeared.

Because it had such a gigantic body, the effectiveness of my spell wasn’t that high…

Nonetheless, I still managed to prevent its attack from succeeding and the Kraken which has just lost the tip of its tentacle brought his feelers back into the sea.

Zuzun! Without a single moment to relax my mind, a ballistic impact attacks the ship.

The other adventurers and the sailors were probably unable to prevent the other three tentacles from attacking the ship, the three other tentacles coiled itself around the hull of the ship.

The hull of the ship was beginning to creak and groan, and although they were trying their hardest to attack, the thick tentacle didn’t even budge.

This is looking bad.

The boss’s body is composed of strong magic, and with small attacks like that it cannot be destroyed

Even with my Gravity Sphere, the best I could manage was to destroy the tip of its tentacles.

Although it is likely that if I used Ainbell’s Divine Sword form, I would easily be able to blast it away, Ain is currently up the mast of the ship scouting around for the situation below, furthermore, when she’s in her Divine Sword Form, it uses a large amount of magical energy and requires a high amount of high-quality mediums.

It’s not like I didn’t want to use it but, I don’t think I have enough materials to support her form for very long.

Although there is a risk involved, I may have to…

「Hey Zeph, is it alright if I do that thing?」

Milly was also thinking the same thing as me. “that thing” that she’s referring to is the spell I taught Milly previously, it was the spell Red Zero.

Milly was only proficient with her favourite grand magic spell, the Blue Gale, so in order to expand her repertoire, I taught her this spell whenever I had the time.

Considering that certain monsters were weak against certain attributes, it’s probably necessary for me to teach her other types of grand magic, but because Milly insisted on learning this one I reluctantly gave in to her demands.

It is inefficient to just learn grand magic from Blue and Red schools of magic, but well in these types of matters, the most important thing is that the person herself needs to be motivated to learn.

「But do you think you can control it? With Milly’s Red Zero, it is possible that the whole hull of the ship is destroyed」

「I’m telling ya it’s finee♪ Who do you think I am?」

Looking at me with a boastful face, Milly was grinning.

Well to me she looked like a small child that was easily carried away……

To Milly who was looking at me with sparkling eyes, I could not help but feel a sense of anxiety.

However, in saying that, up until now when push comes to shove, she’s always been a reliable leader.

「……I’m counting on you」


Milly answers happily.

「Lydia, while Milly is chanting out her grand magic, she will be defenceless. Please cover her back」

「Okay, Milly-chan come over here~. I’ll give you a piggyback ride kay~」

Lydia was beckoning her, and Milly was feeling suspicious.

「…….You wouldn’t do anything weird right?」


「Hey! Please give me a clear answer!」

Milly was raising her voice and Lydia grabbed on to her waist with both her hands and gave Milly a piggyback.

Although Milly was going to object to Lydia’s actions, she stopped herself and just tightly clinged on to Lydia’s neck.

「Lydia, can you quickly head to the edge of the ship from here? 」


Saying that Lydia casually and agilely moves across the shaking ship. Suddenly a large quantity of Squids burst out from the water and into the air as they aimed themselves towards Lydia.

Did the Kraken throw these squids with its tentacle?

Although there was a large amount of tentacles coming towards Lydia’s: hands, feet and body. No sooner than when she started to squint her eyes, all the tentacles in the air were falling like raindrops as she cut them all in a single blow.

Seeing all these tentacles falling down from the air in broken pieces like sashimi, the sailors watching this held down their hands between their crotches.

Total decapitation…….. I guess I didn’t need to worry about her.

Lydia proceeded onwards towards the side of the ship with momentum.

「Milly-chan, is around here good?」

「U-un…… But I think something got in my eye just now….」

「Are you okay?」

Milly was rubbing her eyes and Lydia was quite worried.

Suddenly the tentacles started to move and the ship was rocking and swaying.



I braced myself and caught Claude who had lost her balance. Even the seaman who were attacking the tentacles could not help but to stop attacking as the boat was shaking too much.

However, Lydia was not affected in the slightest by the shaking boat, and even though she was carrying Milly on her back, she didn’t even budge.

What an incredible sense of balance…

「…….I’m alright, it’s starting to feel better」

「Hang on tight okay, Milly-chan」

Milly nods her head, she closes her eyes and began the incantation to the spell.

「God of scarlet magic, I seek the truth in the farthest land of magic, reaching out to you please grant me your strength. Along with my crimson blade destroy our enemies!!」

「Red Zero!」

They were at the edge of the boat and the sharp blade of flames were aimed towards the root of the tentacle to sever it off.

The seawater started to evaporate and the blade of flames was digging itself into the skin of the tentacles with a grinding sound.

Even from where I was standing, I could see the water evaporating from the heat of the magic and steam was going up from the sea water.

When Milly used the Red Zero with her enormous amount of magical power, it boasted an extremely high amount of power.

The scarlet light thins out and disappears from Milly’s hand.

And then…

*Buchiri*  the tentacle was severed from its roots, it splashed around one more time before it flew past the deck of the ship and into the water.

Because it fell into the surface of the sea a large column of water rose up and the two remaining tentacles seemed to writhe in pain as they shared the agony of the creature.

「We will also take one out over here! Claude back me up!」


going towards one of the other tentacles that was raging about, I spread out my palms and chanted out Time Square, I casted Green Crash twice in a row.

「Green Crash Double」

With a severe sonic boom, a ripple spread out from my hands and towards the tentacles that I had my hands on.

The tentacle was getting loose as it slightly released its grip on the ship, I gave it little to no chance to retaliate and casted my Green Crash Double once again.

The tentacle that received an attack in the same exact spot twice in a row, seems like it was going to be ripped to shreds as it’s body began to warp and bend.

「Now’s the time, Claude!」


The tentacle let go of the ship and stretched itself to its limits, at this moment, Claude used her sword to cut the base of the tentacle in a single slice.

Having half of its tentacles cut from its roots, the Kraken seemed to writhe in pain.


「Claude, behind you!」

From above, Ain’s voice of warning could be heard.

When she turned around, the tentacle that was cut by her was actually attacking her from behind.

Claude noticed the warning from Ain but it was already too late, the tentacle wraps itself around Claude’s body.

Although she was trying her hardest to shake it off, the more she struggled, the more the tentacle would strangle her body.

「Guu….. Haaa……!?」


Ain jumps off from the mast, and tries to tear off the tentacle from Claude, but, the powerless Ain was unable to do so. Gradually tightening its grasp Claude’s voice of agony resounded.

The plate mail covering around her body was making creaking and jarring noises



Looking towards me she stretches out her hands feebly.

Dammit! I’ve already used too much of my magical energy.

I was eating magic recovery medicine as I meditated to regain my mana.

Hearing Claude’s pain filled voice and Ain’s desperate voice, I was trying to calm my flustered mind in order to meditate as fast as possible.

(If I casted a weak tiered spell, I won’t be able to cut the tentacle in one go)

At least half of it……. No even if I only recover 1/3 of my magic it’ll do….!

Pishi Pishi, cracks around Claude’s plate mail was already starting to develop.

Shit, calm down! If I launch a half-assed attack here, it would only take more time to save her!

Claude was also trying her hardest to resist and the sailors were also trying to obstruct the tentacle, but the tentacle only gripped itself harder and was bringing her closer towards the sea.

I’ve recovered my magical energy by about 20 percent, but this is going to be the limit.


「Ah! I understand!」

Ain flies towards me and when I gripped her hands, a bright light covers my hands and a sword appears in its stead.

「Claude! I’m coming to save you right now!」

Hearing Ain’s anxious voice, Claude tries to avoid making her more worried and even though she was letting out cold sweat she tried her best to show a smile on her face.

「Everyone get out of the way!」


「Just hurry up and do it!」

I made all the sailors step back from the tentacle and prepared to strike with the Divine Sword Ainbell.

I don’t have the time to combine four sets of magic together.

Enchanting Red Crash to Ainbell, I swung her down whilst simultaneously casting Time Square.

I casted Black Crash and Green Crash at the same time I slashed downwards.

Immediately following a strong impactful sound, rock boulders around the area melted as a raging windstorm devastated the surroundings.

The base of the tentacle was erased in a single blow and some smoke goes up from the deck.

….. I’m glad that I aimed the majority of the slash upwards.

It contained more power than I expected and if this hit the deck of the ship, it would have turned out badly.

Red, Green and Sky type magic was combined at a short distance. This spell was clearly much stronger than the spell I used to fight Grain, which was the Red Sphere Triple.

It seems that when there are multiple schools of magic combined together, it produces a higher effect then simply multiplying the same magic three times.

For the time being…

「Shall I name this spell the Volcanon Crash?」

I used every inch of magical power in my body, and being unable to maintain Ainbell’s form any longer she disappeared.

「Uohhh! That was amazing young lad!!」

「You’re awesome!」

Getting excited the seaman were all cheering, and I quickly ran towards Claude.

「Ahaha, I messed up again…… Thank you so much, Zeph-kun」

「Don’t worry about it」

The tentacle had lost its powerful grip on her and I stretched my hands towards Claude to help her up. At this point in time, her totally destroyed plate mail crashes towards the deck and reveals her firm and swaying breasts which were being held by it previously.

At the same time a big uproar occurred in the surroundings.

「H-hey…. Bro, you were a girl?!」

「I totally thought that your face was a little bit too feminine but…..」

「Well, I already knew it though!」

「Sailor-san. You were the one who saw me running in my pajamas this morning and got surprised weren’t you…..?」

Claude was staring at the sailor with a glare and the Sailor could only return a bitter smile.

Oh yeah, that reminds me that the sailors treated Claude like a man the other day.

Claude was embarrassed at being ogled by all these sailors and she quickly covered her chest area with her hands.

Squeezing her breasts and making it spill out even more out of her clothes made the sailors stare at her even more greedily.

Oi oi, Claude, don’t you know that doing that is having the complete opposite effect?


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