Chapter 93: Kraken, Final Part


I stood in front of the sailors who were just gawking at Claude.

「Oi, it’s not over yet you know?」

「Woops! You’re right!」

「Well, we were just so surprised…… Sorry about before, young lady」

「……It’s alright, I’m often mistaken as such so…」

Even though she said it was alright, the smile on her face was a little bleak. In any case, there is one tentacle remaining.

「Claude, Zeph, Are you guys alright?」

Lydia who was giving Milly a piggyback ran towards us.

「We’re fine. If we can defeat at least one more tentacle we will at least be able to withdraw. Milly you should concentrate on recovering your magic for now」

「It’s really quite hard to concentrate in these types of conditions…」

Was she embarrassed that she was given a piggyback? In any case Milly was quite restless as her legs were kicking about. While being carried around by Lydia along with how the hull of the ship was shaking so much, it was probably hard for her to concentrate on her meditation.

I ran out of magic recovery medicine it seems.

「Lydia do you have any magic recovery pellets?」

「I’m sorry, I didn’t really bring too much luggage……. After all I didn’t expect us to be fighting…..」

「Please use this」

When I turned my head towards the voice, the man Milly helped out previous presented us with magical recovery pellets.

「I’m a street peddler. I am indebted to the both of you so please use it if it will help. Ah, I also don’t need any compensation for it」

After saying that he gave both of us a large amount of magical recovery pellets. The fact that Milly received a bit more than me was probably to thank her for when she saved his life.

「Thank you very much!」

「You’ve really helped us」

Showing her best formal behaviour Milly smiles to the peddler giving him her thanks, and the man became a little bit embarrassed.

「…..Let me just say this now, but don’t start getting weird ideas」

「Wha, what are you talking about?」

I pretty much hit it right on the nail. Milly doesn’t seem to have noticed it but I was keeping my eye on the peddler.

「C-come on then! You shouldn’t worry about me! Go and take care of those monsters!」

I took one of the magical recovery pellets that he gave to Milly and held it in my mouth. It seems that there isn’t any poison in it. After swallowing it, the Peddler man was looking at me with an astonished expression.

「……You are really cautious aren’t you?」

「She’s an important companion of mine after all」

「Umm……. For now, we should concentrate on defeating it right?」

Milly takes one of the magical recovery pill into her mouth and showed me a gesture that asked, “is it safe to drink this?”, I nodded towards her.

「I also don’t have any more supplies of high-level mediums so I can’t use Ainbell either. We will attack it with all our power using Red Zero. It isn’t necessary to hold back. If we have this much magical recovery pills, then it may even be possible to completely defeat it」

「……Please don’t be too hard on me」

Turning my gaze towards the last remaining tentacle attached to the ship, I used Scout Scope on it.


Level 80

Magical Power Level 352118/ 985842

I think it’s about one step from entering its enraged mode.

Even if we had an unlimited amount of magical recovery pills, (I wasn’t paying attention to the worried look that the Peddler gave me every time I took a pill) It was still extremely risky to try and fight a boss in such an unstable deck when it went into berserk mode.

I think that we should take safety measures here.

When the boss is about to enter its enraged mode, it will change its body shape and it will open an opportunity for us to launch an attack.

In that opening we need to cut the last remaining tentacle and get as far from it as we can.

I grabbed a nearby sailor and told them our plan.

「The moment that you see us cut that tentacle, can you do everything in your power to gain as much distance from it?」

「That’ should be fine but….. Will that be alright?」

「I’ll do something about it so don’t worry」

「Well I definitely saw how capable you were just moments ago so… I will inform the captain of your plan. If things work out as planned, the ship should be able to move」

One of the sailors ran off into the cabin, and I continued to swallow several of the magical recovery pellets.

Milly was not that good at meditation so even though she seemed to hate it, she was swallowing up the medicine as often as she could.

「Uuu…… I-it’s so bitter as expected….」

「I’m going to go ahead. I’ll depend on you to follow up on me Milly」

「Gulp, gulp…….Puhahh, I understwand!」

Parting from the magical recovery vial she just drank from, she wiped the white liquid contents with her sleeve before replying to me.

Claude follows behind me as I ran towards the tentacle.

「You don’t have your shield nor your plate armor. Do not overdo it, Claude」

「I understand」

I held up my hand towards the tentacle and chanted out Time Square. Just like previously I casted Green Crash twice in a row, releasing the time stop I let it loose.

「Green Crash Double」

I was pursuing tentacles that was blown away from the ballistic impact, and Claude was also attacking it.


Pishi….. The white skin on the tentacles was torn into little pieces as it started to fall into the deck with a pitter-patter.



Already anticipating what was required of her Lydia immediately went into action as she carried Milly to the edge of the ship.

The Kraken was already beginning to mutate as new tentacles was beginning to sprout out of its body, Milly held her hands over the sea towards it.

「God of scarlet magic, I seek the truth from the farthest land of magic, reaching out to you please grant me your strength.  With thy crimson blade destroy our enemies!!」

「Red Zero!」

A huge blade made out of scarlet flames descended towards the surface of the sea, and a large quantity of steam and vapour started to surround the area. The root of its tentacle was torn apart and the ship suddenly shook.

The Kraken had released its grasp over the ship.

「Now’s our chance!」


The back of the ship sinks greatly and a huge water column rises from the surface of the sea. I could see a magical light from within the column of water. I heard that the sailors apparently had prepared people in the ship that was capable of using magic in case of an emergency situation, I guess this is what they were used for.

The ship was forcefully sped up with the use of magic as it propelled itself further from the Kraken which was beginning to mutate slowly. When I was looking at the appearance of the Kraken from the back of the ship, Milly comes near me.

She seems to have gotten down from Lydia.

「Is it over…….?」

「If that were true then it will be good」

Just in case I started to meditate again in order to restore some of my magical power.

Suddenly when I was looking at where the Kraken was supposed to be, the sea level surrounding it started to rise up drastically. Has it completed its mutation and reached its enraged mode? However, if we are already this far away from it….

But contrary to my expectations, the wave of water was steadily approaching this ship.

It had an incredibly fast speed.

The propelling force and magical light that was shooting out the back of the ship was also beginning to dim as it began to gradually lose its power.

This is really bad, if this continues the Kraken will catch up to us.

「We are going to continue attacking it! Milly!」

「U, Un!」

Milly drinks down more of the magical recovery medicine. Maybe because she was panicking a little bit spilled into her clothes as she hurriedly drank up.


「Oi oi, are you alright Milly?」

When I looked at her face, it was dripping with the white liquid. Somehow she has lost her balance and some of the magical recovery medicine was smeared into her face. Well the ship was shaking quite a bit after all.


「Here you go, wipe it with this」

Milly was teary eyed and so I lent her my sleeve, and thereupon she used it to wipe her face. While Milly was wiping her face I was thinking of a plan in order to attack it.

Although I’m not absolutely certain of it, it is likely that the Kraken is a monster with Blue magic properties. Therefore, the effect of red magic and blue magic will be miniscule. I don’t really have as much magical energy as Milly, and using a sphere type magic to launch at a monster travelling at that speed is difficult.

In that case there is only one thing I can think of that will be effective against it. I chanted out Time Square and recited Magic Amplification twice in a row.

And now…

「God of Sky Magic, I seek the truth from the farthest land of magic, reaching out to you please grant me your strength. With thy Black Blade destroy our enemies」

「Black Zero」

From my surroundings, a swirling gust of violent wind gathered and converged towards my arm. I released the Black Magical energy from my palm towards the Kraken.

My spell Black Zero was being amplified to four times its usual power and it instantly pierces into the sea water, the black wind worked its way into the sea water and forming the shape of a spiralling whirlwind it bore into the body of the Kraken.

Black Zero used the same amount of magical energy as Red Zero and will drain a huge portion of my mana when casting it, however in terms of its raw power Black Zero is inferior when compared to Red Zero.

Instead however, the speed and velocity at which Black Zero travels is amongst the fastest out of any magic spell.

Furthermore, the shockwave caused by the blast of wind is capable of restraining the movements of the opponent to a certain degree.

Because of the wind pressure exerted by casting Black Zero, the ship actually begins to accelerate again. I was trying to imitate how Silverie used her Black Zero as a propelling force to move quickly but I couldn’t do it that well yet.

However, after only stopping for a moment, the wave of water started to chase after us again.

Oi oi, just how persistent can you be?

I quickly began to meditate whilst taking some more magical recovery medicine.

「Red Zero!」

Milly who was standing beside me shoots out a crimson blade made out of flame at the Kraken. The huge blade of flames goes through the surface of the sea and the Krakens cry could be heard all the way from here.

From this kind of distance and with it traveling at such a fast speed, for Milly to be able to land that spell on it, that was really quite the feat.

「However, it’s still coming after us」

「Ueee……. It’s really persistent」

Both Milly and I were drinking up more magic recovery medicine and whenever we recovered enough magical energy, we would alternate casting our grand magic and shoot it towards the Kraken.

「Black Zero」

「Red Zero!」

「Black Zero」

「Red Zero!!」

We already emptied out multitudes of magical recovery medicines. As for Milly she was already getting completely burnt out and was soon to run out of steam.

「Red Zeroooo!!」

Sending out her fifth Red Zero towards the Kraken, I could feel the power gush out from her body.

It seems that she has levelled up.

Managing to defeat the Kraken with her blast, the sea was regaining its calmness, finally able to relax Milly who was standing next to me sunk down on to the floor.

「Are you alright?」

「Un….. My stomach feels really bloated and I feel gross……」

「You’ve really tried your best, well done Milly. I’m proud of you」

Milly was sitting down with a pale face. She was feeling sick as she held down her stomach, and so I gently patted her back telling her “there there, you’ll be alright”.


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