Chapter 99: Multiple Synthesis


Translator: Nefarian

In the end Milly laughed herself to sleep so I covered her with her futon blanket. Afterwards, both Claude and Lydia’s magical power lines were reinforced and strengthened.

At that time, Lydia was staring at Claude because she was letting out these weird sounds of “Uwaa~” or “Tahaa~”. Claude seemed to be embarrassed, so the moment we finished our session she immediately covered herself with her futon and went to sleep.

Lydia lied down and when I came towards her she grinned at me whilst whispering in a low voice.

「My, my~ Clau-chan she was kind of ero tic wasn’t she~?」

「….. I think Lydia is pretty much the same though」

「Eh~ You really think so~?」

For some reason Lydia was acting all shy. It’s terrifying how she has no self-awareness.

After that I decided to take a short nap and when I woke up it was early next morning. I felt sluggish and still quite tired, perhaps I overslept a little?

(Zeph, are you free right now?)

As soon as I woke up, I heard a voice in my head.

This voice is….


(It’s been quite a while hasn’t it. There’s another matter that I want your help with but…)

(Hang on, before we go any further, Silverie, did you know that I am unable to initiate the conversation towards you?)


Silverie becomes silent. As expected she had no idea…

(When you divided your crystal ring and gave me a fragment of it, it makes it possible for us to initiate a conversation, however, only the owner of the ring is capable of establishing communication)

(Unh….. Is that so?)

I feel like this is the first time she’s heard of this fact. This is why she’s such a loner.

(….. Let me just make this clear, but I’m not a loner. It’s just that I haven’t used this type of thing before)

(For an adventurer to have never used a crystal communication ring before…. Well, I’ll be thankful as long as you call out to me sometimes. I also have something I want to give you)

(Mu, I don’t mind going to pick it up)

(The thing is that I’m currently in the Northern Continent. There is a couple of things I needed here)

(…… I understand. Well in that case the next time we meet, I’ll be contacting you again)

(Yeah, thanks Silverie)

After I said my thanks, she laughed like she was a little embarrassed and then Silverie cut communications. The next time we meet, I’ll be sure to give a fragment of the crystal ring that I possess so that I will be able to converse with Silverie…. Well it seems that it won’t be long before we meet though.

While talking with Silverie, I was changing from my sleepwear to my everyday wear. The sun was starting to rise and things were getting a little brighter. Although it’s kind of like a half-measure, it will still be sufficient for me to take a look at the surroundings of the town, right?

When I was going to leave the inn, the boss of the inn was looking at me whilst smirking.

「Well well, you had plenty of fun last night, didn’t you?」

「Hm… yea….?」

I didn’t really understand what this inn owner was talking about, and I merely returned an indifferent response. What on earth was he talking about I wonder?

Port Izu wasn’t really a large town but, it was a town connected to the sea and the capital.

Even this early in the morning the streets were bustling with traffic and people were filled with livelihood.

Getting out of this alley and walking along the wall, I found a robust looking soldier guarding a gate. Noticing me, the guard gave this intense smile.

「Good morning. Young boy!」


This kind of thing happens in most towns, when I was in Beruta town, Lydia was well known so we didn’t run into much trouble back then. But if I had to explain the situation by myself it would be troublesome. [1. Nef: since Zeph has the appearance of a young boy, I’m guessing he can’t really explain easily why he travels alone]

I hid myself in the shadow of a nearby house and chanted out the black coat spell. This magic uses a refraction of light in order to conceal someone’s appearance. Whilst under the cover of this magic, it is only possible to move around slowly but it’s quite the useful spell.

Slipping past the soldier, I managed to go outside. It seems that he didn’t notice. Chanting teleport, I appeared in a rocky area and climbing to the top I could see a wilderness as far as my eyes could reach. Walking with light steps, I could feel a presence from behind me.

When I turned around, a beast with four pairs of rocky legs groaned and looked towards me. It had a red glint in its eyes, sharp fangs and saliva slobbering down its mouth.

Rock Wolf

Level 22

Magical Power Level: 2862/2862

This is one of the monsters that lived in the surrounding areas of this town and was one of the strong ones.

Compared to the continent in the east where I used to live, the continent up north here has strong ties to the earth and the magical power of earth is quite high in these areas. Naturally, the monsters born in this area also have an affinity with the earth.

「Red Crash」

I killed it in a single blow. If it’s just this much, there should be no problems. The rock wolf’s body rattles and crumbles to the ground revealing a shining crystal.

「So that I can feed the starving Ain, I should get to work, right?」

Putting the crystal away into my pouch, I started walking again, that’s when two rock wolves appeared from the left and right from a nearby boulder.

I immediately cast red crash to the rock wolf approaching from the left, and whilst hearing the sound of its body crumbling, I deftly side stepped the rock wolf attacking from the right.

After a short pause, I cast another red crash. I was able to take care of both of these rock wolves immediately. Although they aren’t that difficult to take care of, there seems to be quite a lot of them.

Incidentally, I did have something I wanted to try out. Currently I have levelled up Time Square to a sufficient stage that I am able to cast 3 consecutive spells in one instance. And the result of this is the spell I synthesized and combined in the ship, the three-fold spell: Volcanon Crash. It’s clearly evident that when I use the same elementary type magic and combine three of them in one spell, the power dramatically rises. Therefore, I can say for sure that it will be worth to experiment with synthesizing three-fold magic.

In the middle of my thoughts, and just in time for my experiment another rock wolf appears. Chanting Time Square, I cast: Red Ball, Black Ball and Green Ball, letting it loose.

「Volcanon Ball」

From my right hand a mixture of three colors swirled together; red, black and green. the mass of reddish brown colors melted together and surged out violently. Compared to the Volcanon Crash I used the other day, this was a more basic version of that spell.

When the spell collided with the rock wolf, the bullet of lava easily erased the rock wolf out of existence.

Umu, however…

「But with this, it’s really hard to tell the extent of this spell’s power」

After all, rock wolf was defeated in a single spell. Well, I suppose being able to destroy the wolf in one blow proves that it has a suitable amount of power.

Now that you mention it, I still have that thing.

Rustling around my bag, I took out the Frey Brand, which is the sword I previously obtained after defeating the Sunny Raven.

「If I use this, perhaps I can even create a four-fold spell?」

When I was fighting the dispatched magician Grain, I used Tetra Crash, a four-fold spell. This spell exudes a golden colored light when cast and it one of the most powerful spells in my current repertoire.

Well the Volcanon Ball was a combination of elementary magic and was not as advanced as the Volcanon Crash, but even so it should have a considerable amount of power.

Another Rock Wolf appears at its own discretion. Wielding the Frey Brand, I simultaneously casted Time Square. This time, I chanted out: Blue Ball, Black Ball and Green Ball. Mixing the three magical balls, an icy rocky ball wrapped in a storm was created.

Upon impact, the rock wolf was frozen momentarily before a ball of fire collided into it making it crumble to dust. It seems my timing was off. As per usual this isn’t easy to get used to.

「For the time being, let’s call this spell the Icicle Ball」

Once again, I am unable to determine the exact power of this spell. After that I took a rest in between each cast, and even though I tried several more times, I was unable to cast my Tetra Ball spell.

It has always had a low chance of succeeding but trying to combine it with three-fold magic increases the difficulty even more.

Because it requires a huge amount of concentration in casting the spell and at the same time wielding the sword, it probably requires a mastery of both magic and swordsmanship.

Do I need to start training my swordsmanship? But I am supposed to be a magician…

Moreover, the Icicle Ball sometimes fail to destroy the Rock Wolf in one blow, so it would seem that the power is at least weaker than the Volcanon Ball.

Well, it is the Blue Ball….. In comparison with other systems of magic, the blue magic system has a weak power. To make up for it, the blue magical system has other advantageous effects but it isn’t really suited for attacking. The reason I don’t use this branch of magic often is precisely because of this.

Completing my experiments, I noticed that the area was getting really bright so I returned to town. Before returning to the inn, I visited the general store, selling the crystals I managed to obtain from the rock wolves, I bought some high-quality mediums.

General stores are often stocked with a variety of useful goods, but compared to the smaller private stores, the price is considerably more expensive when trying to buy goods. There are also private stalls in this town, but I didn’t have much time to look around.

Going out of the shop I went undercover and chanted Summon Servant, Ain appeared and was in a really bright mood. But seeing the 10 high-quality mediums in my hand, her face changed into despair immediately.

「A-After all, I only get this much…?」

「This is a whole day’s worth. Make sure to split it up and eat it in parts, okay?」


Ain disappeared whilst carrying her 10 high-quality mediums protectively. Normally she was so boisterous, but today she was quiet. Maybe she was trying to conserve her energy?

Umu, maybe I should give her a little more to eat….? In either case, it is necessary to earn more money.

Suddenly, when I looked to the side, I saw a face I was acquainted with. It was the half-human, half-beast boy I met yesterday. Taking the other kids along with him, was he trying to look for scraps of food? The pots they were carrying were filled with food.

「Oh, Nii-chan isn’t that you?! Thank you for yesterday!」

「Are you searching for leftover foods? this isn’t very admirable of you」

「Heheh…… But the thing is, this place has many types of foodstuff, there’s even things people don’t sell in the shops, they always throw this kind of stuff away…… There’s even some of the things that elder sis Sill wanted」

「She wanted some of these things?」

「Dahaha….. This is a secret from elder sister Sill though!」

Saying this he pulled some kind of meat from his pot and gave it to me.

「Are you trying to silence me with this?」

「Something like that! I don’t really know what kind of meat that is but, it’s really delicious!」


Although I felt a little uneasy, it had a good smell so I tried tasting it. It had a texture like chicken but also like a fish, well in either case, it tastes good.

「I’m not too sure what type of meat this is… But I can say that it does taste delicious, thanks」

「Make sure that this is a secret between us okay!」

「Once I’ve made a promise I always keep it. I won’t tell anyone about this」

Behind the boy who was looking relieved, there was this rustling sound.

When the boy turned around, Shirushu was standing there shaking her grasped fist.


「Elder sis…. Sill….?」

When the boy was just about to escape Shirushu who was shaking her fists in anger, I caught the scruff of his neck. Rui looked at me with pleading eyes, and I gave a chuckle in return.

「I didn’t say anything…」

「Ni-Niichan you meanie….」

Lifting him up and handing him over to Shirushu, he was struggling to get free but to no avail, I gave him a wicked smile.


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