Chapter 97: Meal


Translator: Nefarian

The attention of everyone in the shop turned to the girl in the Priestess outfit as their eyes slowly opened wider. The face of the girl who saw the disastrous scene inside of the restaurant changed from red to blue.

Is she perhaps Sill, the elder sister that boy was talking about?

Her face was turning paler by the second and sweat was rolling down her cheeks, in the next moment, she turned herself towards the shop owner and greatly lowered her head in apology.

「I’m so very sorryy!」

The store owner that suddenly saw her vigorously bow her head became speechless.

「Those children seemed to have caused trouble again….. so……」

Even whilst she was apologizing she was looking at the store owner with upturned eyes. Although the shop owner was momentarily perplexed at the scene, after a while he grinned at her as if he realized something.

「…….Shirushu-san, you need to properly look after those troublesome brats~ 」[1. Nef: Sill’s full name is シルシュ = Shirushu, not sure if this is the best name but as per usual I’m not the greatest is converting a Japanese name to an English one especially when it has no English counterpart, so feel free to give name suggestions for the priestess-san]

「I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!」

Perhaps he was pleased with her obsequious nature of apologizing repeatedly, but the store owner lifts the corners of his mouth even further and takes another step towards her.

「If things would be settled by just apologizing we wouldn’t even need Dispatch Magicians, don’t you think so….? 」

「Uu….. Then what do I need to do…..?」

「What I want is for Shirushu-san to show more sincerity. You know what good faith is, right?」


Shirushu was perplexed and the man reached out his burly hands and gripped on to her shoulders. Shirushu shows a bitter smile and her face was cramping up.

「You should leave it at that」

Along with the sound of my voice, I floated a fireball right in front of the storekeepers face.

I had chanted out Red Ball.


「The children did not do anything bad. There is no need for you to apologies to the shop owner」

Shirushu had a puzzled face as she alternated her gaze between the embarrassed shop owner and me. Walking briskly towards the shop keeper, I paid the bill for the meal.


「We were the ones who invited and treated them to the meal. But they seemed to be terribly afraid. Of this person called elder sister Sill」

*Kuku* I smiled at Shirushu and she seemed to finally understand the circumstances, her face was dyed in the color of shame.

「I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!」

This time she was repeatedly bowing towards me. When a woman dressed this properly was behaving so modestly, although not to the extent of that shop owner from before, but it really makes me want to tease her a little bit. [2. Nef: Zeph is such a tease kekeke]

When I was thinking about such things, I felt a prickling glance from the three girls behind me. Suppressing my sadistic mind, I waved my hands to let Shirushu know not to worry about it.

「Those children were hanging around down town and seemed to be really hungry so I treated them. I was just being a busy body. So it’s nothing you need to worry about」

「I-Is that really so? In that case thank you very much」

Once again Shirushu bowed her head towards me. I just told her not to worry about it… Lydia approaches Shirushu and taps her shoulder to comfort her.

「There there, Zeph-chi has already said that it is alright, so you don’t have to worry about it so much」

「That will not do! I need to show my gratitude somehow! If there is something that I can do, please tell me! …….Although I don’t have any money….」

「Hou…. You said you’d do anything?」

「You can’t be like that, Lydia-sann….」

Lydia’s eyes were catching on this dangerous glint and Claude quickly pulls Shirushu away from Lydia.

Nice follow Claude.

「You want to thank us…. Hmm~ then how about you show us around the city, what do you say? We still have plenty of time before the carriage to the Capital arrives so, until then we will be staying over here」

This Port Town was the passing point for people that wanted to go to the Capital, so various kinds of people and interesting things were gathered here. I’ve also come here in my past life and because I was alone at that particular time, my mode of transport was mainly using teleportation. There may be somethings here that only a local person living in the area would know about. Hearing Claude’s suggestion, Shirushu’s face became a beaming smile.

「If that’s the case, it would be an easy request!」

Saying that Shirushu pats her chest in confidence.

Perhaps she hit her chest too hard? but she started to cough a little afterwards. What’s this? Because that young boy was so afraid of her I thought that she might be someone scary but, she seems to be quite the pleasant girl. Although her habit of apologizing so much might be her weakness.

Milly was also giggling.

「Hey Zeph-chi, for now let’s get out of here?」

「That’s true. Everyone’s glance is a little uncomfortable」

Both of the girls seem to be worried about the eyes of the people in the restaurant. There weren’t really many customers in this shop so I didn’t think it was something they needed to worry about. But well, there is no reason for us to stay here anyways.

「Wait a moment」

When we were going to go outside, the store owner called out to stop us. When I turned around, he thrust a sheet of paper towards me.

「There’s not enough money」

Apparently, it was a little insufficient. When I put out the remaining owed, Shirushu gave me another look of apology.

After getting out of the shop, Milly who had not yet been satisfied by the previous meal suggested that we continue to eat at a nearby snacking shop. After finishing our food orders, Shirushu started to do her self-introduction with a slight bow.

「I’m sorry that I’m late in introducing myself. My name is, Shirushu Onslaught」

After she introduced herself, we also replied in kind.

「My name is Zeph」

「My name is Milly Reyad! Pleased to meet you, Shirushu」

「I am Claude」

「You can call me Lydia 」

「Please treat me well, everyone」

After everyone finished introducing themselves, Shirushu bows her head again. She gives her bow to Claude and Lydia. Then panics and continues to bow to Milly. Being polite is good and all but I think she’s a little too formal.

「I work as a sister of the church on the outskirts of this town. I am taking care of those children but….. they are really naughty」

Showing a troubled face and an apologetic smile Shirushu’s face looked like a mother’s face, it reminded me of that mother in the town of Nanami. I extended my hands towards the food that the employee brought to our table; Shirushu on the other hand was only grabbing the cup in front of her and drinking water.

「By the way Shirushu, is it alright even if you don’t chase after those children?」

「No, more importantly, I need to show you guys my gratitude…… After all those children were troubling you」

「Nn~ But it’s already getting dark *chew, mumble*….. Aren’t we just going around town? If that’s the case I think it would be fine if we did it tomorrow?」

「Lydia-san, that’s bad manners. Mou…..」

Lydia was holding all the food in her mouth while talking so Claude warns her about it.

Looking at this scene Shirushu chuckles.

「Is everyone here perhaps an adventurer?」

「Yeah, we came from the eastern continent. We just arrived here today」

「Then do you have any places to stay at…. Ah, if you’d like perhaps you could stay over in our church!」

Shirushu leans forwards and puts both of her hands against her chest with a joyous face.

「We’ve already booked at an inn so don’t worry」

「Is that so…..?」

After Lydia’s reply, Shirushu was clearly depressed. Did she really feel that indebted just because we treated the children to a meal? She’s such an honest person.

「Shirushu, You don’t have to mind it so much you know?」

「No, that won’t do…..!」

「….. By the way, umm are you going to eat that?」

Shirushu twitched at the sudden interruption by Milly. Now that you mention it, she’s been doing nothing but sip on water.

「No, I haven’t ordered any foods so please go ahead! Besides, I’m not hungry at all!」

Shirushu was flapping her arms whilst offering her portion to Milly, but I could see that her eyes were locked on to the bone chops I was holding.

「You want some?」

When I presented my bony chops to Shirushu, her white throat made a gulping noise. You were taking care of all these hungry children. You can’t be letting yourself get hungry as well, right?

「No! I haven’t paid any money for this, besides, I cannot allow myself to receive such a generous gift….. Muguu!?」[3. Nef: Muguu, is the sound of her mouth being stuffed with food]

The moment Shirushu opened her mouth, I shoved the thick bony meat into her small mouth. The meaty juices streamed down her pink colored lips. Staring in wonder, Shirushu who hasn’t seemed to have tasted meat in a long time had this melted expression on her face.

「Doesn’t it taste good?」

When I asked in a teasing manner, Shirushu was nibbling and eating with an indescribable expression as she mumbled out the words. She had so much in her mouth that I couldn’t really tell what she was saying but just from looking at her face, I already knew what she wanted to say.

After wholeheartedly sucking on the piece of meat that I gave her Shirushu immediately started to eat it up. Her mouth was opened. Eating it very intently until all that was left was a totally cleaned out bone.


Shirushu was sighing as if she was spellbound and this inevitably pulled everyone’s attention. Was she really that hungry? All the meat in the bone totally disappeared into her mouth.

「Showing you this unsightly face of mine, I’m very sorry……」

In the end Shirushu herself managed to finish half of the things we ordered, and she once again started to repeatedly bow her head to us in apology.

「Don’t worry about it, it’s fine I’m telling ya! Just make sure to make up for it tomorrow, okay♪?」

「Yes! That’s of course! I will do my utmost, so please allow me to become the best town guide!」

「When you talk about the church being on the outskirts of town, do you mean that thing, over there?」

When I looked to where Lydia was pointing at, I could certainly see a isolated church on the outskirts of town.

Small shadows were moving in the garden. Although it was hard to see from this distance, those shadows were likely the children. Shirushu seemed to be relieved that the children had returned safely and she breathed out deeply.

「…… Shirushu, I think that we should leave it at this for today. We will be counting on you tomorrow」

「Yes! ……. In that case, please excuse me」


Shirushu gave us a big and curt bow, and with an amazing amount of energy she ran towards the church. I was smiling wryly as I saw her off but she stumbled on a stone-paved road across the way and fell flat on her face.

Seeing that Milly burst into laughter.

「She’s such an interesting person isn’t she, Zeph?」

「That’s true, but having Shirushu as our town guide, I feel a little uneasy」

「I feel uneasy in a different meaning though……」

「Ahahah! After coming this far, I think it would be much easier if you didn’t worry so much, Clau-chan♪」

Giving up Claude lets out a sigh, and Lydia goes behind her and hugs her breasts from behind.


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