Chapter 94: Vomiting


Sitting down, I looked towards the sea, which had become quiet.

Has the item that dropped from the Kraken sunk into the bottom of the sea?

Whilst thinking that it was a shame, Milly leaned her legs against my shoulders.

When I looked at her, she seemed to be green in the face, and was cupping her hands on her mouth.

「Are you alright, Milly?」

「…I don’t think… I’m feeling… very well…」

Milly’s eyes were hollow and she was gasping for air. Did she overexert herself because of being seasick and excessively drinking the magical recovery medicine?

I guess that it can’t be helped.

I squatted in front of Milly and turned around, so that my back was facing her. She was a little confused by this.

「Come on, I’ll carry you on my back.」


Normally, she would be embarrassed by this kind of thing and hesitate, but right now she doesn’t have enough strength for that. She staggered towards me, and placed her full weight against my back.

The heat being transmitted to my back is hot.

Her breaths that brush against my ear are also rough, so I could tell that she was in a considerably bad condition.


I moved my hands so as to support Milly’s waist, and as I stood up, both Lydia and Claude were looking towards us with worried expressions.

「Are you alright?」

「I’ll give you a little motion sickness medicine later, okay?」

Milly did not have enough energy to answer properly, and she could only nod at the concerned words of her two friends.

I decided to carry her light and small body all the way to the cabin.

Perhaps it was still suffering from the after-effects of the fight, but the ship was still shaking as it drifted along.

The Milly that was on my back was so quiet; a stark contrast from her usual attitude.

Milly breathes out painfully. Um, this is really bad.

「I will lie you down on the bed soon, okay?」

After I said this, I think she nodded as I felt the feeling of Milly’s head brushing against my shoulder.

Arriving in front of the room at last, Claude opens the door for us.

When I was about to enter inside the room, Claude and Lydia looked at me with their eyes wide open.

What’s wrong? Just when I was thinking this, I felt something hot flow down my back.

When I reached out towards Milly’s skirt with my fingertips, the thing streaming down was hot to the touch and I instantly understood everything.

「…Did you just vomit?」

I noticed that Milly’s small body was trembling on my back.

I began to hear a small sob and her arms were closely embracing and squeezing my neck tight.

Both Claude and Lydia seemed like they didn’t really know what to say at this point.

After breathing out a sigh, I lay Milly down on to my bed. She was covering her face with both of her hands and tears were dripping down her face like raindrops.

Both her face and her clothes were gooey with vomit and she was in a terrible state.

「…–orry… I’m sorry」

After vomiting once, did she recover enough to be able to talk?

Milly was apologizing to me and she spoke with a shaky voice whilst crying. I patted her head, brushing it gently.

「You fool, don’t be worried about such a trifling thing. Even if clothes get a little dirty, it’s just a simple matter of washing it you know?」

「… But… Uuuu…」

Although I was trying to comfort her, Milly didn’t stop her crying.

Geez, she really cares about such a trivial thing.

Letting out a bitter smile, I kept patting Milly’s head and waited until her sobbing settled.

After a short while, Milly tired herself out and drifted off to sleep, and I finally separated my hand from her head.

「She fell asleep, didn’t she?」

「Yeah, but if only she was this gentle on a regular basis, she would be pretty cute.」

「Zeph-chi, you’re not very honest, are you~」

Lydia uses her elbow to rub against my head.

Oi, can you stop that you baka?

But still, my back is getting cold.

I took off my clothes which were covered in Milly’s vomit, and I started to wipe my body, when I did this both Claude and Lydia averted their eyes from me.

I don’t really mind it even if they saw me though…

After putting my dirty clothes into a bag, I sat next to Milly and the bed creaked and swayed.

Milly was sleeping with a tranquil expression on her face, and I gently lifted her up by supporting the nape of her neck and unfastened the ribbon she wore.

Taking off the button on her clothes one by one, a small swelling protrusion appeared. (Web Novel Illustration: Milly Under the Weather)

Removing all the buttons, in the moment I was about to take off her jacket…..

「Wa-wa-wait… Zeph-kun?! What are you trying to do!?」

「W-we can take over from here okay!? Zeph-chi should just go outside! Come on, go quickly!」

The voice of the two girls resounded throughout the room.

I was still half-naked, but I was driven out of my room and made to stand outside.

「…This is a little cold.」

Well, if they were just changing Milly’s clothes, I’m sure it should be over any minute now…

But seriously, what are those two worried about? I know I said that Milly was cute, but I meant that she was adorable as a child.

I’m not the kind of fellow who would become aroused by looking at such a young child.

The sailors were still running around the ship noisily.

That was just how big this fight was, and it may even be possible that the ship was damaged somewhere.

Whilst I was looking around, I saw a man slowly walk towards me.

「The battle just now was splendid.」


The man was of medium build and looked like a gentleman; he was the merchant from a little while ago.

We took a large amount of his magical recovery medicine, so perhaps he came here to complain?

Back then, he didn’t seem to mind it, but, seeing how his wavy hair was slicked back, he seemed to be a person that was quite shrewd and calculative.

Perhaps, when he saw us, he sniffed the scent of money.

In my view, he seemed to be a considerably capable merchant.

Just when I was having my doubts, he turned towards me with a refreshing smile.

「It is I who should say thank you. The amount of magical recovery medicine you provided us with could not have been cheap.」

「No no, it’s not a big deal. After all, you guys saved my life, and I got to watch something amazing.」

After saying that, the man took out a single sheet of paper from his jacket, and handed it over to me.

When I took a look, the words “Silver Coin merchant store owned by Adrei Sombre” were written down.

「Truth be told, I actually run a shop in the capital city. If you were to travel between the east continent to the continent in the north, you will no doubt go past the capital at least once. By all means, please come and visit my store」

This silver coin store was something that also existed in my previous life, and during that time it was a gigantic general store located in the capital.

It had all kinds of recovery medicines, convenient tools, magic scrolls and defensive equipment, it was a complete general goods store capable of rivaling some of the incompetent specialty stores, and many adventurers used to shop there.

Speaking of the name Adrei, he seems to be the manager of the store.

To think that I would be meeting him in a place like this.

「So you are the manager of this silver coin store? I did not expect for someone like you to personally come out to travel and peddle goods around.」

「Oh, were you acquainted with my shop? It is my principle to personally handle the products that are being sold to make sure of their quality.」

Indeed, this is a man who was capable of setting up such a huge shop.

Just from his demeanor, I was able to tell that he was not an ordinary person.

「May I hear your name?」

「Zeph. My name is Zeph Einstein; the people I was with before are my companions.」

「Hou, even though you are still a child… Woops! I didn’t mean to be rude. After all, you possess an amazing capability.」

「You don’t need to flatter me. I also don’t like to concern myself with being overly courteous.」

「Age has nothing to do with someone’s power. Zeph, don’t you think so as well?」

「I guess.」

We were both chuckling together and one of the sailors who saw us had a puzzled expression on his face.

「… I seem to get along well with you. When you arrive at the capital, by all means, please come to visit my silver coin store.」

「Yeah, I’ll do that.」

Adrei requested a handshake and I reached out my hand in return.

If I go to the capital, I’m sure that the silver coin store will be utilized.

Perhaps I may even be able to obtain a good service because of our relationship.

「By the way, Zeph-dono…」

After returning his handshake, Adrei crouched down and brought his face closer to mine.

「…In regards to that energetic and beautiful girl, would I be able to ask you for her fine name?」

「Who are you referring to?」

「The one with long blonde hair tied up on the left and right…」

After saying that Adrei smiled and made a pose binding his own hair left and right.

「Can’t do that.」

I made an immediate response.

When I declared it so decisively, Adrei’s face turned very lonesome, he gave me a curt bow and left.

Taking back my previous remarks, it would seem that there were actually quite a few fellows out there that like very-young-looking girls.

Even if I did go to the capital, it would probably be for the best if I didn’t bring Milly along to the silver coin store…


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