Chapter 96: Port City of Izu


Translator: Nefarian

When we arrived at the inn, Claude came out to meet us. Noticing our arrival, she waved her hands energetically and ran over here. In the middle of her run she saw the change in Milly so she smiled happily.

「That’s great!」

After exclaiming this, Claude used both of her hands to wrap it around mine and Milly’s hands which were currently linked together. She was smiling brightly and showing her pearly white teeth, Claude definitely looks like a pretty boy when she’s like this.

Woopsies! she wasn’t wearing her bulky armor right now, so saying that might be a little rude.

「Yeah, she made you worry didn’t she? Claude」

「……I’m sorry, Claude」

「It’s alright! As long as Milly-san has become energetic!」

Claude was jumping up and down in a good mood, Milly had a slightly embarrassed face as she smiled in return.

「N-now that you mention it, where’s Lydia?」

Perhaps she was becoming overly embarrassed but Milly was trying to change the topic.

「Lydia-san is negotiating the contract for the inn. It seems that she was accustomed to things of this nature so..」

That reminds me, back when we were in Beruta Town, the one who introduced us to the inn we stayed at was Lydia. Thanks to her, we were able to stay in the inn for a long period of time without much trouble. I suppose we will have to count on her this time around as well. Just as I was thinking about this, the door to the inn opens and Lydia shows her face. Just when we were talking about her, she appears.

「Ohh, Zeph-chi and Milly-san. ……Looking at you guys, you must have made up with each other」

Putting her hand over her mouth, Lydia was smirking and laughing. Both of these two girls think quite alike. But well, it’s also a fact that they helped.

「Thank you」

After thanking the two girls, I smiled with a complex expression on my face.

Suddenly, Kyururururu, I heard a rumbling sound from beside me. When I looked to the side, I could see Milly’s red face looking down.

「For the time being, since we’ve made proper reservations for the inn, shall we go and find some food? The food in the inn sold out really quick, so I don’t think there is any left for us」

「I-I suppose so! Let’s go, Milly-san!」


Pulling along Milly who had a red face, we returned to the main street.

「By the way, I heard from the people working at the inn that the carriage that goes to the capital only arrives to town every 10 days」

「When’s the next arrival date?」

「Nn~ In about six days I think?」

That’s plenty of time.

Adrei had already left using a carriage to go somewhere, but well he’s really rich. He probably has plenty of methods to travel. Even without a carriage we could still travel via teleportation but it is not really necessary for us to be in such a rush.

Because it takes a couple of days to go to the capital by carriage, it would be necessary to camp outside if we were to travel by teleportation. If my memory serves me correctly, there should be a dungeon in the vicinity of Izu Town. It is still possible to do training here, so I think that we can just wait for the next carriage to arrive.

「In a port town like this that is near the capital, they should have some delicious food that we can eat right?」

「Clau-chan eats quite a lot of food but, she doesn’t seem to get any fatter does she~?」

「I-I’m in my growth period, that’s why…..」

Lydia leans over Claude and hugs her from behind, she was massaging and fondling her chest. If I must say so myself, indeed she seems to have grown in that area. When I looked in Claude’s direction, Milly gripped my hand strongly and stared towards me piercingly.

By the time we reached the shopping district, it was already evening and a good smell was drifting from a nearby store. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a good meal. I don’t necessarily dislike simple fish dishes, but more complex cooking was still better. Especially in Izu Port City where various ingredients are gathered from all over the world, I suspect that we will be able to eat a variety of delicious meals.

Even if I wasn’t Milly, even my stomach would rumble at the thought.

When we were looking for places to eat, we came to this shop with a huge white wall. Looking at this shop, there was a long line of people waiting.

「Uwaah~ This is amazing isn’t it…..?」

「It’s so popular. This kind of queue is something that I’ve never seen in Beruta Town」

「It says that we need to wait approximately 2 hours….」

「Shall we go find another restaurant then?」

Indeed, it might have been really delicious cooking but, waiting hours in line just to have a meal is inefficient. At the very least, it was impossible for me. When I turned around to find another shop, I ran into Claude’s breasts as she was just standing still.


Claude’s gaze was turned towards the back alleyway. When I traced where she was looking at I arrived at this small shadow that was moving in a dark pathway. it seems to be a child, moreover that is……

「A beast person?」

A beast person is one of the races that often lived in these northern continents, it was a half-human, half-beast race.

They were essentially people with animal ears and or tails, and this change was not merely limited to their physical bodies but it could also affect the way their minds worked, and in comparison with normal human beings, their mind was a little more unstable and prone to agitation.

If they got excited, they would often act impulsively like they were a beast.

However, their fighting capabilities and their abilities to search for their enemies exceed those of humans, and there are instances where they have worked together with humans to fight against monsters and demons.

The special characteristics of their eyes is that normally they are blue, but when they are in the peak of their emotions their eyes will turn red. The rumors are that the first beast person came to existence because they were transformed by the magical energies in the land. Magic is abundant and overflowing in the ground, and there are times the magical energies that are collected in the ground gushes forth. When this happens a dungeon is created, and the magic that gushes out creates water and rocks, animals and monsters in the neighboring area, since ancient times, it is believed that when a person lives in an area of land that accumulates a large amount of magical energy for an extended period of time, the result is that their children will be born into half-human, half-beast.

With this kind of context, asides from the adventurers who are used to fighting, it was difficult for the people of the town to accept them for who they are. It was especially hard on the children. The children of beast people were likely forced to pick up scraps of food that were thrown away and they were holding a pot in their hands. Claude was looking at them with such sorrowful eyes. They were barely making a living for themselves, and perhaps it made her remember about her old lifestyle.

「Oi, Claude….」

「T-that can’t be true! Ahaha…..」

I haven’t even said anything. Claude was letting out a dry laughter.

「Hey, you guys. Want to try eating this?」

After seeing Claude, Milly entered the ring of children. I’m not sure when she bought it but she was holding some cakes in her hand. Isn’t that the thing that Milly often eats for her snacks? Even though nothing will change even if she did something like this…. Haa, after breathing out a sigh, I could hear Lydia’s happy laughter from behind.

「Both of you are so kind~」

「It’s only sweets. That kind of thing is only done for self-satisfaction」

「Ahaha, but Zeph-chi you were smiling you know?」

Muu, I didn’t realize it myself but my face was being lax? I was scratching my head and Lydia was crossing both her arms behind her head whilst showing a smile of mischief. If it was me in the past seeing that kind of action, I would of deemed it as inefficient and waste of time, but after being with the girls it would seem that I have changed a little as well. Breathing out another sigh, I took a step forwards toward the children crowding around Milly.

「Hey, you guys」

Although I was calling out to them, the children were completely absorbed and indulging themselves on the cake that they received from Milly.

……..These kids.

「It won’t be enough with just that right? I will let you eat something even more delicious than that so come over here」

Before I even finished my sentence, the children turned towards me and they had this beast like glint in their eyes.

……..These rascals.

They were indescribably calculative. Walking with droves of beast children behind me, I entered a not so popular shop. Along the way, there was plenty of curious and scornful gazes but I didn’t mind them at all. The shop assistant came to take my order with a puzzled look and I started to order everything from the beginning to the end of the menu.

If you serve visitors like this, that’s the reason you won’t get many guests.

Whilst watching the children greedily devour the food around them, I was eating a roasted chicken. Mu, the taste isn’t bad. When I bit into the crispy skin of the roast chicken, a boy turns his gaze towards me.

His age was probably a little undermine. Even when he was following me before, it felt like he was leading everyone else. It is likely that this fellow is their leader. In spite of being a child he seems to have a strong-minded face and his eyes looked sharp. Come to think of it, these children were wearing rags but they seemed to have washed themselves properly and they didn’t really smell. Staring into my eyes like he was evaluating me, he showed me his white fangs and an amiable smile.

「Nii-chan giving us a meal to eat, thanks alot!」[1. Nii-chan = brother, bro, older brother]

「If you want to give your gratitude, you can give it to Milly. Because all of this is her treat」


When I said this and pointed at Milly, she was so surprised that she choked on the food she was eating. Lydia was patting Milly’s back as she was having a coughing fit.

「Are you alright? Milly-san」

「cough, cough…. Zeph….」

「I was joking」

Looking at how she was choking, I let out a chuckle. Seeing the situation the young boy, poked me with his elbow.

「oh man~ but seriously I’m so jealous of you bro~」

「….Let me just tell you but no matter how much you try to flatter me; this is going to be the only time I’ll treat you. To begin with, don’t you each have your own houses you can return to」

I glared at the young boy.

「Oh man hahaha….. Did we get found out?」

「Your clothes are properly washed, and for a kid that’s supposed to be homeless, the complexion of your skin is also quite good. This builds the evidence that you’ve lived a reasonable life」

Perhaps Milly and Lydia didn’t notice this fact, but they were showing surprised expressions.

「As for me I was even thinking that they may be forced into doing something like this by their own guardians」

Isn’t that being way to suspicious Claude? Even I did not conceive of such an idea. After exchanging looks with Milly, the young boy stood up and scowled at Claude.

「Big sis Sill isn’t going to do something like that!」

Shouting out in an angry voice, the young boy startled everyone. The young boy’s eyes turned red in anger, and his white fangs were showing for an instant. Red eyes, this is the so called wild temperament of the beast people I suppose?

Before he acts violently, would it be better for me to put him to sleep? When I was thinking about such things the boy covered his own face with his hand.

「…..ops…… My bad」

After apologizing lightly, he closes his eyes, and repeatedly takes in a deep breath. He was also reciting something out in a mumble. Was he trying to suppress and control his own feelings?

After waiting for a while, the boy that was concentrating on his breathing opened his eyes slowly. The eyes which had been dyed red until a moment ago turned back to a clear shade of blue. After the boy settled down, Claude bowed her head to apologize.

「…… I’m am sorry. I didn’t intend to offend you; I was being insensitive」

「Ahh it’s fine, our kind easily gets flared up. I almost made the mistake of attacking the benefactor who generously treated us to a meal」

Claude was quite worried and the boy just told her not to mind it whilst laughing. The other kids also seemed to feel relieved.

「It seems that this nature is more troublesome than I’ve heard it to be」

「Ah yeah I guess. That’s why big sis Sill always tells out not to trouble other people. Nn but instead of talking about this, let’s eat! eat!」

「Ahhn! That was my meatt!」

「……This is my treat to them」

Having a meal surrounded by a large group from time to time isn’t all that bad either. In saying that these children have a terrifying appetite and there was little food left over for us to eat. Especially Milly, she kept losing to how quick the children were snacking up the food. It might be better if I started to order extra. When I was thinking about such things, the ear that was on top of the boy’s head pricked up and moved.

「This is bad…… it’s big sis Sill. Let’s run away, you guys!」

As soon as the leader young boy said this, the children started to scatter and disperse in all directions, jumping out from the open windows. I’m not really sure what’s happening but it seems to be their guardian? A beast person’s senses were much more astute in comparison to a human. It’s likely that they heard some kind of sound approaching. In an instant the table that was rowdy moments ago turned silent, and whilst we were staring at them in surprise, the windows were wide open and most the children were already gone.

「Thanks a lot! Let’s meet again okay!」

The young boy gives his salute and closes the open window with a slam. When everyone was exchanging looks with each other, this time the front door of the cheap restaurant opened.

When we looked towards the door there was this girl wearing a blue priestess outfit. Her light pink hair grows down to her waist, and her long eyelashes and her tightly bound up breasts were rising up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

When I raised my face upwards, her black eyes locked on to mine.


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