Chapter 95: Lost child


Then the voyage was over without delay in three days, we arrived at Port Izu located in the north continent.

Milly looked meek as a cat and was very docile, therefore Claude and Lydia were considerably worried about her.

When I tried to talk to Milly, she avoided me completely.

The ship arrives at the port; passengers goes down one by one along the pier.

In normal circumstances Milly would usually be the first to run down the pier, however, she hid behind Lydia with a gloomy expression on her face.

( ……. is Milly-san alright?)

Claude brings her face close to me and whispers in a small voice. When I look at Milly, she glances at me and then she immediately hides her face.

(Well, I will do something about it)

However, I hardly heard her speak on the ship. Usually Milly is boisterous but now she is like this, it’s starting to affect my mood as well.

「Hey, Zeph-chi, let’s just find an inn for now?」

「That’s true」

I agreed with Lydia’s suggestion.

In either case, it’s probably necessary for her to settle down a little bit.

「Oh? it’s Zeph, and everybody」

I descended from the bridge while having a discussion, then suddenly, I heard a familiar voice from behind.

It was Adrei.

When I stood in front of Milly reflexively, Adrei’s face looked a little bit troubled.

「Zeph-dono, as a merchant my actions are based on risk and return. I won’t do anything that would interfere with you, you know?」

「I wonder? From my personal experience merchants are very persistent」

「Is that really so?」

Adrei covered his mouth while trying to suppress his laughter. Though such a gesture tells me that he can’t be trusted.

「Well, I think it’s time for me to go. By all means, when you come to the capital please visit my Silver Coin Store」

After he said that, Adrei turns his gaze toward Milly who was hidden behind Lydia.

「Ehmm …. Miss, your name is Milly right?  I’m looking forward to the day we can meet again」

Milly who was hidden behind Lydia, twitches her body. This fellow, how did he discover that her name is Milly? He really is a shrewd guy.

When I stood in front of Milly and blocked his path without hesitation, Adrei looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

「I just wanted to greet her you know?」

「Let me tell you, if you lay your hands on Milly, I will not forgive you.」

「Zeph-dono is so frightening, I will not dare to lay a hand on Milly. However, please accept my apology if I have made you angry」

After saying that Adrei put something into my pocket and quickly stood up and departed. Riding on his carriage he waved his hands as he moved outside of town raising a cloud of dust.

What’s with that guy……

When I was looking at where Adrei was going, my clothes were being pulled from my back.

When I turned around I saw Milly grabbing on to my clothes.


「……Thank you….. and, I’m sorry」

Milly spoke in a small voice that seemed to fade away.

That reminds me, during that time when we fought the King of the Dead a while ago and I covered her and broke my arm, she was also really depressed.

Milly seems to be the kind of person that worries about her failures too much.

Geez for a kid she really cares about others….

I go close to Milly and firmly hugged her small shoulders.


「Milly, you wanted to make me do something for my punishment game right? I’ll do anything so just tell me」

「Even if you say that I…… Hyaah」

I suddenly lifted Milly’s body with my arms and carried her in a princess carry, at first she was bashfully kicking her feet up and down but she soon became docile.

「Nn in that case, me and Clau-chan will stop by the inn so Milly-chan and Zeph-chi should go do the shopping together♪」

「That’s true, shall we do that then?」

I was seeing the two girls leave, and I was trying to think of a location within the capital that would make a child really happy, but I felt another pull on my neck.

「…..At least lower me down」

Milly’s voice was even smaller than the one from before.

I placed Milly down and grabbing on to her hand I led her through the pedestrian traffic. We were going by the central area of Port Izu. There was quite a lot of people, so I was careful not to let go of Milly’s hands.

In the end I couldn’t decide on a particular location and after wandering around, we ended up to a place where there was a lot of shops.

There are various shops around here, so it is probable that Milly will like one of them right?

Just like my idea was a bingo, after walking for a while Milly stops in front of a shop.

She was looking through the window of the shop.

She was looking at a small doll with braided red hair.

Muu, I feel like I’ve been in this situation somewhere before….

「I miss those days…」

After hearing Milly’s voice, I suddenly remember it.

When I first met Milly and fought the boss monster King of the Dead and after I scolded her for her rash actions against the boss monster, it was the same as the time where I went to Beruta town to buy the item for monster subjugation.

At that time, she was also crying and apologizing to me and was feeling really depressed. When I came back from Beruta, just like this she was staring at a doll and I remember the situation vividly.

「Ahh….. Come to think of it you’re right. Haha」

Recalling our past, I inadvertently laughed.

Seeing me like that, Milly pinches my arm.

Don’t you know that hurts…

「At that time, I wanted to be with Zeph just a little longer. But I didn’t really know what to say」

「Even if you didn’t say anything, haven’t we been together since that time?」

「I really didn’t understand it back then! ……. But now I finally understand the reason」

Saying that, Milly turns towards me and presses her lips against mine.

Because she turned towards me so vigorously her teeth struck mine and a kachink sound echoed.

Milly held her mouth because of that small pain.

「Owwie……Hehe, that didn’t go so well did it?」


「Alright! With this Zeph’s punishment game is over! Now then, everyone is probably waiting for us, so let’s return shall we ♪ ?」

Spinning around Milly linked both her hands behind her back. Was she feeling embarrassed? In any case she quickly walked into the crowd of people.

After standing there in a daze for a while, I finally realized it.

At that time, whenever I held Milly’s hands, isn’t it because she would be lost like a child if I didn’t?

I ran after her to chase her but it was already too late.

I couldn’t find Milly anywhere, after looking for a while, I decided to contact her telepathically and that’s when I heard her tearful voice.

I finally managed to meet up with her but Milly was sniffling and teary eyed. I held her hands and she strongly grabbed on to mine with both of her hands.

「Don’t cry stupid. …….. And also, don’t let go of my hands again, alright?」

Milly was having the sniffles and I gently caressed her head as she nodded back to me. I got in contact with Lydia and was on my way back to the inn.

(Ahh Zeph-dono, has Milly’s condition improved yet?)

That’s when I heard a familiar voice in my head.

This was Adrei’s voice.

That reminds me, before he left he put something into my pocket.

I rustled around in my pocket and I found a crystal ring fragment.

Giving me something like this, what kind of schemes does he have I wonder?

(Is that you Adrei? Putting this into my pocket and talking to me, are you trying to cheer Milly up?)

(Well something like that. )

Adrei was speaking nonchalantly.

(Sigh… Is this your attempt at first trying to gain my favor ?)

(Before shooting the general you first shoot his horse, there is a foreign saying from a different country that I’ve heard you see?)

I don’t really know his point but I may as well take it as an affirmation?

After saying that I will visit his shop in the future, I cut off communication with Adrei.

He truly is a very cunning guy.


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