Chapter 105: Giant Ape, Second Part


Translator: Nefarian

Shirushu was breathing raggedly as she came out of the forest, but once she saw our faces she looked relieved and broke into a smile.

On the contrary, after seeing her, our faces became pale.

An intense fight is about to happen, but it’s impossible for her to just leave now that she’s already here….

「Shirushu! Run away!」

「Tsk…. Didn’t I tell you to stay put?!」

This was the worst timing.

It’s about time that the Giant ape finished his mutation into his berserk mode.

To think that she would just come out in this type of timing….

「Zeph-san, Milly-san!」

「You idiot! Quick come over here!」

The moment I reached my hands out to her a gigantic figure shows up from behind her.

――The Giant Ape, was in its berserk mode.

Its grey hair was dyed black, losing a portion of its size the monster shrunk a little but gained more muscle mass, it became a slimmer version.

The Giant Ape was originally an agile type monster, but once it enters its enraged state it becomes even faster and anyone who enters the striking range of the beast cannot….. get away.

The Giant Ape flings its strong arms towards the side of Shirushu’s belly.


A dull sound resounded and with a single blow by the Giant Ape, Shirushu’s body was fluttering in the air.

While hearing Milly’s heartbroken scream, I was chanting out the Safe Protection spell but I didn’t make it in time.

A cloud of dust is raised as her body falls to the ground with a thud and tumbles towards the trunk of a tree where she lay motionless.

The boss’s physical attacks are severe.

The power of its strike was enough to cause the average adventurer to faint if they eat the blow head on.

Considering how low-levelled Shirushu is, receiving that blow would mean…

A bad feeling goes up my spine.

However, I didn’t have any time to be stunned.

My first priority is to defeat this fellow and make a path.

I immediately concentrated on the Giant Ape who was roaring out loud.

「Let’s do this, Milly.」


Milly is considerably shaken, but it wasn’t to the extent that she couldn’t move.

Meeting death in the face multiple times, I’ve constantly come across these types of life and death situations.

Even so, Milly still follows me.

Milly slaps her own shaking legs with the palm of her hands and tries to regain her composure.

Clenching her jaw to stop the trembling of her teeth, she opened her eyes wide and stares at the Giant Ape.

(――――If she’s like this, we can probably do it.)

If we can defeat this monster quickly and immediately apply healing magic on to Shirushu, it’s highly likely that she will survive.

I smack Milly’s small back to motivate her spirit.

And then, the fallen Shirushu moved a little.


Although she was bleeding from her mouth, she could still raise a small groan and move her fingers.

It would seem that she is still breathing.

Milly also shows a slightly relieved expression.

The moment we turned our attention to Shirushu, there was a sound of the monster kicking the earth beneath its feet and the Giant Ape was rushing towards us.

――――It’s fast!!

I don’t have time to evade.

I push Milly away to the other side and receive the blow from the Giant Ape head on.

A sharp pain runs through my body, but after flying in the air and rotating around once, I managed to land myself safely on the ground.

Thanks to the Safe Protection spell I cast on myself, I was able to avoid major damage.


「Guardian of Earth, cover my body with thy protection and become my shield….. Safe Protection!」

While avoiding the large trees and parts of rock thrown at me, I recast my Safe Protection spell.

After all, it would turn out really bad if I took even a single blow of that attack without it.

With agility we managed to avoid most of the thrown projectiles without problems.

Even though there was a large amount of things getting thrown at us, if we knew the general direction it was coming from, it was an easy task to avoid.


Rushing in along with its roar, Milly gets grazed by its attack but immediately counter attacks with her own Blue Gale.

Having the tornado attack tear at its body, the Giant Ape shakes it off and hides himself again in the forest.

Following that, a large amount of rocks and trees were thrown at us again, so I reapplied the Safe Protection spell on to Milly while avoiding the projectiles….

When I realized it, there was a large quantity of rocks and trees in the surrounding environment worsening the cloud of dust in the area.

Increasing the amount of obstacles around us, was it trying to seal our movements?

――― Is that what this fellow is aiming for…?!

However, it is still quite the shallow tactic.

After all, I merely have to burn it again to get rid of the obstacles.

Casting Time Square, I chanting out Red Wave and Black Wave in the time suspension.

An explosive flaming wind sweeps over the obstacles and the area around us became sufficiently spacious again.

Concentrating on its figure with Scout Scope which was hidden by all the smoke, I tried to obtain information on our enemy.

(….It’s not moving?)

I was certain that it was going to attack in the chance that it had but…

Thinking that this was strange, I waited until the smoke cleared up.

The smoke clearing up, the gigantic figure of the monster appears once again and it was holding something in its hand.

――――It was Shirushu who had previously fallen.

The Giant Ape was using its thick arms to carry Shirushu and it was almost as if he was using her as a shield.

Perhaps she woke up after being moved, but Shirushu seems to have awoken.

「Uu….. Zeph-sa….Cough….」

The neck of Shirushu is lightly twisted and the Giant Ape prevents her from speaking any further.

Looking at how much pain she was in, Milly gasps.



Indeed, even Milly could not hide the shaking of her body any more, it’s understandable.

I heard that the Giant Ape had a high amount of intelligence and it had a habit of aiming for the weakness of its opponents…. But to think that it would use this kind of strategy.

Not missing the fact that we were currently frozen, the Giant Ape leaps towards Milly.

Milly takes a piercing blow by the stout hands of the Ape and her small body is blown into the forest.

Getting hit by a blow while she was still shaken up, the trees made crackling sounds as many of the branches snapped as she proceeded to vanish even deeper into the forest.


Using Shirushu as a sort of shield and knocking away Milly viciously, my view was dyed in the color of red.

「I’m going to kill you….!!」

Snickering and laughing as it kicked the ground, the Giant ape turned towards me and unleashed its sidekick.

When I squat down to avoid the blow a terrifying amount of wind from the aftereffects of the blow shook my hair.

Although it had amazing speed, the technique was poor, if I compared it to Lydia, the Ape was very unskilled.

Not only that but after avoiding the blow, it revealed an opening to me!

(Time Square!)

The Ape was now in an unguarded position and I was thinking of launching a full barrage of spells at it, but during the time suspension phase, I stopped to think.

Right in front of my eyes was Shirushu in its arms.


(Shit, this son of a bitch…..!)

Without finding an optimal place to aim ―――― Time ran out.

The Time Square cancelled its effect, and I had no choice but to fall back in that moment, it launched its other foot dexterously towards me.

Just barely making it, I managed to hold my arm up to defend myself, but I was still thrown into the air towards some trees.


「Zeph-san! Zeph-san!!」

Damn it, this is more troublesome than I thought it would be…..

I need to think of another way…..

I heard Shirushu’s shouting and her voice was very frantic.

(Isn’t there something… Something I can do….?)

Staggering to my feet, I slowly take my fighting stance.

Seeing how beat up I was, the corner of Shirushu’s eyes were tearing up.

「Stop it! If you want someone just take me!」

Shirushu was sorrowfully yelling at the beast, but it didn’t reach its ears. Right now this fellow was trying to get rid of the threat in front of it, which was me.

(First I need to devote myself to recovery….!)

Concentrating my mind, I began recovering my Mana.

Perhaps it was trying to have fun torturing me to death, but the Giant Ape was approaching slowly.

「…..Stop it…」

I concentrated all of my focus at the Giant Ape which was approaching me with lumbering steps and the only thing in my mind right now was to dodge its next attack.

I need to hit it in a spot without Shirushu…..!

「…..Stop it…..!」

The feet of the Giant Ape slowly sinks into the ground in preparation to leap.

――――Is it coming?

I prepped myself in order to avoid the incoming attack at any time…

「Stop it right now!!」

A loud voice explodes and shakes the forest and both the Giant Ape and I stop moving momentarily.

And then Shirushu’s priestess hat dropped to the ground, and shortly after her feet landed on the ground.

The Giant Ape was staring confused at how it’s restraints were unfastened and it looked towards the escaped Shirushu.

Then it moves its glance towards the thing that Shirushu was gripping in her hand.

Finally, the Giant Ape understands the thing in her small hands and opens its eyes widely.

The thing that Shirushu held casually in her hand was as thick as a log, it was a black and furry arm.

――――It was the right arm of the Giant Ape that was supposed to be restraining her right now.

Shirushu’s eyes and hair is dyed red and some type of doggy ears juts out of her head.

Then, she slowly looked up at the Giant Ape with a blazing gaze.


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